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Below was a comment to a post titled “As Only John can Tell it, With “Joy and Warmth”.   It was at the end of the comments so most of you did not get a chance to read it.  Patrizia Ciava (Trishadria) added a few lines and gave her permission to post.  It’s that “finding Il Volo” story we all love. So enjoy! 〰Marie


I discovered Il Volo only a few weeks ago. I don’t usually watch TV and I’ve never followed talent shows like Sanremo, so I didn’t know they had won in 2015. One evening in October, I was zapping through tv channels and I fell on the replica of the Florence concert “Tribute to the three tenors” broadcasted by Channel 5; I was mesmerized, unable to tear myself away from the screen until the end of the concert. “Who the hell are these guys!?!” I wondered in awe.
In fact, I should take a step back, because in 2012 my students at the University of Hong Kong, where I was teaching, asked me if we could study the words of their songs and I had to admit I’d never heard of them. They were astonished, as they were convinced that the group was very famous in Italy too. Unfortunately in China youtube and FB were often banned, so I couldn’t do a research. I remember that I brought to the class the lyrics of “Vivo per lei” sung by Bocelli and Giorgia instead.
But it was only after watching another TV program focused on Il Volo that same night, right after the concert, that I realized that those three amazingly talented young men were the same group my students has asked me about. So I was curious to know more about them and the next day I started searching the net for reviews and articles and found a shameful article written by a self-declared critic called Monina, which practically insulted the trio and those who appreciated them, as if they were all victims
of mass insanity, and even going as far as slandering the internationally renowned artists who support them, such as Placido Domingo accused of being “ a go-getter” for having conducted the orchestra that accompanied them in the concert.

I was outraged and I decided to write an article too; I talked to the director of Il Sussidiario, a national online newspaper for which I occasionally write on cultural issues, and they gave me the green light after consulting the head of the music column.
So I started watching reruns of their countless concerts on Youtube. In the beginning it was to get to know them and understand the reasons for their immense success everywhere in the world, later it was to try to understand why they were having such an effect on me. Because the more I listened to them the more I felt an irresistible desire, almost a need, to listen to them over and over again. In my article I wrote, jokingly, that they have only one flaw: they can cause addiction. And I have to say that I have experienced this “side effect” myself. I’m not a young girl, I went unscathed through the era of the Rolling Stones, the Queen and Pink Floyd, so I couldn’t make out why they exerted such a strong and strange attraction on me. Of course they have gorgeous soaring voices, but it couldn’t be just that, there are other talented singers with beautiful voices that don’t have the same effect on me. It is not even linked to their music genre, because I am not particularly fond of opera and I enjoy listening to them singing all types of songs, from melodic to opera arias. After hearing their versions of songs I love like “Angel”, “My Way”, “Memory” or “Bridge Over Troubled Water” the original versions seem dull and insipid to me. Then, reading the comments at the bottom of the videos I realized that many people of all ages feel the same way, the most frequent comments are: “I listen to them every day and I feel happy, they make me feel good”. I found a particularly poignant testimony: “I listen to them and they give me so much joy and serenity. I’ll tell you something confidentially; I have a sister who unfortunately suffers from Parkinson, with all the problems connected to this disease, but since I gave her albums of Il Volo including the last one when she has a crisis, especially at night, she listens to them and it calms her down. In my case now I am too addicted to Il Volo. We are not young girls, but with a passion for beautiful music including pop music.”
In the review of a concert a US journalist wrote: “Some came to the concert out of curiosity, to find out why all the fuss about Il Volo, but when the trio starts to sing it’s as if a spell is cast on the audience.” And another journalist, reviewing the New York concert, said almost the same thing: “And while there may be plenty of skeptics out there who do not like or understand “operatic-pop, rest assured that when Il Volo let out their first notes it’s as if they cast a spell “.
So it’s an extraordinary and mysterious feeling most of us experience and share while listening to them, but it’s difficult to explain it in words. I tried anyway  to formulate a motivation in my article:
The perfect chemistry created by the combination of their wonderful voices, so powerful, special and versatile, combined with the passion and emotions that they convey, fascinates and ensnares anyone who hears them. Usually, those who have important voices like theirs, base their performance on their vocal skills and concentrate on virtuosity, while these three young artists use their beautiful voices as an instrument to stir feelings and emotions, like a painter uses his brush, a poet uses words and a composer uses notes. Of course, this clearly requires a special sensitivity both by those who perform and by the listeners, a gift that many critics probably do not possess. They are trying to rationally explain what is not rational. Harmony and beauty, in its many different forms, touches deep chords of the human soul and is not always explainable in words”.

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  1. Thank you Patrizia for your beautiful incredible and beautiful assessment of our talented trio. Yes, they really have this effect of happiness, hope, excitement and so many more emotions of the soul including LOVE. I listen to them everyday starting at about 4:00am for at least 2-3 hrs before facing the world. I’m 70 yrs old and I lost my husband to cancer 11 yrs ago. Today, 12/13/16 is his 74th birthday and I lit his candles to celebrate. I often tell him about “IL VOLO” because he was a musician and he would have loved the boys. This past Sunday, NOTTE MAGICA was aired in my area (San Francisco) and I was so excited hours before the show. I feel like a school girl with a crush on three gorgeous guys with voices to make you fall hopelessly in love with them when they open their mouths. I have had the pleasure of meeting them in person twice and they are so sweet and so humble in person. I can go on and on but enough is enough. Again Patrizia, welcome to our world.

    1. Prese, I know that your husband loves Il Volo, because he can see and hear them. And I am sure he say’s to you,
      “You alway’s did have good taste in men”!

    2. It is amazing how many of us have similar stories about how this group of young men have impacted our lives. I also am 70 and lost my husband to cancer 11 years ago this past September. When I first heard Il Volo something changed for me. The emotion of their music touched me in a way that nothing else had in a long time.

  2. Thank you so much for putting into words what I cannot. Many of us were affected by the Il Volo spell, not knowing what came over them. I too did not ever have an attachment to any particular music or group, but the first 3 minutes of hearing them sing I was mesmerized. Who are they, where did they come from, where will they sing again, just consumed my entire thoughts. A spell for sure.

  3. Patrizia
    This was a wonderful article. I often wonder what it is about Il Volo that grabs you and won’t let go. As you have said it is difficult to explain rationally what is not rational. I am grateful that I can hear the splendor in their voices. I don’t care what the critics say.
    Marie – love that notepad!

  4. Thank you Marie for re-posting Patrizia’s post. I had not seen it. It is so interesting to read how these young men can capture your heart & your soul and you cannot explain it! Thank You Patrizia!

  5. Patrizia, what a great article! You have expressed so beautifully what we all feel here for these three young men and their incredible talent. I love the way you summed it up that what we love about Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio is simply THEM! They are a true phenomenon that I am so grateful to experience in my life.

  6. Patrizia, my dear you have hit the proverbial nail on the head! I am 85 and am totally il Voloized! And to see them in person is UNBELIEVEABLE,! Thanks for your beautiful article! From Texas…..♡♡♡♡

    1. Love the term “il Voloized” Dorothy and proud of being so. Thank you Patrizia for this lovely article that expresses how so many of us feel about Il Volo and their music. After seeing their first PBS special from Detroit in 2011, I thought they were extraordinary and I have always been of the opinion that it was God’s plan to put them together at the same time and the same place. Just think of all the joy, peace, healing and serenity they have brought to so many people all over the world!

  7. What a wonderful article. I also discovered IL Volo in almost the same scenario. First a brief by chance view of them on PBS. Then looked them up on utube. Then many hours of watcing everything I could. The rest is history culminating with going to Italy to meet Gianluca and his family, Elenora Barone, Nina Boschetto. Addictive? You have no idea!

  8. Ditto, Patrizia… BIG TIME DITTO.
    thank you so so so very much. and yes, as Dorothy says it and everyone above pretty much says it, ‘you hit the proverbial nail on the head!’

    1. I think it’s amazing that most of us tell almost exactly the the same story. Hear them…instant love…Youtube… fan forever…insanity! Who says there’s no such thing as love at first site (hear)?

  9. This was a lovely post that puts into words what many of us have experienced. Il Volo has a unique ability to trigger strong emotion when they sing. I have always wondered how they make that emotional connection every time they sing. They make so many appearances you would think that it would get stale for them, yet when they start to sing the music seems to lift them up, and us with them. It always amazes me that their critics seem to be overly emotional in their negativity. I’m sure there is some connection there.

  10. Thanks to all of you for your comments. Glad to know I’m in good company, although I don’t think I will ever be able to really explain this incredible addiction they cause. I still listen to them everyday when going to work, I have downloaded all of their songs on my mobile phone, and I have to listen at least to one of their songs before going to sleep. It’s never happened to me before, not even when I was a teenager. What is it that makes them so special? I have bought tickets to see them live in the Verona Arena in May 2017, which is also a new thing for me as I am usually a last minute person. Can’t wait to go, but I fear my addiction will only get worse 🙂

    1. Patrizia you do not know what a joy for me to find you here, in the midst of all my American friends and not because the crew is very extensive. You know I admire you for the excellent articles that you are publishing, and why you express so well thought of us fans that maybe we would not know to put on paper so well.
      Have you documented in an excellent way and this has brought forth the admiration for these guys.
      You are Italian, so you can understand me when I am struck by the bad comments that I find Italians in their videos, even yesterday I responded to any of these.
      Trust me on this site I found instead a lot of love and admiration for these guys plus they know so great having them followed since their beginnings.
      I also found the friendship and affection of so many people on the other side of the world I never thought to know personally, but this has happened thanks to our affection for IL VOLO.
      Some of the crew will be at the concert in Verona and we intend to meet us after the concert, we hope to be able to even meet you.
      Thank you for everything you’ve written.

      1. That would be really nice! I’m going on Saturday 20th, because I live in Rome and could only go during the weekend. Hope I can meet some of you there.

      2. I was excited to see that perhaps the Flight Crew will meet after the Verona concert. I hope someone will advise where and when this get together might take place after the May 19 concert in Verona. I would love to meet other Flight Crew members. Thank you

      3. I have a ticket for 19 and we are already in agreement to find us decide where maybe just before and after the concert to get to know and exchange opinions, right Susan (hole 4 if I recall). We will be elated, but it will be beautiful.
        Patrizia, I know that John will be 20.
        One note, I have begun to follow this beautiful group after reading the same article by John in February.

        To all the members of the crew, Patrizia (Trishadria) wrote other beautiful items on IL VOLO, the latest is titled “IL VOLO: le ragioni di un successo globale,” read it is beautiful.

  11. How I agree with Patrizia’s article. My husband and I first came across Il Volo last year when we were listening to them while having a meal in our favourite Italian restaurant here in England. I asked Mrs. Leone (the owner who comes from Bologna) if it was Il Divo singing and she replied very proudly ‘No, this is Il Volo!’. From that evening we were hooked! Il Volo are hardly known in the UK. Their concert at the London Palladium was full but a great majority of the audience were Italian. We are lucky enough to have got tickets to see them in Miami in April and Taormina in June. They deserve all the success they have achieved by their sheer hard work. Their Notte Magica concert in Florence was a triumph and I was so proud of each one of them.

    Us Il Volo addicts are very lucky to have such fine young men to admire as their singing goes from strength to strength.

    Wishing you all a very happy Christmas. Kathy Pritchard.

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    1. Kathy, I too am English but live in Florida. Please stay in touch as I also have tickets for the April 1 concert. Maybe we can meet up.

      1. Lucky you to live in beautiful Florida. We have a house in St. Augustine. We are in section 117, row 11. Are you on Facebook?

  12. I understand what’s wrong with me now… my family says I am ‘obsessed ‘ with il volo. I can’t wash dishes, or even take a shower without listening to my boys. I even cancelled serius radio because they do not have an il volo station yet ! But thanks to this article I find it’s actually an addiction! Thank God there is no cure !! Life is good !!

  13. Thank you Marie for postimg this & Patricia your article is stupendous. I have followd these amazing precious sweethearts since 2009 & I still can\t help the tears falling when I am listening to them sing or when I see ignazio\s beautiful face . My day isn’t complete unless I see & hear them daily. These naysayers or so called writers don\t want to admit they are wrong their loss. I love these beautiful young men more than I loved my X his loss. No one will ever replace them for me. I can’t praz[e them enough

  14. Your article was a very ;welcome one. I am a Senior Citizen and I have to admit that I have been addicted to Il Volo since 2009. And yes, I, too, have a crush on these three young Italians. My family says I’m obsessed, but I like the word addicted better. And there is no cure – Yay!!

  15. Patrizia, What a wonderful article! When I first saw and heard Il Volo, I knew this is what I had been looking for all of my life. Their voices “lift my soul”
    I love these three young men, and like other’s, I wish I was in my twenties again!

  16. jill you & I are on the same wave length. If I could I would have turned back th cock 7 years ago & I would have married Ignazio & no one would have had a chance

      1. AH, AH, AH …. Marie, I am very glad that the crew there is Patrizia, her articles are very beautiful and well-documented and I think that is coming acute Volite, to which symptoms we are all accustomed to, want to read and hear everything as regards IL VOLO.

  17. When I was reading today’s post I was suddenly close to tears. I have been addicted for a few years now and was never able to clearly explain to myself or others exactly why I felt this way. Suddenly , Patrizia, your words made it so clear why these guys affect me to deeply. It was so good to find Flight Crew because suddenly there were other people who not only understood but shared my interest in this beautiful music. And now to read my thoughts and feelings coming through your writing was a revelation. I , too, have never been affected by music they way I am by Il Volo music and it makes the day better . Thanks Patrizia and Marie for posting this wonderful article. l hope the guys read this page so they can see and feel the support they have.

  18. They touch our hearts ,our souls, and everyday lives. No day is complete without hearing their voices or seeing one of their interviews. They cannot possibly know how they affect our lives in such a tremendous way !!

  19. No need to be jealous you Marie you’ve always known I belonged to the blog before you joined so have been in touch with him many times. He is so respectful he talks to everyone

  20. My way of thinking sparring is fun & its not a fight. If someone wants to think that its there problem. You”ve talked to him Marie probably more than me with the position your in
    so i’m not holding any grudge. If I get a chance to put my arms around his waist when taking a picture I’m going to take it in fact I usually ask him first & he always says YES and when I say I love him I truly mean it. I know the true feeling & the true meaning of love through him because I married an ass so however I feel about him I am going to cherish every moment. He gave me a wonderful hug at the meet & greet last year & he didn’t pull away in revulsion so I truly respect him & if I am lucky to get another i am going to ask again. I know this is long winded if anyone wants to think I am nuts GOOD.

    1. Loretta, you’ll surely get another warm hug this year.
      Even if you do not ask him, surely you would wind fondly, because besides being great artists they are “healthy carriers of happiness” (D.Gerardi).

  21. What a beautiful article, Patrizia, about our “Beings of Light”. I don’t think I’ve ever read a better description of why we love Il Volo so much. Thank you for articulating so well what we all feel for these wonderful Guys! <3

  22. Oh my! Thank you Marie for posting this & Patrizia your article put into words what I, and apparently everyone here, feel about “the boys”. Your words express everything I have thought and felt but never dared put it into words to anyone.
    I discovered Il Volo this summer while watching a live Periscope from Rome by the Italian movie director and actor, Giulio Base. He was playing their CD in his car as he drove around Rome. Everyone was asking him WHO was singing! He showed us the Il Volo Takes Flight CD. I rushed to my local library and got a copy. After listening to Il Mondo for the first time I had tears in my eyes and I was lost in their music. How can a thing like this happen? And so amazingly fast?
    Four years ago I also lost my husband of 28 years to cancer. After that my joy was gone because he was truly my “Grande Amore”. Music has always been a big part of my life as I have sung in many school choirs and church choirs. But after my husband’s passing I didn’t feel like singing anywhere except my choir. I always used to sing to the radio while driving, but for 3 years I just couldn’t do it. Since discovering Il Volo and their music, my soul has been stirred back to life again! I play their music when I drive to work and through the day when I can. And I listen to them before I go to sleep. I also have to say that no group has ever affected me like this before. They have made me smile, brought me to tears and “taken me to that other place”!
    I think what impresses me the most about Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero is not just their wonderful voices and obvious good looks, but their genuine personalities, their passion, humbleness and caring for each other, their families and their fans. They truly are three voices, but one soul.
    So this “obsessed” woman will take her sister, her good friend and her daughter-in-law to Chicago in March to see the boys in concert and to the Meet & Greet afterward. Then a week later my sis and I will go to Las Vegas to see them again. I totally intend to overdose on Il Volo for those two weekends! I cannot wait!

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