Thank You For Your Gifts! Now We Give…


Hey Everyone!

Your Flight Crew Board would first like to thank you all for you generous giving through donations to The Flight Crew.  Since we started this option in order to pay for the keepsake Book (‘Love, From The Flight Crew’ ), you have continued to be generous, and even more so since we were thinking of closing this website.

On a quick side note, thank you again for being so supportive in your comments and to all of the volunteers who are able to help us keep our doors open to IlVolovers everywhere.  You all play a part, whether you give monetarily, volunteer in the work or if you read and tell everyone you know about us and Il Volo, and we love you for it!


But back to my original point: thank you for your donations!  And because of your generosity, we are able to plan another gift for Il Volo to welcome them back to the US. 

It is our plan to send a gift to their dressing room at their Detroit concert since many of our Flight Crew readers will be there that night.  We will give the final details in an upcoming post.

Remember your Flight Crew Badge when you go to your concerts!  Wearing it is a good way to instantly connect with other Flight Crew members, and The Guys recognize them.  Don’t have one?  Print yours for free with this link:  Flight Crew Badge

~~ Kelly and Marie <3

25 thoughts on “Thank You For Your Gifts! Now We Give…”

  1. I forget that some areas of this post need financing. Kelly where can we send our contributions. Even a small amount of many adds up. Thanks. Gina

    1. Gina, Good Morning. In case Kelly is unable to get back to you right away if you look on the left side of this post and scroll to the top where it says Il Volo Flight Crew Share the Love you will see Home listed and under that Donations and then introducing Click on the Donations and then follow the request for your information. I hope this proves useful as I have just done this myself with a small amount. As you say every little helps !!

      1. Thank. I will. I or Marie will be contacting you in a few days regarding the extra ticket I have for the Las Vegas concert.. Will e-mail you in a day or so. Not asking to sell it.

  2. Thank you for the information on how to make a donation and the importance of wearing the Flightcrew badge to the concert!

    1. You are more than welcome. Yes, wearing the badge is important as it helps to find other Flight Crew members, who are looking for each other.

  3. I would love to make a donation. I’m sure you have shared this info before, but I need it again! I have a tablet, not computer! If I had an address it would be helpful! Thanks Crew! <3 <3 <3

    1. Dorothy I am sorry i am not familiar with what you see on a tablet as I have a laptop. However do you see a dark grey column on the left of the post? If this is the case go to the top of it and you will see Il Volo Flight Crew-Share the Love. Below this you will see Home and under that Donations. Tap on Donations and complete requested info.If you do not see the grey stripe please let me know and I will get further help for you.

  4. I think that is great. We are also sending flowers and fruit to the boys backstage here in the Park Theater in Las Vegas for March 25. We are letting them know we are here and love and support them.

    1. Great Myron! My sis and I will be there and I think the Las Vegas show will have the most Flight Crew members in attendance! The dinner before will be such fun. I have made our reservation!

      1. I do not want to seem like Myron and I are advertising, but we are trying to have all of the fans seated in one area of the d.Vino restaurant… So if you or anyone is planning on attending the dinner before the concert please send us an email at … We will send you an email with time and instructions on our Dinner get together in Las Vegas…
        Thank you,

    1. You can mail a check to me. Marie Crider, 2746 Maple Ave. #321, Zanesville, Ohio 43701.

      Yikes! First time I ever published my address. If you write me to complain…I’ll give you Kelly’s address. Lol

      1. I know you are hoping a very handsome gentleman by the name of Ignazio is reading this post as he flies across the Atlantic !!! I do not think it was an accident !!

      2. Marie, the check is in the mail! Also, I love the name of your town! I should live there, too! <3 <3 <3

      3. If we change the “s” to a “y” the whole Flight Crew can move there!

  5. Kelly, what beautiful words you wrote, I’m glad that there were so many volunteers and many donations and also I think it’s really very nice thought of flowers and fruits for the guys. The badge is really important, I have to print it out and wear it in Verona, where I will find other badges like mine. Amazing, we are just one big family.

  6. Thank you Marie and Kelly for all you do in giving us the road map of participation. Flight Crew is very special. Sending flowers and fruit to the boys is such a great idea. It an Italian thing and will be very much appreciated. —LuckyLady asked about PayPal, go to donations then go to credit card and use your credit card not PayPal’s credit card , I prefer AMEX. They are very safe and keep track of everything. It’s getting very exciting here in our neck of the woods IL Volo will be touching down real soon. Can’t wait for Saturday night at Radio City. Meet & Greet, Hooray!

  7. Thank you Marie and Kelly. Flight Crew is so very special. Sending flowers and fruit to the boys is such a great idea, it’s an Italian tradition and will be very much be appreciated. It’s getting very exciting here in our neck of the woods. IL Volo will be touching down real soon. Can’t wait for Saturday night at Radio City. Awaiting the magic of IL Volo for my second concert. They will embrace New York once again. Great seats and Meet & Greet , it doesn’t get better than this!

  8. Marion, I was thinking the same as you about Marie giving out her address.
    He asked me a long time ago to get her address for him, but I did’nt think it would be right, she might not want him to have it! 😊
    We all know who he is don’t we?

    1. Yes Jill, we sure do. I wonder if there has been a knock on Marie’s door yet? Hope she is not doing something mundane like visiting the food store when HE turns up !!!

  9. Marie I’m not sure if I should mail a check or send a small edible arrangement to their dressing room. I’ve never done that before so I wouldn’t even know where to begin. What is your thoughts on it.

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