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Today Il Volo was on the television show L’Arena.  Click on the link below to watch Il Volo.  Slide the counter on the bottom of the video to 1:59 where Il Volo’s interview begins.

Daniela was kind enough to send a translation as follows:

“Giletti has always been a friend of IL VOLO and after the presentation of duty, makes them sit down and begin a familiar interview. He asks if all three work the same and they make clear that they split the roles, everyone follows certain things, but Ignazio says that Piero’s what good or evil always puts his face.
Giletti then introduces their band that accompanied them in three cycles of concerts and calls for non-prepared performances, as it does sometimes in the house of friends.
Ignazio begins with a piece of Pino Daniele “O’ Scarrafone”.
The atmosphere is very informal, even Giletti tries to sing.
Then we speak of the Sanremo victory and passes a short video of the winner Gabbani this year. Gianluca says it’s a good song, but he sided with Ermal Meta, his friend, who was third.
Giletti ago revise Sanremo victory of IL VOLO and is always exciting, even Ignazio says there still seems true.  They admit that their notoriety from Sanremo in Italy has changed.  Ignazio also said to have been shown to not only kids but people who have much to give beyond music.
Piero sings a song by Cocciante “A mano a mano” .  Is introduced to the subject of their “refusal to Trump” and Piero insists that a singer must have the right of choice.
Then it was the turn of Gianluca who plays a song by De Gregori, “Sempre per sempre.”
Remember the tour dates both Italian and American as well as all of the IL VOLO collaborations with great artists. They end with a performance of Gianluca while Ignazio and  Piero and Giletti dance with the girls in the audience.”

For those that love the song A Mano A Mano, Daniela was kind enough to send the translated version of this beautiful song:

Gradually you realize that the wind
He blows on the face and steals a smile
The summer is almost over
He blows on heart and steals your love
Gradually it dissolves in tears
That sweet faded memory by time
Of when you lived with me in a room
There was no money but a lot of hope
And you lose a hand to hand and lose you
And what was it seems more absurd
When the night it was ever true
And not like now in Saturday night
But, give me your hand and back close
It can grow a flower in our garden
That even the winter will never freeze
It can grow a flower from my love for you
And gradually you will see with time
There, on his face the same smile
That the cruel wind had stolen
Returning faithful
Love is back
But, give me your hand and back close
It can grow a flower in our garden
That even the winter will never freeze
It can grow a flower from my love for you
Thank you again, Daniela, for translating these wonderful videos and beautiful songs!
– Leelee 🙂

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  1. Thank you Leelee and Daniela. 👌 They were magnificent! 🎶 I’ve told everyone I know that Gianluca stole the show! ❤ The other two weren’t bad either! 😚

    On my tablet they come in at around 2:40. 🎙

  2. Thank you Leelee and Daniela. This is such a fun video to watch. Beautiful new songs and the end where Gianluca sings and the guys dance is fabulous! I sure wouldn’t mind if they ended their concerts this way!

    1. Hi Joan, I’m having trouble also. There might be a problem with the website. Keep trying. If we are still having problems, I will come up with something when I get home from work.

      1. Hi Leelee, I got connected but it took a long time. I’d advise people to be patient and open another window on your computer and read your emails while you are waiting. Or play a game. I don’t remember exactly how long it took to connect but my guesstimate is around 10 minutes. I just let it go around in circles and did something else and eventually it came on.

      2. Penina, you made me laugh. Read e-mails, play games. Too funny. Glad you were able to get to it.

  3. Thank you Daniela and Leelee. Once again the boys surprise us, coming up with something new . Their versatility is nothing short of amazing. Their dancing is not bad either, lucky girls . !!!

  4. I forgot to mention before I noticed that Ignazio participated in the dialogue so much more than in previous interviews. Usually it is Piero or Gianluca who do most of the talking with a little from Ignazio, but this time he really came to the fore. Great !!!

    1. I have noticed he talks more when the interview is in Italian. Even in Spanish he speaks more than he does in English. He must be unsure or self-conscious of his English speaking abilities.

  5. Hello everyone, I’m sorry if the video does not engage immediately, the RAI video quality are very beautiful but very heavy to begin with, and even advertising.
    The guys have tried to give an image a little different, more friendly.
    I must say that Gianluca was incredible.
    This interview was not announced, it was a surprise, and many fans have not seen live, fortunately there is the replay.

  6. Thanks so much for the translation, Daniela. It really helps in watching and trying to understand the interviews. Also, thank you, Marie, for posting the solos individually. I think they are great, and now I can watch and listen without going through the entire program. Great job, ladies.

  7. You are all so welcome. As Daniela said, fortunately there is replay (and replay and replay and replay).

  8. The replay came on very well for me. Of course I didn’t understand
    the dialogue but their solos were just wonderful. Maybe the will
    add these songs in future concerts or cd’s. I just love anything they
    sing no matter the language. The smiles, the expressions, and the
    passion comes through beautifully. Thank you LeeLee and Daniela.

  9. Is anyone interested in 2 tickets to the Detroit concert on March 16? I am going but my daughter-in-law and her mom were coming too, but there is an unexpected medical issue that messed up their plans. I bought the 2 tickets from Detroit PBS and paid $300 for them. I will sell them to any Flight Crew member or friend for $150 for the 2. They are floor seats, center, not M/G but PBS cannot tell exactly what seats yet. I don’t want the seats to be empty, so I really want someone to use them.

    1. hello Rose Marie, i passed on this info to my sister who lives in the States. (i am in Manila, Philippines.) Also, Jana’s ticket info.
      just wanted to let you ladies know.
      warm greetings

  10. hello Rose Marie, i passed on this info to my sister who lives in the States. (i am in Manila, Philippines.) Also, Jana’s ticket info.
    just wanted to let you ladies know.
    warm greetings

  11. Thank you dear pumpkin, Cynthia, I live in the Cleveland Ohio area if anyone is interested.

    1. you’re welcome, dear Rose Marie…. from Pumpkin Cynthia (ha ha ha … i like that! 😉

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