Technical Difficulties Resolved



Hey Everyone.

I wanted to give a quick update on our e-mail situation. 

Everyone that responded to the test should have gotten an e-mail reply from me.  If you didn’t, please comment below.  I found that we had problems with people’s e-mails  going directly to the Junk folder, for one thing, and some email addresses were on the Blocked list for another.  I have no idea how that happened, but we hope we have corrected it, and I apologize.

Going forward, all e-mails that come to our In Box should receive an automated response that lets you know it was received and that someone will be responding to you shortly.  Sandi and Angelica will be monitoring the e-mails and will get a formal response to you as soon as they are able. 

If you do not get an automated response to your e-mail, that is an indication that that we did not receive the e-mail at all.  Please reach out to us in a comment here on the website if that happens, as Dee and Marion will be monitoring those, and they can get in touch with me or Marie personally.

On a second issue, several of you have mentioned that you are not getting the email notifications from the website as you have in the past.  I spoke with WordPress today, and on the particular examples I gave them, those individuals were not listed among our e-mail subscribers.  Again, I don’t know how that happened, and I apologize.  If you have gotten e-mails in the past and are no longer receiving them, please sign up again.  You will then receive a confirmation e-mail from WordPress (please look in your Spam/Junk folder if it doesn’t come to your In Box).  In the e-mail will be a link that you have to click to confirm that you want to receive e-mails from us.

If you sign up and get a message stating that you are already, please check your Spam/Junk folder to see if our e-mails are going in there.  If they are, you can use the settings within your e-mail account to change that.  If you get a message that you are signed up and the messages are not going to your Spam/Junk folder, please e-mail us, and I will ask WordPress to look into your case individually.

Thanks for being patient, and I hope this works for everyone.

~~ Kelly  <3

12 thoughts on “Technical Difficulties Resolved”

  1. Kelly, I am so glad you did this! I had no idea how to resolve the issue. Without you and your technical knowledge there would be no Flight Crew! It has been a pleasure working with you for nearly four years.

    I have to tell you all that really it has been wonderful working with Kelly all this time. We have never fought over anything. She has lead me, kicking and screaming, gently into our social media connections (Facebook, Twitter, etc). She has listened and agreed with most of my wild ideas and has come up with plenty of her own. You can see (read) nearly everything I do for this website. With Kelly it is the opposite. See that slide show on the left? I have no idea how to do that. See the music above the newest album? I have no clue how that’s done. The entire layout of this site is Kelly.

    What do you think, Kelly? With the new people working with us, we can go another four?

    I didn’t mean to take up so much space, well…yes I did! I guess, after all this time, I need say those things.


    1. Like you Marie, I would have no idea how to do those things. They are the background and foundation of this wonderful website. So kudos to you Kelly!
      Without your expertise this site would not be as attractive and attracting as it is.
      We are all grateful for your efforts, even if we don’t say so every day!

  2. Well said Marie. However,all members of the Flight Crew, owe you both a huge debt of gratitude for all that you both have done in getting this site started, and keeping it going . Without your hard work and dedication we all would be floundering and going wherever we could to get to keep up with our stars ” Il Volo.” You have brought so many people together, who had never known each other before, to share the wonderful Il Volo family.Just check out the who is going where list.THANK YOU again, and please ” go for another four” if at all possible. Thank you also to all contributors who keep us so well informed. Keep up the good work and Viva Il Volo.

  3. We can never thank you Kelly for all that you are doing for us. I hope it is a labor of love as we all love you. Joanie G

  4. We, the members of Flight Crew, have so much respect for you guys for all the work you do. This site is very important to us and our new cultural and social community. Don’t let any tech problems get you down. I remember that a cousin of mine worked on television back in the 1950’s and I tell you, if someone sneezed in the local station they would be off the air for half a day. Then we would see nothing but a sign on the screen stating “technical difficulties” – – – – – – for hours sometimes.

    We love you guys and this site. A BIG THANK YOU.

  5. Thank you ladies for all you do for us. I didn’t know what when on behind the curtain and who did it all.
    You are both on my angel list.

  6. My heartfelt Thanks as well. This is all a mystery to me and I am so grateful that you have the expertise to keep the site up and running. Many, many thanks.

  7. A great big thank you Kelly and Marie for all your do and also other flight members who have volunteered to help. I’m sure I have no idea of the amount of time and effort it takes to do what you do. And it’s all done out of love!


  9. Thank you, all all of you, for your kind words. 🙂 And Marie, thank you so much! It has been an awesome run. Never in a million years did I think I would be a part of this, something so special and recognizable that one day, Il Volo themselves would know us.
    To The Crew, no, Marie wasn’t really keen on the idea of social media to begin with 😀 , but no one can question her devotion to the well-being and growth of this site, and once she was on board, she was all in. 😀 <3 Another four years? With all of our volunteers, I'm up for it if you all are. <3
    nazio1, Lydka had to step away for the site for personal reasons. We wish her well, but it is hard to match the broad coverage she was able to provide. I'm still not quite sure how she did it.

    1. I have been missing Lydka and was going to ask also. I wish her well and hope she will be back soon!

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