Notte Magica – more to come! (and a few other things…)

Ciao a Tutti!

Although short, this tour seems to be a very memorable one for most of us, for many reasons.  We asked you to send in your reviews and quotes, and pictures, and you did!!  I must apologize, though, on behalf of the staff here, that we weren’t able to publish everything as quickly as we wanted to.  So, this post is to let you know that we will, indeed, publish your personal reviews as soon as we can Of course, the Euro tour is starting soon and we will be getting that out to you as well!  Even though we all attended the same concerts and they sang the same songs (more or less), we all come back with a different spin on it.  Each concert is unique and personal to each one of us and we want you to know we value everyone’s input here.  🙂

If anyone still wants to send in a review of the US concert tours, please feel free to do so, along with any other pictures you may have.  Again, the email is:  (all lower case is fine)

We know there are many that will be going to Italy and perhaps other countries from the US or other parts of the world – we’d love to hear from you also!  Please send your comments to the same email address.  🙂

And, segueing in (is that a word? lol), speaking of the European Tour – did you see the latest?  There is a contest to enter to win a pair (2) meet/greet tickets and merch pkg.  All you have to do is sing your favorite Il Volo song – I kind of feel sorry for the guys if they have to pick it!  Lol!  Here is the website:   I just checked it and it works.  A real bummer for the US tour though.  Looks like it is sponsored by OMG and this Pep Merch company.  However, those of you going from the US to Italy – you have a chance!  So, warm up those vocal cords and get singing!!  Lorna, Ginny, and I will be happy to coach you and join you if you need a few back-up singers!  Lol!

meet greet contest

And one last note…. someone has (2) tickets to sell for the June 1 Taormina concert.  Unfortunately, this person had a little surgery and is now unable to use the tickets, as she won’t be recovered in time to go on the long flight.  Picture of tickets are below.  She resides in Louisiana.  She paid over $200 each for them, although face value is 100 euros. Although it may be difficult to see, they are Row H, Seats 11/13This is a sold-out concert.  If you are interested, please send an email (subject line: Taormina Tickets) to the address and we will put you in touch.  Picture below:

betty tx

P.S. Did you know you can buy removable picture decals of Italy (and other places) from Amazon to put on your walls?  They vary in price from about $10 – $100+ (depending on size…)  They are gorgeous, just to let you know…the normal regular cities, like Rome, Venice, many Tuscany pictures, but even San Gimignano and Monte Riggio!  They must have been on our Siena tour!  There is even one of the Abruzzi mountains!

Ok, a presto!  🙂


7 thoughts on “Notte Magica – more to come! (and a few other things…)”

  1. Thanks Jana. I wil post my comments re the Detroit and Chicago concerts – have time now, If I sell the tics I will buy you dinner next visit – maybe for Piero’s b’day.

  2. Thank you Jana.  Once again I have to say how grateful Kelly and I are for you and Leelee and the other volunteers who are doing such a great job.  Our mail turnaround has never been smoother, faster or handled more professionally.  It is also a huge relief knowing someone is watching every comment for security.  I always forget about Julie.  She has been keeping our photo gallery quietly in order for a couple of years now. 

    This was the first time in 4 years I felt I could spend a little time away confident that the site was getting along just fine.

    I am so fortunate to know all of them and all of you.  Thank you Gianluca, Piero and Ignazio for making that happen.

    1. Yes! I agree! It’s still early, but I think we’ve finally found the right mix so that we can bring the site to you all, enjoy it ourselves, and know that it is all in such good hands. <3

  3. Like Allstate, we are all in Good Hands! Grazie mille, Marie! It’s tough to be chief sometimes! 🙂 But you delegate well.

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