I know, now you need to hear them sing some more. Here’s what they sounded like in 2011.  You may have heard this song once or twice.  
By the way, take note of how many hits this video has garnered.  That’s right, over 30 MILLION! 

FYI, their Grande Amore Video has been viewed 86,744,137 times.  How’s that for three young guys from small Italian villages?

Have a great week-end all!

P.S.  update on the kid with the curls.

26 thoughts on “REMEMBER?”

  1. P.S.S. Want to know what Gianluca smells like these days? Amazon has “Diamonds for Men” in a sample size for under $8.00 with free shipping. Mine is already on its way.

  2. Now Marie : How do you know that this is the cologne Gianluca uses? I think I will order some !! Also the video shows just how passionate they are in singing this song and to think that there were skeptics out there on this music genre for them. Kudos to them for sticking to their dream of bringing this music to the young generation and beyond!! Have a good weekend as well Marie.

  3. What a privilege it has been to have met these young men when they were so young and just beginning their careers and to have witnessed their metamorphosis into the treasures that they have become. One rarely gets that kind of opportunity and they have not disappointed us. Their magical transformations into such beautiful human beings, inside and out is such a joy to behold. No wonder they are so dear to us.
    Having watched them grow up makes them family to us, and we are filled with pride at what they have accomplished and the kind of caring young men they are.

  4. Love, love, love the videos from yesteryear. They were so adorable as youngsters and are just as if not more adorable now as grown men in a grown up way. What pure joy, delight, happiness and love they and their music give the world! Thanks Marie for a great start to the weekend!!

  5. How nice to see their videos when they started, and how much skill already at that time.
    Every now and then, fans recommend us to view the GRANDE AMORE video, because the aim is to get it to 100 million visuals, fine finish.

  6. Allene is having trouble getting her comment to post here. Is anyone else having trouble this aft?

  7. Thanks Marie,similar memory of singing competition Ti Lascio una Cansone 2009.Do you know the girl on the left (red clothes),next to the boy with the dimples / 0,27 and 4,56/ ?

  8. I´m sorry,in the past years was no problem publishing the video,maybe conditions were tightened (Youtube you can find all old clips from this competition).

    1. That’s ok, Zdena. That sometimes happens when trying to post a video from another country. Happens with Daniela’s sometimes too.

      Thank you for trying.

  9. Thank you Marie for these earlier videos; I thoroughly enjoyed seeing them from their early beginning so fabulous, so talented, so charming and personable right from the start, so very easy to fall in love with them. It was so thrilling to know and love them then and to follow their true destiny in the past years and see them becoming more and more dearer to our hearts. They have given me true joy through their beautiful music and the way they have followed their hearts as their careers soar May God bless them and keep them safe always thank you again Marie for this nostalgic look at our special Boys

  10. Thanks Marie for another wonderful post.The IL Volo story is just amazing. Their voices in this video are mature, graceful and full of youth and wonder. No falsettos here they ring out bell tones of Quality and professionalism loud and clear. The boys have become handsome men. They make such a positive difference in our lives and give us so much joy. Besides all of their attributes they never lost their boyish sense of humor, they are fun guys.I first got to hear Team IL Volo when a friend from my parish church choir gave me a couple of CDs to listen to, I’ve been hooked ever since.Thinking back to the M&G at Radio City, it was brief but I did say to Ignazio that I would love to hear you do ” Che gelida Manina” from “Boheme” he smiled and in a soft tone we began to sing it together, it was just a soft whisper measured in seconds but the memory is very precious and will last a lifetime. All three are total gentlemen, they are very special and made of “The Right Stuff”.

  11. Oh my! I felt like my heart was going to break with pride for them in the first video. <3 How prophetic! Just 6 years ago, and the first video seems like a lifetime; so many changes for them! One thing stand absolutely true: their success is simply on the backs of their talent (no muss/no fuss), and yep, here they come!

  12. I was just sitting her wondering how many hits the songs have gotten. Then I opened this email and there was the answer. Thank you so much on picking up on my wavelength. Seeing them in Italy and seeing Italy was the most amazing trip we’ve ever had. Our youngest Daughter thinks it would be nice If we’d all go there for another holiday soon as a family. I can hardly wait. Thank you so much for the update. I love all the information on this site and you are all wonderful.

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