Il Volo Off Stage: Taking Time To…

I usually don’t wax on about myself when I put these posts together, but I had a particular inspiration for this one.

I had a dream early this morning (after fighting off my kitty who continues in her unending quest for 2 am Playtime).  In the dream, I was on vacation with my family in a spot to which we had not been for so many years.  I have no idea what we did up until the end when I realized I had spent most of my time recovering from life and that we were getting ready to leave and I hadn’t even seen the people I most loved and wanted to see.  And I spent the last 5 minutes rushing around trying to hug everyone and tell them I loved them and trying to — for the life of me — figure out why I didn’t do that before.  How was it possible that I spent so much time doing things that didn’t really matter that it left me depleted for enjoying the things that really do?

I woke up with a frown on my face…because I recognized the truth in it much to clearly.  I’m not going to figure out how to fix that in one morning, but maybe I can be inspired by Ilvolo, who takes time to:



…Support Their Friends…

Gian’s Instagram

#Repost @ gianginoble11 This year, with Roseto Sharks – the basketball team of my city – plays Brandon Sherrod (@ brod35) which is also a good singer. Brandon released his first album in Italy, a few days ago, with a double beneficial purposes: buy musical instruments for middle school in Montorio music address al Vomano (Teramo), the city wounded by the earthquake and help young students or schools that have economic difficulties in Bridgeport, his hometown in the United States.
The album is called “Italian Journey” and costs 10 euro.
Find the record in these outlets.
– Hotel Liberty, Roseto degli Abruzzi.
– Restaurant La Braceria from Ciambi, Roseto degli Abruzzi.
– Ristorante Pizzeria Lo Spizzico, Roseto degli Abruzzi.
– Ristorante Pizzeria Hercules, Roseto degli Abruzzi.
– Restaurant L’Osteria dei Sani, Notaresco.
This is the Facebook page of the album, where you can follow the development of the project.
Together, we can turn one disc 2 dreams realized.
Thank you. 👍🏻 @RepostIt_app

Gianluca Ginoble

…or surprise them when they end up in a video…



…or just put smiles on people’s faces…

Osteria dei Sani

…have very serious talks with their pets…


…reminiscence with family…

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… well, a time to work is always appropriate.  It certainly looks fun and turned out pretty…


Giessegi Mobili



In reading this post, I hope Il Volo has inspired you to take time to…


… Indulge your artistic streak…



…Take This Quiz…


Quale membro de “Il Volo” sei? ~~ Melty

(get out your translators so you can choose your answers… )


Translation from Daniela:
It looks more like Ignatius, Piero and Gianluca? Take our test.







What do you think?  Did the quiz get it right?  😀

~~ Kelly

10 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Taking Time To…”

  1. Yes you are right, “our” guys seem to always want the best for everyone, not just themselves. They know how their talents and hard work have made them fortunate and the ability to share those rewards with others only shows the great upbringing they have had. They continue to show maturity beyond their years.

  2. Marlene you have said it all. I don’t need to add another thing. We love our guys for all of the things you have mentioned. And, of course, their glorious voices!

  3. These young men set an example on how to be proud of your family and even with success to stay close to their roots. They are not ashamed to have come from simple beginning and do not need to make up their “resume” with fake stories.
    Teaches us all to be free to be ourselves.

  4. My answer to #8 is Il Volo. The way they are and what they do are truly heroic qualities. What great role models they are for an entire generation. Especially for three guys who have found fame and still retain such gentle and loving character.

    Kelly, catch up on those hugs. Here’s a big one from me. *HUG*

  5. Oh wow Kelly did I ever need that dream of yours today. What a wonderful addition to my day. Without your persmission, I’m sharing part of it with my friends. We all could use a little love lately, it’s just a week before we leave for Italy and all of a sudden I realized how much I have left to do… or rather my husband gets to do. I point and he gets it done, I do whatever can be done without using my legs. 2 1/2 hours fixing our computers with the most adorable patient Apple technician and sewing Phoebe’s new service vest. Frankly I’m exhausted. So I loved your dream and am spreading love where ever I can. Thank you so much for sharing it.

    1. Thank you, Victoria! And of course, you can share my dream with your friends. I have a feeling it’s a concept that’s far too prevalent these days.

  6. where do i log in to search for comments about the Mpls concert on March 20? I can’t find them. (I’m new here) Trish

    1. Hi Tish,
      I am new to this site myself. We were at the March 20th concert in Minneapolis. It was amazing. Everywhere we looked I saw tears running down peoples faces. There were many handicapped people at this concert for some reason…. me being one of them and I sat in the handicap section with a delightful woman sitting in front of me. The music was unbelievable. We had not seen them in person and have been watching them since their start. Seeing them in person is something we will never forget. They touch you as Daniel (I think ) said… on an emotional level I cannot describe. I found this darling group after the concert and don’t feel so nutty now that I have found so many other avid fans. I found so much music on this site I’ve never even hear before. Dig around and there is a group in Minneapolis who get together. I hope to join them. Nice to have you here.

      1. Sorry, I see your name is Trish. I’ll wear my glasses next time.

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