I’m Smiling Because…

“Smile”; Il Volo



It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these posts, and we always have such a good response, I thought it might be nice to do one today. 

For our new followers, this feature was born in the beginning of The Flight Crew.  It’s inspiration is Il Volo’s cover of “Smile,” by Charlie Chaplin and is designed to be time that we use to encourage everyone to share what is making them smile in a world that seems to have far too little joy in it.  All you have to do is finish the sentence, and your reason can but doesn’t have to be Il Volo related.


We’re Smiling Because:

…The Flight Crew has been saved!  Thank you volunteers for giving your time, and for all of our followers for your support.

…The Guys were in North America — even for a short time — and were simply marvelous.

…We are anticipating their new album of unreleased music! 



Why are You Smiling? 

~~ Kelly

37 thoughts on “I’m Smiling Because…”

  1. Sorry for being so personal this weekend, but my family and I are smiling because my little sister is engaged to be married! <3

  2. Best wishes to your sister. I am smiling to have a hectic week behind and looking forward to a good one coming up.

  3. I’m smiling for all the reasons you wrote, Kelly.

    I’m smiling because Jane and I continue to share memories of our magnificent trip to Italy.

    I’m smiling because my family is healthy… Not so wealthly…and a few of them not so wise. (If any family member is reading this, I don’t mean you!)

  4. I’m smiling because the sun is out for a change! It actually LOOKS like spring out there! And I am looking forward to new videos from the Europe tour!

  5. I’m smiling because of all your reasons too Kelly !! I am also smiling because all is well with my family and friends and because I’m leaving for Italy May 11th and will be seeing our guys at three concerts !! I am very blessed to have a lot to smile about.♥️

  6. I’m smiling because I started my day off with Gianluca singing “Smille” then joined by Ignazio and Piero. Their harmony and style are wonderful, The best rendition ever, it
    can put a Smile on a stone. The world would be a better place if we just smile! Thanks Kelly.

  7. I’m smiling because our boys continue to tweet and instagram their lives. And because I just had a nice visit from one of my grandsons who will be graduating from college in May, then going on to Medical school. Bravo to him.

  8. I’m smiling because of a wonderful trip I took with Jane and Marie to Italy. What??!!
    Okay, so it was just an “armchair” trip. Jane came down to Rochester from Duluth and invited me to stay at her motel with her. She is allergic to cats – I have 2, so she couldn’t stay with me . She brought the album of pictures that she and Marie had taken while in Italy. She gave me a day by day itinerary of what they saw and to whom they had spoken. So t hank you Jane and Marie for taking me as close to Italy as I’ll ever get.

  9. I’m smiling because, unlike the titanic, this site refuses to sink and will always stay afloat no matter what storms, or icebergs hit us! We are strong and have strategically planted little lifeboats and preservers all over the world. Just in case we have to abandon ship once in a while, they will be there to fearlessly and safely guide us back to our respected posts. We are strong, we are invincible, we are the flight crew! Hear our engines roar as we embark on the European tour! Everybody ready?? 🙂

    Oh, and because of what mostly everybody else said, too!

    Wishing all of you going to Italy or other euro concerts a very safe and pleasant journey. We already know you will have awesome days and magical nights!

    Ciao! A gorgeous sunny day in Detroit!


  10. I am smiling because of this place where I come every day to be with such great people who enjoy the good things in life like Il Volo. This site makes me smile every day.

  11. I’m smiling because I just came across a snapchat video that Gianluca made a while ago. I kept it for that reason!
    And I’m laughing out loud at the last two sentences of Marie’s first post😃

  12. First thing I do every morning is turn on my computer & search for a message from the Flight Crew. When I find it, I find myself smiling.

  13. Trish, I do exactly the same thing. I eat my breakfast and seach
    for a new message Flight Crew. It is so refreshing and such a
    great way to begin my day. I check back at other times of the
    day to see if anyone else commented on that days message. It
    just makes my day. Thank you Marie and crew. You give me a
    smile every day you post.

  14. Sono al mare e non ho traduttore, mi spiace.

    Stavo leggendo a mio marito tutti i vostri commenti, carissima crew, ogni giorno sorrido leggendo di voi, quando i giorni sono pesanti, mi collego a Flight Crew è torna il sorriso. Ho trovato così tante persone speciali.

    1. Daniela, that you for your kind comments. I hope your husband enjoys this site as much as you do.

      1. RoseMarie, thanks to you, you’re very kind.
        Also my husband likes when I read all your comments.

  15. I’m smiling because I think Marie and Jane in the car in Naro’s street. 😂😂

    I hope I writing well 😕

    1. Daniela, it’s funny that you mentioned Marie and Naro’s street’s, I was thinking of that last night when I watched a show called”Househunter’s International” it was filmed in Sicily in an area named Gangi. The real estate agent had a very small car and was racing up and down these very narrow “street’s” but looked like alley’s to us.
      Luckily there was never any car’s coming the other way, but the poor guy who was looking to buy some property, was holding on to the inside of the car , scared for his life.🚕 The scenery was beautiful there.

      1. Damn Jill, I imagine the scene, who knows how laugh you did, and that poor man has given up the property.
        Even Marie and Jane have given up their visit to the Castle of Naro.

  16. Thank you FlightCrew, I am smiling 😄 because of you and this beautiful post, and of course everytime I watch our boys and hear them sing. With them my smiling is automatic!!!!Thank you again.

  17. I am smiling because I have discovered these beautiful guys with their beautiful voices! I am also smiling because I have found The Flight Crew (thank you all) where I can say what’s on my mind without someone looking sideways at me and thinking I’m off my rocker! I am going to retire soon and will finally get to do some of the things I haven’t had a lot of time for like quilting, baking, and more gardening! I love my flowers! And I definitely plan on going to more IL VOLO concerts and meet & greets!

  18. I’m smiling for all the new friends all over the world that I have met through I l Volo. I’m smiling because I’m sitting here with my 14 furbabies listening to Il Volo right now. They love them too and their music just creates such a peaceful atmosphere.

  19. I am smiling because the sun is shining and Spring is finally here! I am also smiling because of all the new folks I am meeting through the IL Volo Flight Crew…thank you!

  20. I’m smiling because..The Flight Crew is still “going”, the Guys will be back and all you nice ladies or ladies keep sending the lovely photos and comments of your experiences. Hope to be able to do one of my own one of these days.

  21. I am smiling, well, I always seem to find a reason to SMILE! God is GREAT! I have incredible love from my family and friends and then there is this sight where I can share with people (and not be embarrassed because you “get it”) who feel the same things I do! I SMILE because those beautiful young men have managed to put JOY back into my life !

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