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I’m Smiling Because…

“Smile”; Il Volo



It’s been awhile since we’ve had one of these posts, and we always have such a good response, I thought it might be nice to do one today. 

For our new followers, this feature was born in the beginning of The Flight Crew.  It’s inspiration is Il Volo’s cover of “Smile,” by Charlie Chaplin and is designed to be time that we use to encourage everyone to share what is making them smile in a world that seems to have far too little joy in it.  All you have to do is finish the sentence, and your reason can but doesn’t have to be Il Volo related.


We’re Smiling Because:

…The Flight Crew has been saved!  Thank you volunteers for giving your time, and for all of our followers for your support.

…The Guys were in North America — even for a short time — and were simply marvelous.

…We are anticipating their new album of unreleased music! 



Why are You Smiling? 

~~ Kelly