Il Volo Off Stage: Moment in Time

We talked,
We walked,
for a Moment in Time.

You passed through my life that day and left your mark.
You may never pass my way again,
Or you may stay for a lifetime.

No matter what,
I want to say thank you for the impression you made
that will stay with me for eternity.

I enjoyed the walk,
I enjoyed the talk.
I am blessed for that moment in time.

What attracts me to you?
What makes me want to know more?
I want to know.

Even if my questions are never answered,
There is one thing I want you to know.
I have been blessed by the effect you had on me in that
Moment in Time.

(Moment in Time; credited to: Cynthia Kepp)

12 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Moment in Time”

  1. Kelly, what a beautiful, peace filled post. That music is one of my favorites. A perfect poem and music for reflecting on this Memorial Day weekend. Thank you !

  2. Yes Kelly, that was beautiful. I will keep this and play it from time to time. It was very relaxing. The poem fit’s our guy’s perfectly.

  3. This is just beautiful, the poem, embraces how we feel deep inside and the music and video are perfection…Thank you Kelly and Cynthia, so very much!!! Hugs. ♥♥♥

  4. Kelly, this post is so sweet and Yiruma’s music is gorgeous, I often hear it, I like it so much.

    1. oh so true! even when he’s not playing perfectly, he puts all his feelings into the song. He touches those keys, oh so gently, like they were delicate petals on a flower…

  5. Thank you, ladies. 🙂 I’m glad you like it. There are so many fan photos, we couldn’t possibly post them all, so I don’t often use photos with individual fans. But it struck me how many I was seeing this week, and I realized that their touch goes so far beyond my little corner of the world. I wonder how many people they meet without realizing the impact that they have on them? <3

  6. Kelly – loved this! You are so right, the poem is awesome as well. It’s like they are that little butterfly that just flits in and out and around the flowers and plants, and suddenly, it decided to land on your arm. It is fleeting, wonderful, and ever so gentle and as quickly as it came, it is gone… kind of like our meetings with the guys. I hope they stay as sweet as they are now. I’m sure it must get tiring after a while!

  7. Kelly that was beautiful!! I don’t know what your day job is but I hope it has something to do with writing. You have such a away of putting our feelings on paper. Thank you so much for sharing this!!!

  8. Pierobarone il volo mi amor; words of true! Around May 27, 2017; I started sending you lots of comments with the words “Mi Amor” and till today I still do it mi amor! You still are the one I love and my favorite. You still are beautiful and I still say, that Angela in Naro Calogero Gaglio’s wife was so wrong! Pierobarone il volo remember this always; you have the most beautiful facial face and expressions, you beard makes you look attractive and give you that beauty in your face. You are the most attractive and handsome extremely beautiful man, that I ave ever seeing in ‘‘tis whole world. Angela was definitely wrong mi amor. Tu eres el más bello de todos:3. Blessings my Darling Pierobarone Siempre te amare mi amor!🏋🏻‍♀️😎😍🌺❤️🌹💋💋❤️🌺🌺🌺❤️🌹🌹💋🌺🌺❤️❤️🌹🌹💋💋from Carmen Attridge Andrews/ Rufina

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