Notte Magica – Coming Soon to a Theatre Near you!

nottemagica headerYes, most of us have been seeing the links and promos for the Notte Magica movie, which combines the original Florence concert and part of the Los Angeles concert from this March.  They have updated the locations on their site and it includes many in the United States, as well as all over Europe and South America.

Ok, Ilvolovers!!  This is your chance to rule the night!  Find your favorite Il Volo t-shirt or scarf, and tote bag, and act like the crazy fans we are!  Get with all of your friends, and plan your party now!  I checked on a few of the shows and I think most are just one night, but tickets are fairly inexpensive, ranging from about $10 – $20, depending on venue.  For some, it’s coming up pretty quickly, like in the Detroit area, it’s in June!  Others have to wait for later in the year, like in Arizona, it’s not until December!  But click on the link below to find out when it’s coming to your neighborhood.  Unfortunately, it’s not going to be shown in all of the States, at least not at this time, but they may be adding more as time goes on.  Showtimes are roughly between 7p and 7:30p, so plenty of time to get together and have a nice dinner at a nearby restaurant.  If you work a day job, maybe you can get off a little early that day?  🙂

I’m pretty sure the Detroit Il Volo Girls will be attending the June showing, which is, June 21!  First day of summer, longest day of the year?  What better way to spend it than with the guys?!  Ok, virtually anyway!  So, calling all Detroit area fans – this is an open invitation to gather and recreate our Notte Magica from the Fox!  It will be at the Maple Theatre in Bloomfield, MI.  See you all there!


After clicking on the link, scroll down a bit to see the map, then underneath, they list all of the countries it will be shown in.


So, enjoy!  Let this be your Notte Magica, if you missed them live in concert!  If it’s not in your city, why not book a flight and visit a city you’ve never seen before!  Or take a train, or “road trip!”  Any way you get there, it will be a special time, with special friends, for an unforgettable evening.  You can bet on it!


Ciao!  Happy Sunday!

50 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Coming Soon to a Theatre Near you!”

  1. Awesome! Just checked the map and lo and behold it will be shown in my town of Duluth! Yeah! Can’t wait to see it on the big screen.

    1. That is great! It seems odd how they chose the cities? The whole middle of the country was missed! Yet they have about 20 alone in Mexico!? It’s nice for Detroit we don’t have to go downtown…. 🙂

    2. When will it be shown in Duluth and what site shows the cities in Minnesota that it’ll be shown in. Do you have a date in Duluth? Thanks for any additional information.

  2. As much as I love listening to the guys it sure would be nice if they didn’t ignore Canada. They have been here twice and it is only to three cities. We are a huge country and I’m sure there are many fans that would love to see them live. Since they seem to go to the U.S. a lot we are really really close by. They so far can’t even release the movie here.

    1. I know, that is really a mistake on their part. What major cities are you near? How far would you go? A whole portion of the mid-United States was missed also. We can certainly email them with our requests and continue to post on the Il Volo FaceBook page and if you are a member, on their Fan Club site.

      1. I live in Calgary Alberta. I don’t think I should have to travel the the U.S. to see them. There are many fans here and we have some nice concert halls that would be more than willing to host them. I can’t take time off would to travel to the U.S. just for a concert. Then there is the cost of everything. Just saying.

      2. Jana, I am not on Facebook. If you would leave a message on the Il Volo Facebook page asking in the name of the Flight Crew why they are ignoring Canada (again!) all of the Canucks here would be very grateful! I wonder if they would answer.
        I’ll try to go to the fan club page and see if I can leave a message there.

    2. Hi Nicholle I also am very upset that Canada has been ignored. Especially since Donald Trunp has banned Canadians from entering the States. Its too expensive for me to go to another country to see this movie.
      Kelly is there anyway I can reach Il Volo & their promoters so I can beg them to send the movie to Canada. I sure don’t want to miss this if possible.

      1. I really don’t believe the President has banned Canadians from entering the States. However, the schedule does seem quite unusual at this time. From Virginia all the way up the entire Atlantic coast, none of the states are listed and these are some of the most populated states in the country and that includes my state of New Jersey and also New York. I assume they will add a lot more as time goes by.

      2. I would really like to see some concerts in Canada. Not just in Toronto, Montreal.

  3. 2 dates in Cleveland at the Cedar-Lee theater. Thursday June 15, 7pm and Sunday June 18, 11am. An odd time but I got 2 tickets bc I don’t drive at night. No reserved seating. Tickets $12.

    1. That is awesome! That is the premier date for the movie. I also just got 6 tickets for our core group in Detroit – we had to choose our seats and price was same at $12. Maybe you can drag Marie with you! lol!

  4. The other Rosemarie (Ringenbach) is coming with me. I think Marie lives closer to Cincinnati . But if she wants to drive up here I’ll get her a ticket. Marie are you out there, do you see this?

  5. Nov 14 for Coconut Creek Forida, just 15 mins away from me. Contacting all who I think will be interested, even if not already Il Volo fans. Looking forward to an exciting evening !!!

  6. I am only 10 minutes from the Strada theatre in Naples, Fl
    where it will be playing on November 14th . It ‘s on my reminder calendar!

  7. I Live in Ontario Canada we had no concerts and their are no scheduled shows in any cinemas either. Please consider a showing in Toronto or somewhere close. It is my 60th birthday on June 21 and I know that date is taken but not in Canada please consider us Ontario Canada. Oh what a birthday suprise that would be!!

      1. Well they are on the move let’s hope that when they cross the pond they might decide that North America is Canada the upper side of the American boarder !!!!!

  8. Thanks Jana , for you coming attractions on this important update. Notte Magica was in and is a very Special collaboration from it’s very Beginning, the outstanding CD set the stage for the most spectacular concerts ever. I’m Looking forward going into a theater and reliving that special concert excitement on the big screen. It does not replace a live IL Volo concert. But it will capture the greatness of Team IL Volo and it’s adoring fans. As we patiently wait for the next live concert to be back here in America. I believe that the audiences will be appalling and cheering at this Movie, because nobody does it better than our guys. Excitement is back as the phenomenon continues !

  9. Marie & Kelly do you happen to know what company is sending the movie to the theatres. Or if you know a phone number I can call to jog the people who are sending the movies to NOT forget Toronto Canada. Or if the guys are sending the movies from Italy to call & remind them of Canada. PLEASE

  10. Feeling really sad for you folks in Canada. You really have been left out of concert tours and now this. I don’t know how or why they choose their target areas, but Canada along with the midwest sure get over looked. Loretta, I couldn’t afford to go to another country for this either.

    1. Jane I first saw Il Volo when they just started out when younger & fell in love with Ignazio. He resembled my grandson right down to the hairstyle. They have been in Toronto a total including when I first saw them of about 4 times I think & the last time was in a casino north of Toronto, if I am correct. I mentioned to Ignazio about coming to Canada when I saw him a few months ago at the Fox Theate & I think he said they needed a promoter. Anyways I would go in a flash if the border was’t closed to Canadians from what I’m hearing. And who knows maybe they wont be able to come across & if they did get across may not be able to return to go home. So I would hate to see that happen. Although they could go home from here. Only thing I can do is pray that problems with the world are sorted out & I get another chance to see Ignazio’s gorgeous smiling face. Nice talking to you Jane that doesn’t happen often. If you get a chance to see them please say “hello” to Ignazio from Loretta from Toronto, Take care.

      1. Nice talking to you too, Loretta. From what I understand this showing is just a movie, but if I ever get a chance to see them again in the future I sure will say hello to Ignazio for you!!

  11. Rose Marie P. got the Senior Discount tickets and we will have a nice post -theater luncheon. Yahoo !

  12. Not a single date in New York state! We want to be able to see it in Niagara Falls and Buffalo. The concert didn’t play here either…only in New York City. I did see it though. I traveled to Los AngeIes because my daughter lives there and we went together. I wonder why such a geographically odd distribution of this?

  13. So odd! Not a single stop in Oregon but the nearest to me is in Camas Washington which is really a very small little town. However,on June 14th I shall be there! I am relly very surprised with the places listed and the places missed!

  14. Ladies & gentlemen of this Il Volo site. Could I prevail on all of you to call your theatre to ask them who sent them the movies. If I could get the name of the people who sent the theatres the movie I could call them to ask them to send the movie to Canada. Thank you for your co-operatioh

    1. The theaters that are showing the movie are the ‘MARCUS THEATERS’. I do not know if you have them. You could contact the owner of the theater and see if you can get it to Canada. I try everything and I’m sure you could find the CEO of those theaters tomake some progress for Canada. Good luck.

    2. Hi Loretta, I found some contacts for you to call because they have telephone numbers with their names, I always use them. I’ve laryngitis and a virus since I got home and have don’t a lot of sleeping. Give thes telephone numbers a shot and maybe they can help you. I’ fin dits important enough to get these boys to Canada. I cannot talk so I’m sending the numbers and contacts to you..
      The Marcus Corporation
      Douglas A. Neis, (414) 905-1100
      Marcus Theatres
      Mari Randa, (414) 905-1237

      You have nothing to lose and you might find a kindvoice on the other end of he line. Blessings and let me know how you do.

  15. Hi Dr. Jay & Victoria I am so gratful for these phone numbers I will definitely let you know the outcome. Will pray for you both to stay healthy & I hope Dr. Jay you get over your laryngitis quickly.

  16. Hello all! As a am sincerely sorry that the movie will not be playing everywhere, especially in Canada, please try to remember that the guys do not likely control that part of their career and quite possibly decisions were made by others, or other factors are involved. Just remember, do not be angry with the guys – we all know they love their fans in every country! If you look, an enormous portion of the middle of the United States was left out as well as, almost the entire east coast.

    I will make a post on the “official” Fan Club page, but of course there are no guarantees for any answers. I would bet their answer might be that they will be adding new dates and to check back often. For anyone else that is a member of the fan club, if you could also make a plea for Canada.

    Great idea, Loretta, and Victoria for finding where the movies are coming from. We/you can only ask your area theatres. I imagine it’s not a big deal these days to mail a DVD out.

    Thanks – jana

    1. Of course we’re not mad at the guys! I already made a post on the Fan Club page, but the more the merrier. They shouldn’t forget about us. It probably has to do with getting a theater chain to go along with whatever they are asking for.

  17. Yes we had no concerts and now no movie either Toronto would be wonderful Canada loves you.
    I have just read that we will not be having the movie I could never be mad at our boys but their Organisers could have put together some concert dates. We have really missed out and with no concerts next year it will be a long wait.

  18. Jana I would never blame the guys for anything. I know they have no control over what happens when something is alocated to someone else. I did find an email that I could send a request to them & explained that Canada looked as if forgotten & if they could look into this if they had time. If it happens then I was successful if not then so be it. Dr. Jay has some theatres with phone numbers to call tomorrow if I can contact whoever is sending the movies to theaters. Who knows I might be successful contacting someone. Its worth a try. I will never completely give up finding away to see Il Volo, So Jana & anyone else who wants to say a prayer along with me is welcome. Come on Penina lets see how successful we are. All for one for Il Volo for Canada.

    1. Ok, good, glad no one is going to be upset with the guys. Sometimes though, I’ve seen “other places” where they do get upset and it is beyond their control….

      Yeah, go for it Loretta!! And let us know what you find out about the theatres and the movie. So sweet of Victoria to find the numbers for you. Will also be good if both you and Penina call, since they might pay attention if more than one person calls.

      Every so often, the squeaky wheels actually get some oil!! 🙂

      Ok, midnight here – off to bed!


      1. Still absolutely nothing in Canada 🇨🇦 I know there have been comments about going to a concert that is closet to you if I had the money and a passport I would have gone to a concert in the US but I don’t and I have to look after a diabetic so I can’t be away overnight. I know many of us here in Canada felt shut out from the concerts and now the movie too. I don’t blame the boys because they are not in charge of this part of the workings, but who ever is please please don’t shut us out here in Canada 🇨🇦 we love ❤️ Il Volo, and I don’t understand why we should not be able to see the movie. Yvette

        Sent from my iPad


    1. I just checked the list that was issued and checked again and there is nothing anywhere in Canada just like no concerts anywhere in Canada this year but I don’t have any phone Numbers. If I do find any I will let you know. I couldn’t go last time as I had a sick mother who passed awawy last year(June6th) and they were none this year and they are taking next year off and I know its a movie but to see them on a big screen would be better than a T.V or computer. Thankyou you for contacting me. Yvette.

  19. NO TEXAS. My daughter says at my age I waste money going to movies since I fall asleep half way thru. BUT I WOULD NOT IF I WAS WATCHING THE BOYS.

    1. funny, I remember as a kid my grandma always used to fall asleep at movies, too! I remember she fell asleep when we saw Bambi! Heck, I want to fall asleep when I have to attend boring meetings, also. But I agree, I couldn’t fall asleep watching the boys! 🙂

  20. Ladies of Toronto & GTA!! we should organize a protest at the Chin Radio building…. they do being other singers from Italy, why not Il Volo??

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