The Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave!

1-flagOh say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,

What so proudly we hailed at the twilight’s last gleaming,
Whose broad stripes and bright stars, through the perilous fight,
O’er the ramparts we watched, were so gallantly streaming?
And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof thru the night that our flag was still there.
Oh say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.
The first verse of the United States national anthem.  A poem written by Francis Scott Key in 1814, set to music written in 1773 by John Stafford Smith, and adopted as the US national anthem in March 1931, signed by President Herbert Hoover.
The land of the free and the home of the brave.  We owe that today to our many veterans and current armed forces.  Today, we thank our brave men and women who continue to fight for us and keep us safe.  Thanks also goes out to Gina and Lorna, two, proud veterans, from our Il Volo group!  Is there anyone else out there?  🙂
As we know, our guys love America and their US fans.  In fact, they learned to sing our national anthem and they have been wowing American fans over in Italy the last few weeks by shouting out refrains of it along with America the Beautiful!  Here is my favorite version of the Star-Spangled Banner!  From 2013, at Dodger Stadium!

I hope you enjoyed this as much as I did!  🙂


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  1. Nice., Jana! Very nice! Now if we can just find a way to keep them here, families included, for longer periods of time! I hope I make it till 2018! Grazie ! <3 <3 <3

  2. Thanks for sharing this, as I have never heard them sing the National Anthem. It made my Memorial Day!🇺🇸🎉⚾

  3. Thanks, Jana, for giving us this video… Il Volo’s rendition of our national anthem is simply breathtaking. Interesting that it is performed by three young Italians.

  4. Beautiful, Jana. A heart felt thank you to Gina and Lorna and all those serving our country in the present and past.
    The guys singing our national anthem is a rare gem. They sing it better than many American singers have done through the years.

    1. I get goose bumps every time I hear them sing this ! 🙂 Thanks so much for posting it Jana.

  5. Thank you so much Jana for posting this. I had no idea they were singing this when they were here. It’s just beautiful. Then I followed the beautiful trip to Italy with the lovely ladies. I’m looking for all the parts of their trip. How amazing that trip was. And how sweet of them to share every day. What a really lovely group this is. We’re getting tickets for the tribute to the 3 Tenors at the theater in Shakopee, MN. It’s June 14. I’m checking to see if it’s the same date at the other theaters. I hope we meet some of the Flight Crew there. Jay is so impressed that I found the Il Volo theater event. I told him it was all because of my new friends in the Flight Crew. Thank you so much. It’ll be a such a thrill.

    1. Shakopee? You & Jay must live close to me! I live in Shoreview! Where are you two & Phoebe? (isn’t that the name of your little dog?)

      1. Yes, she’s our little Phoebe. She made such a hit in Italy. Every day people would ask politely to take her picture of just come over and take her picture, or sneak a picture. This a reall angel for me. I hope we get to see you on the 14th.

    2. Victoria – just to clarify, they sang this 4 years ago at Dodger Stadium. They did not sing this while they were here in March, but have been singing it to the Americans that are seeing them for the meet/greets in Italy. 🙂 So glad the movie will be near you – I’m sure you will meet some more fans.

      1. Let’s not forget they also sang it in concert in Boston the night after the marathon bombing. There is a video of that also. Very, very moving.

  6. So good to know some oif ours here are veterans! My brother, paratrooper Lt. Paul Eastman Craig Jr., killed in action January 6, 1945, is buried in Arlington Cemetery & I’d like to pay tribute to him here if that’s all right with you all. Happy time &cheers to our own vets!!

    1. Thank God for all the Veterens who help to keep our country safe. I have never heard the guy’s sing the national anthem before, it gave me goose bumps. Thank you Jana.🇺🇸🇬🇧🇭🇺

    2. Our prayers and pride are with you and your family Patricia Hertzel. My Father navigated the convoys that brought the big bombs to Europe during the war, we were very blessed that he came back to us,
      We actually live in Richfield and have lived all over the place. In Minneapolis and St. Paul – mostly out by Minnetonka and this is our tenth home. So we will travel wherever we need to go to see the boys sing in Minnesota.

      Blessings, Victoria Wilson

  7. Thank you so much Jana !!! I will relate a little story that is appropriate for Memorial Day !! At the M&G in Verona there were about five of us waiting in line when all of a sudden Gianluca came running over shouting ” The Americans are here ” !!! Then spontaneously the three of them sang America The Beautiful and the Star Spangled Banner to us from beginning to end !! It was a very emotional, joyful and memorable few minutes for all of us !! They love their American fans and appreciate that we traveled all the way to their homeland to hear their magnificent voices in concert and give them hugs !! I have said it before but I will say it again ” To know them is to love them ” !! They are the most talented, humble and endearing three young men in the whole wide world !! ♥️

    1. Such a wonderful story!! I did not realize they also knew America the Beautiful. I wonder if it were their choice to learn these songs, or management suggested they learn them. It is always a thrill to hear them sing anything, and of course, our own country’s songs – so very respectful of them!

    2. OMG what an experience. I love these stories and it confirms for me that this is who these guys are. The are just so full of love and appreciation. I’m so thrilled we’ve followed them from the beginning. We met some absolutely lovely women from Kansas City who just discovered them 4 months before the Minneapolis concert. They fell in love with them, like we all did and have been in a search catching up to the rest of us – looking for everything Il Volo on YouTube ever since. They drove from Kansas City to Minneapolis to see them. They stayed at the same hotel as the boys and ran right into them when they went to eat. It was one of those exquisite experiences they will never forget. I love stories like that. I know I wrote out the Flight Crew site and hope these darling women found us. There are so many out there that belong here with us. Blessings to all of you.

      1. I love all these stories of chance meetings! I may have to gather them all and make a post about them. Not everyone comes back to the posts after they make a comment and miss a lot of good things – like this one of running into them at the restaurant! I know Marie did that every so often…. 🙂

  8. That rendition of the Star Spangled Banner is the best I have heard a singer sing it. Naturally IlVolo always sing better than any other singer hands down. Thank you Jana for playing that again. The first time I heard them sing that a few years ago I couldn’t help crying. I seem to do that a lot when they sing.

    1. Wait, aren’t you from Canada? How lovely you love our national anthem!! 🙂 yes, they do sing it better than most Americans! Which is sad…

  9. Hello all!! I’m so glad I was able to share this video with some of the newbies here that had not heard it before, and also to re-share this wonderful version of the US national anthem!

    Many of you said it gives you goosebumps, and shivers, etc. Literally, while watching the video of them singing it again last night, I was sitting in my chair and my legs started to tingle! Of course it might have been my laptop on my legs for too long? lol! No, going with the shivers and tingling because of the song…. 🙂

    I do find it amazing they know America the Beautiful. They are certainly incredible young men with a lot of respect and love for their American fans. I know we often feel we have been forgotten and they love Italy more (which they should!) however, they always give us the most time, courtesy, love, and respect when they are in our nation. We cannot forget that of them.

    Also, as Lorna pointed out to me, people often mistake Memorial Day for Veteran’s Day and we thank those who serve on Memorial Day, instead of really remembering those who have died. I hope the families and friends of those who have served and died for our country know that even though we may not publicly acknowledge those that have passed, they are always in our hearts and minds and we would not be here without them. And I said, it never hurts to thank them while they are still alive – for they may not be here tomorrow.

    Ok, some weird weather passing through here…..cloudy, sunny, cloudy, sunny, eerie…????


  10. Loved it! I have never heard our National Anthem sung so well. Thanks Jana, for giving us a chance to hear it again. And a great big thank you to all our veterans! And to Lorna and Gina a very special thank you. A Very Happy Memorial Day to all Ilvolovers!

      1. Penina – thank you, that was awesome. This was also in 2013. This must have been right after their Radio City Concert from back then? I could be wrong…. yeah, that high C is awesome! Of course listening to the rest of the video is nice, too! 🙂

      2. I’m not sure the order of the concerts in 2013. But I do know they were in Buffalo and then in Toronto, then Montreal. Boston could have been next and then NYC.
        Can’t remember! Where’s Marie when we need her???

      3. And if I didn’t get all tingly again in my legs!! So weird! What those guys do to us! 🙂 And it’s right about at the end, where they are all in beautiful harmony and Igna hits the high note!

      4. Oh thank you Jana for this gift from Boston. It’s a brilliant composite of so many of their wonderful songs. I knew there was a great version of the tribute to America and knew someone would find it. I just love waking up and finding these jewels in my email. Kristine’s head is so sensitive right now, that I put my earbuds in and listen to my heart’s content. Thank you so much for putting the Boston songs out there for all of us. You too are a jewel. Bless you!

      5. I was at the concert in Boston when they sang the National Anthem on September 14, 2013. It was a very beautiful and moving tribute following the marathon bombing which had occurred the previous April.

      6. Mary – wow, has it really been almost 5 years since that bombing? It doesn’t seem like it…

        Victoria – we are so glad you found us and so glad to have you on our site! Glad your daughter is, hopefully, resting comfortably…. I can’t imagine what kind of pain brain surgery brings…. maybe you could play her the guys really softly? 🙂

      7. I’ve warched this so many times and I love the ending they put on anthem. I can’t thank you enough for being in the second row.

  11. Thanks Jana for raising the flag. Your posts are always wonderful, The video of IL Volo singing of our National Anthem if spectacular. Their timing , harmony and feelings are fabulous. Their voices so sharp and powerful. Their added the special IL Volo touch at the final ” Home Of the Brave” Ignazio hit a high ” C” and knocked it out out of th park. I’m proud of American and to have served. I’m salute IL Volo’s love , respect and grace for all of us. Happy Memioral Day!

    1. Listen to the one I just posted from Boston–you can see them and hear them much better.

  12. Jana they not only sang it better than anyone else. They put their own touch & harmoney to the end which I find they do with everything they sing. I always listen to the last high note Ignazio always ends to every song. They are the best singers in the world. Singig together or solo.

  13. Thank you so much for sharing this Jana. I am speechless! I have never heard a more beautiful performance of our national anthem. They are THE BEST in the world!!! I have chills…holy cow!

  14. Kelly & Marie is there a phone number for Il Volo Organizers. Yvette on the previous page said the Il volo Organizers said Canada was eliminated from receiving movies. At least that is what I understood. There must be a way to contact them, Please help.

  15. Thank you Jana for posting that great video. I had never seen that one before and it did also give me goosebumps. They can sing it like no other. It is so sweet that they made the effort an took the time to learn those songs. Shows how much they appreciate their American fans.
    I just returned for my trip to Italy. The highlight by far was the May 20 concert in Verona. Seeing them in their home country was awesome and they seemed so relaxed and were at the top of their game. There were 15000 people at each of the Fri and Sat concerts, all of us hanging on every song and every note. They guys seemed to really be excited by the audience and they seemed to be having a good time. after the final song Piero sprinted up quite a few stone steps on both sides of the Arena to greet and shake hands with fans sitting up there. Igna also sprinted up and greeted fans. smiles all around. It was so awesome sitting in that 2000 year old arena, in the orchestra section knowing that 2000 years ago there were people filling the arena to watch the gladiators and other “sporting” events. So much history in Italy. Before the show we happened to see Jeanette and friends having dinner at a restaurant in front of the arena. We had time to chat briefly with them. Great seeing other Flight Crew members there. We also saw Igna’s dad not far from where we were sitting . He was chatting with some friends before the concert. Those parents must be soooooo proud of these special guys. Many great things about our Italy trip, but Il Volo in the Arena was magical. Love you, Il Volo!

    1. So glad for you that you were able to run into Jeannette! With all the people, I’m amazed anyone ran into anyone they knew! Yes, everyone from the US that have seen them in Italy, including myself, seem to say the same thing – they are so relaxed, they know they are home. Although I have to say they were not so relaxed at the first Florence concert. Was probably the first time in a really long time, they may have actually been nervous!

  16. I wanted to add a few more observations about that Verona concert. Not only did we see Igna’s dad before the concert, but on the far edge of the stage Gian’s dad and Michele were talking and watching the arena fill up. Right after the last song all three guys rushed over to that far corner where Michele had been watching and gave him the biggest bear hug, nearly knocked him over I think. They obviously are so grateful for his help in bringing them this far. It was right after the big bear hug that Piero sprinted up the stone steps on that side to greet fans and then sprinted down the steps, dashed across the big stage and sprinted up the stone steps on the other side to greet fans and Igna followed him to greet fans. all the while the orchestra was playing Grande Amore and the audience was giving them wild applause. One other goosebump moment during the concert was when they began to sing Grande AMore and Piero motioned for everyone to turn on their cell phone flashlights and wave them. We looked around the Arena and there was a sea of sparkling lights almost as far as we could see waving in the air with people singing along with the guys. It was an emotional moment that brought tears to my eyes.
    I am so happy for the guys that they are finally getting the love and recognition from their countrymen.

    1. It’s all true what you described in the Arena concert, I was and was fantastic too. Especially when a lot of lights were lit and the whole audience sang with them.
      Too bad to meet you, I knew Jeannette and other crew members and it was wonderful.
      Jana was right, in Florence they were not so relaxed, but it was their first time with an opera program.
      As far as the Italian public is concerned, there is no doubt that they are very beloved, they are national journalists who do not write like they should on these guys, but we who love them are so many and journalists have to surrender to their well-deserved success.

  17. Jana’s beautiful post, your hymn sung by the guys puts on shivers.
    I had found this video a couple of years ago, pity they do not see much.
    I had also found ( during the months of my feverish search as it happens to those who know the il Volo) a video while they in an American home where guests were training to learn your national anthem.

  18. I don’t know how we are going to wait for their next tour. Our kids want to go to Italy for Christmas. What is the weather like ? Does anyone know? I’d go in a heartbeat if there was a concert to go to and I feel kind of a let down now not being able to see a concert when we go to Italy. We were so spoiled with our trip…. to do so much and then meet the boys. We love Italy so much and I will be glued to any hint of their next concert. I’ll let you all know how the film is on Wednesday. I know it’ll be incredible.

    1. As far as weather, I guess it depends on where you go? They seem to get very similar weather to the Detroit area and Midwest of the country. The get lots of snow where Gianluca is and of course it is usually warm in Sicily, like our Florida, but don’t think it gets as hot. You can always track the various cities on the weather sites. I don’t think it gets as cold as MN. 🙂

      Oh yes, you are the first to see the film!! So awesome!!

  19. i am catching up on a few days I could not get to see the posting. Jana you are doing such a fantastic job and hope that some of our members who are computer savvy give you some help. I mentioned to Jana that some of us might be able to write or compose a posting but are not able to put it in the right format. That is where some help would be great.

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