Important Site News…

Dear Flight Crew –

det 6You may have noticed an obvious absence of Marie lately….although she would like for you to believe she has been hiding in a town in somewhat central Italy ….she is alive and well!

Marie has decided to take some time off and transition to a less demanding role in supporting the Flight Crew site.  During this time, I will be accepting her responsibilities on this site, along with Jane, who will be taking on a more active role.  Kelly will still maintain her current role on the site, doing Off Stage, etc.

We know this site is important to many people and new people, like the Wilsons, and others, are still finding us.  I could not let this site falter.  The guys finally really know who we are and members are meeting each other from all over the world with an instant bond of friendship and shared love of the guys.

This site did that – you did that!

I’ve also recruited a few new authors.  Pat Ward, whom I met in Chicago (a.k.a. Pitter Pat on the site) and Lorna Ste. Marie, who you may remember as being my travel buddy in Italy.  You may notice a few changes here and there, but the basic ideas and values of this site will not change.  We always welcome your thoughts and ideas if there is something you’d like to see, or write, please feel free to submit it.  We’d also like you to start using the new gmail account – to send us any email, etc. for ideas for any posts, or personal review submissions.  For any technical issues please continue to email the “Outlook” account email.

Please remember there are just a few of us and it may be a few days before we are able to respond to your email.

Thank you for your continued support.

This site would not be what it is, without you!

Sincerely, your Flight Crew team: 

Jana, Marie, Jane, Pat, Lorna, Kelly, Dani, Daniela, Jeannette, Myron, Mary Bohlings, Ann Cruise, Gina Hanna, Lisa Joy, as well as all of our “behind-the-scenes” ladies!

Just a few other notes I’d like to mention, a few things we get questions on from time to time:

  1. For the newer members of the crew, were you aware of the little “check box” underneath the comments box?  If you check that box “before” you click on the post button, you will get everyone’s comments from that post, directly to your email!  This is great, if maybe you asked a question and were waiting and wondering if someone was going to reply.  This way, you don’t have to keep checking back at the site, to see if someone answered your question or not?  🙂
  2. About once a year, all of a sudden, you may realize you are not getting the flight crew emails to your email anymore.  If this happens – do not be too alarmed.  It appears you need to go in and re-signup to get emails from the site.  Must be some kind of blog rule, as the same thing happens to me on the AAIV site, as well.  🙂
  3. Since many of you do get our emails right to your inbox, I’m sure many, as myself, just read them in our emails.  If you could actually just click onto the blue, bolded text, it will take you to the site.  Yes, you may have already read the post, but actually going to the site will up our numbers and give us a more accurate reading of how many people are actually reading our site!  🙂  We might actually have over 2 million hits and not just over a million!
  4. If you are fairly new and have signed up recently, or are thinking of signing up, I believe there is a confirmation email that comes to your email, so you get our postings.  Please be sure to click on that confirmation.  If you do not get one of these after signing up, please check your spam or junk mail, as it may have gone into there.

Again, thank you  – and I look forward to continuing this site until it is time, once again, to hand over the reins…



51 thoughts on “Important Site News…”

  1. Hi Jana, great update. It’s good to know about Marie, I’m sure everyone was wondering if she had left us for Igna, not that I would blame her.
    I didn’t know about the one year re-signup thing because it hasn’t happened to me. Also didn’t realize about reading emails from the inbox, so thanks for that info. You ladies do a spectacular job of keeping all of us Il Volovers together, so grazie mille. I have enjoyed my 3 years here and hope to enjoy many more.

    1. Wow, never happened to you? Interesting… I freak out every so often until I remember I have to go and do it again! lol! Thanks so much!

  2. Jana, thanks for taking on this huge task. I know you still work, your time is limited. And thanks to Maries for all the hard work she has put into it these past years.

  3. Thank you Jana for taking over more of the reins so that this site can continue. Glad to know that all is well with Marie and kudos to her for all she has done in keeping the site ongoing. Like others, I check my email each morning to see the latest news on the guys and the many interesting articles on Italy and the encounters their fans have had with them! Grazie

  4. Jana thanks for all the detailed and useful explanations.
    I´m happy about the news of Marie.I was afraid of her health and now I know – it´s OK!
    I miss her funny notes but I understand she needs a rest.
    Site content is becoming more and more interesting and varied but you also have time to sleep?
    The success of Americans who were lucky to visit the concerts in Italy is great – gratulation from me to all.I´m convicted that IVFC is the best of all website about IL VOLO and the boys were great and excellent!
    My large dream is to see concert in Taormina /that must be glory/ !!!

    1. Zdena – you are welcome. Thank you also for your email to the FlightCrew email. I was only a little confused, as I was not sure what you meant about explaining some problem? Yes, I have heard that Jana is a very popular name in the Czech area. Surprisingly, I am Dutch – from Holland! 🙂

      Here is my cute little story… when my mom was pregnant, she was at the grocery store and the cashier’s name was Jana and she liked it. So, here I am. I’m guessing that was not real popular 50 years ago. I have met other Jana’s over the years and it always feels like I am talking to myself! 🙂

      Maybe some day you will see them…


  5. Thanks Jana I was wondering about Marie. I sincerely hope
    she is just tired & needs a rest. Thank you for doing such a spectacular job of taking over the reins.
    I need to ask a question. I have a new email address which I was going to add to the boxes that say “Enter your address” but my curser isn’t accepted. What comes up is WordPress. How else can my new email address be accepted. Please answer at your convience.

    1. Thank you so much Loretta! Yes, I hope Marie will be back in a few months. I’m sure she will miss sparring with her competition!

      As for your email problem, I will forward this to Kelly, as she is the more technical person when it comes to things like this.

  6. Also how can I cancel the old email addresses that are in the box that says “Enter your email address “. Just discovered the last email address is the right one. Sorry for being a pain but I can’t delete the first 2 email addresses.

    1. Loretta – since we don’t know for sure which email address you are referring to, can you send a note to the “FlightCrew….” email address, and let us know which is the correct email and which are the wrong ones? Maybe Kelly can figure it out that way.

      Thanks – Jana

  7. Hey Crew, well.. it’s time to freshen up the site a little and for me to take a break. Jana and Kelly with the help of Jane and others will continue on. I’m looking forward to seeing some of their new ideas and fun changes.

    Besides…you’re not completely rid of me, after a break and some travel time, I’ll be back here fighting with Loretta over Ignazio and bugging all of you with my comments.

    Ciao for now.

    1. Thank God Marie, I was getting worried about you. I have’nt had anyone to tease for a long time.
      Have a nice rest, and this travel time would’nt have anything to do with Italy would it?

    2. Glad that you’re okay, Marie. I’m sure going to miss that great sense of humor of yours. You always made me laugh out loud! Relax and enjoy yourself.

    3. Marie – I’m so glad you responded!! Have a nice rest and we look forward to a quick return. We know you will miss us…

      I’m sure someone thought you may have been kidnapped and been held against your will by a certain someone and for sure we figured we’d never see or hear from you again, if that was the case! 🙂

      Don’t worry, we won’t be making too many changes!

      Your darling daughter…

    4. Worse than you made it feel, but did you believe the crew did not notice your absence? Now that we have heard you can make you a little deserved rest …… but do not overdo it, we miss your jokes on Ignazio.
      A lot of kisses

  8. Marie glad to hear from you. I’ll win the next fight as usual. If you are going away have a good trip.

    I’ve just checked the list for new cities that Il Volo movie is playing & nothing else has been listed. Its a shame that more Il Volo lovers don’t have a chance to see the movie such as Canada.

  9. Thank you to all the people that are working hard to keep the ll Volo Flight Crew going, love all the information I get from you. Keep up the good work. I am still waiting to see the guys for the first time live, came close this year in Boston, but it was canceled because of weather. I am glad they decided to go on and do their concert in London, shows where their hearts are! I love them, they are so down to earth.

    1. Elizabeth – yes, unfortunately, many disappointed fans from the Boston concert. I’m sure many came from all over and not just the Boston area.

      Thank you so much – we appreciate the gratitude!

    1. Thanks for your confidence, Chris. You know you are “this close” to getting recruited yourself! lol! 🙂

  10. Thanks Jana for doing so much to keep the Flight Crew up and running. It is a wonderful place to visit as often as possible. Thanks to all those helping and a special thank you to Marie for all you have done in the past and for all the laughs and fun on this site. Good news that you are just taking a well deserved break.

  11. Thank you Margaret! Like I told Marie, I could not let this site go crashing down, as it would take a piece of me with it! We will do our best to keep it lively and interesting!

  12. Thank you, to all of you, for your comments. I must admit, I am delinquent in also thanking Marie for all she has done for this site, as well as, for me. Without her, I never would have had the chance to write like I do here, to feel as I do here, and to love the guys, like I do here! I never would have met Chris – our secret PBS contact insider, and never would have signed up to volunteer. I never would have met Dani, and certainly never would have gone to Italy! (or Vegas, or taken a road trip to LA, or Chicago, or Atlanta!) We never would have met Betty or Magdalena (Marie forwarded them to me because she told them the Detroit girls have all the fun!) Never would have met the Fabulous MN 4 (we will definitely meet again someday!) or Pat Ward in Chicago! Our site would have likely never gotten a “shout out” from Gianluca last fall and of course the Fan Faire in Vegas never would have happened, had it also not been for this site. I’m sure when Marie, Kelly, Linda and the others started this site – was it just 4 years ago? They had no idea, this little idea of theirs would grow into this incredible, phenomenon — almost as incredible as the guys themselves, reaching thousands of fans, all OVER the world. Perfect strangers, warily meeting online on some obscure blog called “ilvoloflightcrw” – and commenting joyfully about their love for these 3 little Italian singing sensations that were mere teenagers, kids, even grandkids, to some. This Italian magnetism of theirs, just drew us in and we are a very special bunch! We go to the ends of the earth to meet new friends, sacrifice paying the bills, max out our credit cards (let’s really hope not though!), all to see these now, 3 young men. They say strangers are just friends we haven’t met yet, but we’ve met on this blog and we are far from strangers. We go places we’ve never been before, invite these people into our homes, meet at restaurants, and go to parties – with no reservations whatsoever. We trust each other and those on this site. The bonds we have formed here, will not break. We have no borders here. All politics, religion, origins, and language aside – we are united on a common front on this site, the goal of this site, “come inside and Share the Love!” I sincerely hope, that in this crazy, mixed-up world we live in, that this site continues to be the beacon of light and hope, that comes to you each day (fyi….we might skip a day here and there) to brighten your soul and comfort you, and make you laugh, and heal your hurts. As we remember their motto – 3 voices, 1 soul; all for ONE, and IL VOLO for ALL!


    1. Well said, Jana! Thanks for the trust you and others here have put in me to help with the IVFC blog. I’ll do my best to help! I know how important it is to so many IL VOLOvers. 😊

    1. Thanks Rose Marie…. yes, I think she would have been a most willing and cooperative captive! 🙂

  13. Your words were perfect Jana. Marie, we will definitely miss you but glad you’re ok and getting some needed rest. This group is my family and on a bad day with my illnesses, the people on this site brighten up my day. Marie thank you to you and everyone else involved in keeping this site going. I know Marion and I have been doing the monitoring of the site, and right now I have baby visits for work taking a chunk of my time but in the next few weeks, if there is anything I can do let me know. I’m not terribly useful technically but any little job is fine.
    This is my family and I’m ready to roll up my sleeves and help.I love doing the monitoring with Marion so another little job would be fine. You are doing a fabulous job Jana, Kelly and the rest of the crew!!!!
    On small thing…..What movie!!!??? I have been so busy with baby visits the past 2 weeks I feel like I have missed something. Grazie mille!!

    1. Dee, you are incredible! I had no idea about you doing this or Marion!

      Keep up the good work!

      Grazie mille,

      1. It is definitely my pleasure. With all the joy d happiness the guys have brought into my life especially my second family, The Flight Crew, this is the least I can do!!

      2. Yes, I’m finding out all kinds of new things! So glad you are here!

  14. Thank you very much for the update, I enjoy reading your articles/comments/contributions on regular basis. It is so much love and fun…
    Kind regards from Vienna,Austria

  15. Thanks so much for the update. I really enjoy reading these posts and I am so grateful for everyone who works so hard to get these out to the rest of us. I particularly appreciate it since I don’t get anything from the fan club. I joined recently but I have not been able to access anything since they changed passwords. None of the passwords work and no one responds to my e-mail. What a ripoff.

  16. I’ve been busy with baby visits the past few weeks and haven’t heard about a movie. Can someone please tell me about it

    1. Dee, I did a short post on it on Sunday, but basically they created a movie from the Florence concert and the L.A. concert. It is almost 2 hours long. Certainly not all of either concert, but will be fun to see if you can. 🙂

    2. So glad you found it. Having tech issues with the site that drives me crazy – you have to “stick” it to the front page each time you do a post or it just goes random on you. I guess there is nothing you can do, though?

  17. Jana used some really beautiful words.
    I think Marie is glad to know that you are the leader of this site, and we are all happy that this beautiful island is not closed, but there is a possibility for us to be able to land every day in this place that emanates love .

  18. Dear Jana Thank you to all you wonderful ladies who put so much effort and love into this site to make it so marvelous. I feel kind of like you are more than another IL Volo site because of all of you and especially Marie who started it all for me I feel as if we are a community of ladies dedicated to the most wonderful amazing 3 young men in the world and that just makes my day. So again thank you all for this amazing site and Maria enjoy your rest.

    1. Thank you also, Lucky Lady! Yes, I love our little site and yes, I agree we are more than “just the news” here. 🙂 I’m so glad we can make your day. I’m hope each day is a surprise and delight!

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