The Wind Music Awards – Set your DVRs!

Ciao, Amici!!  It’s time to set those DVRs to record the Wind Awards on Monday, June 5 and Tuesday, June 6!   Aren’t you glad all you have to do is push a few buttons?   Remember the “old” days when it took reading a manual and your teenager to help you figure out how to program the old VCR?  🙂  There is something to be said for modern-day technology!  🙂

A little info here on the Wind Music Awards, thanks to Daniela, who translated this article, Il Volo is guaranteed a win for Notte Magica, as it has gone platinum.

Here is some more from the translated article….

I’m sending you this article to clarify the prize assignment method.  As you see it is based exclusively on sales data. The Magic Night CD is Platinum, so it will receive the prize. We all cross our fingers for the live prize that is based on the audience presence at the concerts, but we do not understand whether foreign ones are also taken into account.  The live prize is set up this year for the first time.

Also re-confirmed for this season the desire for music in the summer on Rai1 with Carlo Conti and Vanessa Incontrada who are now paired. In June, two races on Rai1 come to the Wind Music Awards, an event that will give the audience a great musical performance thanks to the presence of the most beloved singers! So much music, performance and laughter in the two premiered shows on Rai1 in the early evening. Many great stars of Italian music will be rewarded for their recent recordings and will perform on the prestigious stage of the Verona Arena for the Wind Music Awards. To present the two evenings, live on Rai 1 starting at 8:35 pm on June 5 and 6, 2017, will be Carlo Conti and Vanessa Incontrada. Do you want to know who will be there? We immediately discover the news and latest advances coming to you directly from Verona Arena!


Here are the first names of award-winning artists:

Alessandra Amoroso, Baigio Antonacci, Benji&Fede, Loredana Bertè, Mario Biondi, Boomdabash, MicheIe Bravi, Briga, Decibel, Francesco De Gregori, Elisa, Elodie, Emma, Fabri Fibra, Francesco Gabbani, Ghali, Giorgia, Raphale Gualazzi, Rocco Hunt, Il pagante, Il Volo, J-Ax & Fedez, Ligabue, Litfiba, Lowlow, Fiorella Mannoia, Marracash e Gué Pequeno, Ermal Meta, Modà, Fabrizio Moro, Gianna Nannini, Nek, Max Pezzali, Gabri Ponte, I Pooh, Eros Ramazzotti, Massimo Ranieri, Francesco Renga (writer of L’more si Muove), Fabio Rovazzi, Sfera Ebbasta, Sergio Sylvestre, Thegiornalisti, Umberto Tozzi, Renato Zero, Zucchero.

As usual, they will be awarded the stars of the Italian music scene that reached (in May 2016 / May 2017) with their albums the “gold”, “platinum” and “multi platinum” achievements and with their singles ” Platinum “and” multiplatin “(FIMI / GfK Retail and Technology Italia certifications).

The “Live Prize” based on SIAE certifications, in collaboration with Assomusica, will be introduced for the first time this year and will be delivered to all the artists who have distinguished themselves for the relevant results obtained in terms of the number of viewers present at their Concerts (in May 2016 / May 2017). Among the “Live Prizes” an acknowledgment will also be reserved for the non-musical live performance that has received the highest number of inputs during the reference period.

The categories selected for the award ceremony during the “live performance night” are: “gold” over 40,000 viewers, “platinum” over 100,000, “double platinum “over 200,000,” triple platinum “over 300,000,” diamond “over 400,000. (surely our guys are at least triple platinum?)

During the evenings, including the participation of Clean Bandit, Imagine Dragons, Lenny, Luis Fonsi and Ofenbach as international guests, will be awarded other awards and special awards for artists who have distinguished themselves as exceptional performers.

Wind Music Awards is realized with the collaboration of the FIMI, AFI, and SME Discography Associations and with the collaboration of SIAE and Assomusica, produced by F & P Group with Ballandi Multimedia for the care and management of all aspects of the event .


From all of the stars that will be there, it looks like it will be quite the program!  I’ve highlighted people I’ve heard of before, as well as those Il Volo have collaborated with – it is quite the list!!

Next week, look for Myron’s review of the show and all the results!

If you don’t already subscribe to RAI1 on your cable or satellite, be sure to call your cable company today and see if they offer RAI1 and if you can subscribe to it.  I don’t know if it is available is all areas, but often they will let you subscribe for just a month, and then you can cancel it.  You can give this link a try on your computer….   This seemed to work for me, but I do not know for sure if it will work for you.  I just ask you do not shoot the messenger (that would be me!)  I also tried the actual RAI1 link, but it seems to be restricted for Italy viewing only.

Which reminds me, I better do it now, too, or I will certainly forget!!  🙂

Ciao for now!


21 thoughts on “The Wind Music Awards – Set your DVRs!”

  1. What a lovely article you’ve written Jana. So important & full of news. Every bit as good as Marie’s. I can’t get RAI1 so am out of luck.

  2. Great post! Not sure if I can get it, but I’m sure going to try. Looking forward to Myron’s review! Thanks Jana!

  3. I got so excited that I found an Rai Play app and it will only work in Italy so I guess I’ll have to come back. Please let me know if the show will be available on YouTube or somewhere. We would all love to see it.

    1. I know, I found a few links also, but they would only play in Italy. Try that other link I had in the post to see if it works for you…. I actually get the RAI1 channel on my cable…. I’m pretty sure it will be posted somewhere on you tube or someone’s facebook – things like that tend to pop up all over some times, maybe not the whole show, but likely the part where il volo is. Have you seen them where they perform at the Sanremo contest and Eurovision?

      1. Jana, I have not found either performances. Are they on YouTube somewhere? If you have a source, I would dearly love it. I so loved the description of how they behave before a concert – behind the scenes – and I just knew that’s the kind of people they are. It was delightful to read and you can tell when you meet them that’s who they really are. Thank you for putting that up for all of us to enjoy.

      2. Thank you Jana. I found so many other things connected to that site that I spent an hour or more just watching them. I can listen to them sing anything over and over again. I appreciated the site. I think they are showing the movie at all the theaters on the same night. I’m going to check it and if they have different nights anywhere, we will see it twice. I think it should in Duluth on the same night and from what I could see, it’s at all the theaters on Wednesday night. I’ll check Wisconsin, because it’s practically next door. I’ll let you know how it is. That was a silly remark because we know it will be fabulous.

  4. Hi Victoria, I’m sending you the video of the first evening of Sanremo 2015. This video is not on you tube or even on the RAI channel.
    It was the first night they performed and you have to look at the bottom of the video, the crowd all standing, all three visibly excited and Gianluca who does not hold the tears, was also the day of his twentieth birthday.
    It’s a beautiful and very exciting video, I hope you can see it.

  5. Oh Daniela, Thank you for this. We love it. I played it 3 time on my iPad and then put it on the Apple TV on the big TV (Jay put one on the wall across from my bed). It’s incredible on a big TV. Immediately Jay said play it again. What a gift. When it’s something I can listen to a dozen times and want more. It’s gorgeous, and how can you not love these guys when you see real tears in Gianluca’s eyes. So now Jay wants to know where we can find the English translations of some of the songs. I love the Italian because l never get tired of songs in other languages. I could not listen to an English song 100 times over and over without a break. I can listen to other languages all day and not ever get tired and gratefully it takes pain down. I will make this into a movie (mov) with a program on my computer. I have a converter to make them into a DVD and for now I can load them on my computer and iPad/phone in movie form so all these videos are a real gift for me. Thank you so very much. (PS whomever the woman was… her earrings were unbelievable until Jay said they matched her belt…All I can say is WOW!)

    1. Hi, I’m glad you liked the video, it’s one of my favorites, the guys were amazed at the audience reaction.
      The girl in the red dress she really presented was a good Italian rock singer, called EMMA, is a friend of our guys, especially Gianluca, she will be rewarded tomorrow at the Wind Music Awards.
      Have you already seen the video of the Senate concert that the boys did in December 2014 before Sanremo?

      1. Daniela, what a beautiful girl. I loved the earrings and dress and you could tell how much she loved the boys. I haven’t found the Senate concert. I did find something from December 2014 if that is it. I’m putting the video on the big screen now that you sent. I thought a big screen was nuts when Jay got it for me and now I love it. Thank you so much. I’m loving all these new videos on a big screen.

  6. Victoria, if you’ve seen Caruso’s video I sent you, is one of the songs that I ran to the Senate in December 2014, before Sanremo. The guys are singing in the Senate of the Italian Republic, the people who attend are all Senators and President of the republic. The guys performed this live TV live without being able to test in that place.
    I’m sending you another track, Ave Maria of Schubert.

    1. I fooled around with the site printed out and low and behold I got it on my iPad. It says Rai1 HD CH 501. Who knows I might get. I think the time difference might throw me off for seeing the boys. Does anyone know what time the show is on for Minneapolis MN time. I would appreciate it in case I got the correct channel on. Thanks a bunch.

      1. Victoria – I believe it would be 7 hours ahead for you. It’s 6 hours ahead for EST. Good luck, I hope you get to watch it! I would actually like to see it, as I think it will be a really good show with so many artists. Can see Il Volo’s competition! lol! 🙂


  7. The Ave Maria is so beautiful. I love the orchestration that was done with the song. Thank you so much.

  8. THANK you so much for sharing these videos!! Where do you find them? I’m so technically challenged. I’m so grateful for people that share these!! Grazie mille

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