Carpool Karaoke!

In case there are some of you out there who don’t know what Carpool Karaoke is all about (like I didn’t before I did this post) here is a brief idea of this newest viral hit sensation.

James Corden, a British comedian and host of “The Late Late Show” says he always thought there was something very joyful about someone very, very famous singing their songs in an ordinary situation.  He states,” you’re dealing with famous people who, for a very long time, have never really been on their own.  They’re very successful people who come with necessary teams of people.  We shoot (film) them for about 40 minutes and they’re completely on their own: It’s me and them and fixed cameras and that’s it.  I think they find that very liberating and there’s a joy in that.”

James has a regular segment on his show that showcases this.  It seems Apple Music and  other countries are now picking up on it. In Italy,   Jake the Fury, an Italian Rapper, DJ and producer, now hosts the Italian version where we see IL VOLO as his guests.

Thank you Penina, for sending us this gem!  The video speaks for itself.  Fun, Fun, Fun!

 Nothing like letting loose as if NO camera were there.   I could sit and watch them drive all over Italy doing this.  And to quote Penina, “Ignazio is BEYOND adorable in this video.”  This video is 17 minutes of pure Il Volo bliss!  Enjoy.

The video that will not show had English subtitles.  Try this one instead.  It’s in Italian, but you will still enjoy!

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  1. I am sorry the English subtitled version would not play. I hope you enjoy the Italian version as you can still see just what fun the guys were having doing this.

  2. This video was broadcast on the tv channel, Italy 1, at midnight.
    I laughed a lot, the guys are the usual casinos, nice, good and always beautiful.
    I’ve seen the video with subtitles is not visible, if anyone wants to know what they say at certain times, ask me as well.

  3. I’ve seen the Italian version, it is hilarious. This a new side of Gianluca I haven’t seen very often. Piero is Being Piero, but OMG Ignazio is phenomenal. It’s great to see them like this😍 Just letting loose,

    1. I agree Rose Marie. I love seeing them in these informal settings having fun, letting loose with their phenomenal voices and personalities!

  4. I saw the video with the English subtitles before it was blocked! Hysterical! Thanks Jane !

  5. These are the first 3:05 of video translated.
    I hope you understand.

    J = Roman catacombs reminded me of different though ……… oh now let me know you Rome.
    P = I sit in front of you
    I = no, no, I go
    P = no, I sit in front of you
    I = I go
    P = but come on, but come on
    G = do not quarrel to sit in front, up
    J = you are all anyway, how many are, I’m happy to have you here, and the tenor of the bet,….. this I transcribe …
    P = is the same thing they tell us at the airport: ”At what time do you fly?”(In Italian fly = volo)
    J = These things are terrible
    I = or. ” I tell you something on the fly ” (laugh)
    J = tell me a little bit how to go? What are you doing now?
    I = we’re turning a little bit, we’ve finished the American tour now
    J = and how did it go? This is something that fascinates me
    P = (referring to Ignazio), as you are saying it seems to have been at a funeral
    I = I’m a bit sad because we had to invite people because the theaters were empty (Ignazio refers to the fact that Italian journalists doubt that they fill theaters)
    J = I actually saw photos ….
    G = do you know what the beautiful thing is? It is that the only way to be international overseas is to sing in Italian, because if you sing in English, there are already the original ones
    J = the next step is to sing like this (and start singing in sicilian, the tirichitolla we have already heard sung by our boys, and we know it’s a bit mischievous song).
    G = enough with this folkloric moment
    J = high level
    (And start GRANDE AMORE, all sing at high volume)
    J = seems to be at the stadium

    1. We understand very well. Grazie Mille to our dear friend Daniela. Igna was a little cute with his comment about filling the theaters. They will never have a problem as long as we are around to fill the theaters.

  6. Daniela. Thank. You. For. The. Translation. In. English. Trully. Enjoyed. It. Can. You. Translate. The. Story. That. Piero. Tells. In. The. Carpool. Love. Those. Guys. Grazie. Mille

    1. Piero says they met this girl who told them her mother loves them and keeps their picture next to one of her father, who died, and her brother, who died, and then Piero says to her, tell your mother to take our picture off of there!
      And then they all crack up!

  7. For me it is a pleasure. Now here is midnight, tomorrow I can post another piece. Good evening at all.

  8. Thank you Daniella. I was laughing that they were like 3 kids fighting to sit in front. Gianluca sure let his hair down he was having so much fun. The driver was driving with his eyes closed it seemed. It was a wonder he didn’t have an accident. It was a pleasure to see & hear Ignazio with the different noises he made with his mouth. Also when the driver left the car Ignazio put something around his neck & then when the driver came back he was trying to get it off his neck so the driver wouldn’t see him through it over his shoulder into the back seat. They were like 3 big kids. What a pleasure seeing them so relaxed & having fun. More of those please.

  9. I am sorry, but the Italian version I had up yesterday has been blocked as well. Daniela sent me another Italian version which is now in the link above. After clicking on the link scroll down to where you see a view of the video with the words Il Volo a Carpool Karaoke Italian, and click on that video.
    I’m sorry for the confusion here. It is such a great video it is surely worth the effort to view it!

  10. up to the minute 8:05 video translate

    J = Lady, I have ILVOLO here
    P = Hello great
    G = Hello
    P = Hello Lady
    G = Lady, Miss
    P = Lady, she was 70 years old, other than Miss
    J = as I go to the nightclubs to get to know girls usually, if you want to know women from the 40 up, this song (GRANDE AMORE) you need to know it by force
    I = Certainly
    P = in America came a lady with her daughter, we did the photo, her daughter knows, proud of her mother, she said ”you know my mother is in love with you,she has listened to you since you were a kid, on her bedside has the photo of my father, who died, my brother’s picture, who died, your photo …… ” and I said ” lady take off our photo ”
    I = but please ….

    (Follows the song Volare)
    G = Go with samba …… here the brazilian dancing

    J = So guys, since you are in three, are people wrong to say your names?
    P = No
    I = ni
    G = no
    J = and are you wrong names?
    I = wait, this is Piero, Piero does ugly figures
    G = depends, wait
    J = but do you know, like the names of the three piglets ???
    G = Eolo, Mammolo, Disappearance
    P = Uncle Ciccio, Uncle Carlo, Uncle ……
    I = no, they were called (and imitated the sound of the pig with the mouth)
    J = exact, ……, the three magical kings ???
    P = Gold, incense and myrrh
    J = very good
    J = the three caravels ???
    PIG = Nina, Pinta and Santamaria
    J = the three of IL VOLO???
    PIG = Gianluca, Ignatius and Piero.
    J = the three Grazie??? (painting of Botticelli)
    GP = Grazia, Graziella
    P = and Granluigi
    J = what did you say? (In Piero), Grazia, Graziella and Granluigi (the last one is a masculine name only)

    (The song ANCORA begins)

    J= Guys, I stop for a moment that I have to pee.
    I = how, you have to pee
    J = I have to pee
    G = but with all this people passing
    J = I leave you here for a moment by yourself, do the good ones
    P = quiet by the,
    J = I’ll be right away
    G = if you just have to
    P = (turned to Ignatius) play screen, play screen

    (Disco music starts, guys dance, and have fun)
    G= we are waiting for you in Italy.

  11. Ok, I promise…no more changes of the video after this one! Daniela just sent me the original Italian video that she says will not be blocked. So there you have it. In Italian…adorable guys!! Enjoy!

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