Il Volo Off Stage: Sights and Sounds


I don’t know about you, but when The Guys are touring in Europe, I love the hear the sounds and see the sights around them…so beautiful and charming!

~~ Kelly


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7 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Sights and Sounds”

  1. Hi Guys,[image1.JPG][image3.JPG][image2.JPG] A few photos to give you a flavour of Taormina. Kathy Pritchard.

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  2. Hi all,[image2.JPG][image1.JPG] John, my husband, and I are in Taormina, Sicily, where the boys have one more concert to perform – tonight! They are staying at the Hotel Metropole (5*) right in the centre of town. Yesterday we were so lucky because just as we were passing a gaggle of fans outside the doors who should appear but Ignazio!! I pounced at once and he was lovely enough to pose for a photo with me. We managed to get a vantage point up some steps and saw all the boys and their team leave about twenty minutes later. Piero and Ignazio are visible but unfortunately Gianluca’s face is obscured on the left. Will send one or two other photos which are on my iPhone.

    We could faintly hear the concert last night from our hotel balcony, especially Piero’s voice soaring in Non Puede Ser! Needless to say, we are very much looking forward to the concert tonight. I will send some photos if I can get any good ones. Ciao for now, Kathy Pritchard.

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  3. Beautiful post Kelly, Jonica Reporter’s words are very true, the guys in Taormina really feel at home, and Taormina is incredibly beautiful.

    Of course Ignazio with the Madrid hat on the day of the Champions League is really inguardable, but he said he only put him in vain to bring luck to his IUVE.
    It will have been diffcult to concentrate during the concert, knowing there was an important game of his team in the heart.

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