Verona Concert, May 19, 2017~by Valeria Bosch, Daniela’s friend



“Dedicated to all the friends I promised a comment on the first Verona concert.”  Valeria

Shakespeare said that there is no world beyond the walls of Verona (“there is no world without Verona walls”, Romeo and Juliet, Act III, scene III) and although for me, Veronese of ancient generation has always been this way, never was true like today  May 19, 2017: in fact it is concentrated here, in Verona, indeed in its ancient Arena, the world that tonight I want is mine, the world I want to enjoy, that I want to savor and centinine! For more than two years I have been following and loving the music of three young people who, by absurdity, can say I am almost familiar with my own children because they daily inform me about their travels, their concerts every day listening to their songs , I rejoice in their success, get angry and, if necessary, fight if they are unjustly attacked and offended. For the first time tonight I will see them alive, but I keep my emotions closed within me, in fact only for affiliate love is accompanying my son, he is not their admirer, indeed belongs to the category of those who mock them without knowing them . We arrive at nine o’clock, I just have time to notice some ladies who are frantic and think, smiling, that surely they are Facebook friends who have finally met in flesh and bones!

The only person I recognize is the Torpedine manager who stays alongside the stairs to the stage side nervously. And here’s the lights on the stage, the orchestra, the director and then … they, here, strangely cool, are like I’ve seen them a million times on Youtube, TV, DVD, being just a few feet away Away does not send me any particular emotion. Appearance. And they open their mouth: it is Puccini’s “NESSUN DORMA”, and suddenly everything changes, it’s kind of a miracle. Angels from the sky have come down to sing, in this cold evening in Verona, their voices, as superb as they can be recorded, are all another story, the volume of voice and harmony that invests you and crushes you improbable!

First, Gian’s voice, warm and sinuous, envelops you and gulps you in soft velvet shawls, you almost want to be able to distract you more and more, it’s just perfect in tones, in passages, in harmonic turns; then Ignatius enters that voice at the same time fierce and vigorous, but also moved and passionate, who takes you by the hand and carries you to flowering meadows, crystal clear waters and blue skies, a voice that passes so passionately in some passages be able to unleash the emotions from the deepest, the most hidden desires, an ancestral emotion you would ever have thought to be able to try. Finally he closes the circle, Piero. Dear Piero, I have to apologize to you, I send the ash head and I regret it all the times that in my comments I wrote that your voice, while being beautiful and powerful, could not exercise on me or the seduction of Gian’s voice, not the passion of Ignatius’s voice.

When you started your part, I was literally annihilated, a voice so full, with such a harmonious power, a stamp so beautifully deep as I did not expect it: your voice was reeling from the Arena filled with centuries and I with the fantasy I saw the gladiators stop fighting and lions sit down to listen! Then I turned my gaze to my son and did not believe in my eyes. He was stunned, astonished, looking at me as if to say, “but how is it possible?” And I realized that the walls had fallen, that IL VOLO had won another battle! The audience toll is overwhelming, applause and ovations will continue without counting them until the end, in the Arena the “Magic Night” becomes even more magical, in few other places in the world the show is dual, one takes place on the stage, the other on the poles: the glimpse of the full moon to the unbelievable is of those that are not forgotten and the two shows blend together to almost make you feel lost.

 The concert continues without a moment of failure, without the three boys having a fall of yield, a voice fogging: and so they pass all the arias we have so many times enjoyed, three voices, two , the solos. I was a little disappointed that, with respect to Florence,” Mamma” was so tender, but obviously some cut was needed to make room for those who were in the end the most moving songs of the evening: a wonderful “Caruso” of to which the boys make an interview that, I am sure, would be applauded by the same great Lucius, and the incomparable “Ave Maria, Mater Misericordiae”, which Gian, Ignazio and Piero perform so inspired to transform it into an immense choral prayer, capable of touching the heart of anyone, believing or not believing it is. Towards the end of the concert I reflected on how far the guys made the concert from Florence to today, their improvement is palpable, they emanate security, strength, mastery of text and notes: their music accomplishes the miracle of carrying you while listening to them, on a happy island, a kind of island of blessed ones where only the law of love is concerned and its expressions are beautiful and good.

Their voices are at this time the most beautiful we have in Italy and I am proud of the thought that in a few days they will shine the Italian name in the exclusive music temple that is the Royal Albert Hall in London. The concert is at its ultimate performance, and while the happy boys leave in the middle of the general jubilation to a crazy and festive ending with their “GRANDE AMORE”, I, who feel the hostility of my son now dissolved and indeed I became a little girl, I got up and tried to go under the stage, but a severe bodyguard blocked me, and then I just have to look up to Verona’s sky, that sky that tonight had to overwhelm us with thunder and lightning, and instead of the stars, because he felt obliged to adapt to the magic and the charm of a night like this. And as we leave the Arena, the echoes of the last notes go out in the air, but not in our hearts where they will be long, to preserve the magic effects of the wing music that tonight was donated to us.

Note from Daniela:

As promised I am sending you a wonderful review of my friend VALERIA BOSCH of the Verona Concert 19 May.

When I asked Valeria if I could send you the translation, she told me she knew Flight Crew well and that it was honored that I sent it to you.

Note from Jane:

I have left the translation just as it is as it adds to the beauty of the story.  Thank you Valeria, for taking us with you to your incredible night under the stars.  Once again, a huge thank you to Daniela for translating!



25 thoughts on “Verona Concert, May 19, 2017~by Valeria Bosch, Daniela’s friend”

  1. Daniela thanks for letting us share your friend’s experience at the concert.
    We all share the love for the boys but not all of us can express our feelings on paper or with others. Love to read how our group feels about each concert and the boys. Each of us have a favorite but love for all.

  2. Thank you for sharing this review. Wonderful. So glad her son relented and appeared to appreciate the magnificent voices of IL Volo.

  3. Thank you Valeria, Daniela and Jane. I love to read these experiences of those who are fortunate to attend Il Volo’s concerts. It’s almost like being there.

  4. Thank you, Jane, and for leaving the message as she wrote it. I am in tears as I write this, but then as always I go to the morning message from the flight crew before anything else including breakfast & coffee, so I’m feeling particularly vunerable. Or maybe it truly is her beautiful description of the Verona evening. And her son. And our boys.

  5. Ciao, Valeria, the hairs on my arms stand on end reading your poetic description of your magical night in Verona…. Yes, indeed the gladiators and fierce lions stop to behold such a wonder that are our three guys….

    Yes, I read it again… the translation just a little different from when I first read it….
    Not much different, same drift…..

    and we meet here…..
    BACI…. Warm hug

  6. What a beautiful review! Your words are almost as beautiful as the music! I hope you will send us more reviews in the future!

  7. Dear Valerie, I do not have the words to describe my feelings about your words! Know that many of us share your feelings whenever we see them in person! Thanks for your beautiful review! Thanks to Jane and Daniela for sharing! Love from Texas, USA!☆☆☆☆☆

  8. Valerie, my heart swelled with pride for our boys as I read your account. Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio and their glorious voices are so very special to me. Thank you so very much for sharing this with us. ~ Allene

  9. How fortunate we are to have Danielle and her friend so we can be at the concert with them. A talented writer to be sure. JoanieG

  10. Daniela, your friend’s beautiful accounting of the Verona concert is magical in itself. I loved reading in her words, how she felt. Thank you both for sharing!

  11. Thank you Valeria for your beautiful review of the concert in Verona. It transported me to another place in time. The ancient arena, a full moon and three angels singing to thunderous applause that even the Gladiators would be jealous of!
    We look forward to hearing from you again at another concert🙂

  12. Valeria, you have written what we feel in our hearts but cannot put on paper. Thank you Daniela for the translation. We can read between the lines and we understand completely. When the ladies of a certain age group, (such as I am,) hear them sing we become young women again even for just the moment. One correction I think, they have the most beautiful voices in the world not just Italia. How wonderful to have friends like Valeria and Daniela. Looking forward to seeing more from both of you. You too Jane.

  13. Daniela – I sure hope Valeria is reading these comments!

    Valeria – this was so beautiful! I’ve thought by now that we may have run out of words to describe Il Volo, but you found words and put them together, so they sounded fresh, new and vibrant. Your descriptions were captivating and alive. I, too, had tears in my eyes when I finished. Of course, the best part was when your son realized it too. I hope he was brave enough to share this night with his friends. You should never be ashamed of loving beautiful music. Yes, I do hope you write more! You captured the essence and honesty of seeing them for the first time. I can tell you this… each time you see them, it’s almost just like the first time, every time!

  14. Thank you Daniela for translating and sharing your friend Valeria’s review of Il Volo’s concert in Verona. And thank you Valeria for your beautiful and evocative response to hearing Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sing live for the first time in the ancient Arena in Verona! How wonderful that your son was also moved by this “notte magica”. You truly conveyed the powerful feelings and emotions that these three young men stir in our hearts and minds. I certainly look forward to hearing from you again. I too feel they have the most beautiful voices in the world!

  15. Dearest all, I am very glad that Valeria’s review really liked you, I had no doubt why she transferred all her feelings to the card and we have felt them.
    Valeria will read your comments this evening and will be excited about it.
    Needless to say, Valeria and I have made friends thank you IL VOLO and Patrizia Ciava too.
    Too bad that day we did not meet in the Arena, but there are certainly other opportunities.

  16. Dear friends, I didn’t believe to my eyes reading your reflections! When I wrote the review, it was for my Facebook friends who asked me it. Now, reading your emotions, I feel only one thing: il Volo music is universal art, it’s for all people with heart and sensibility. Thank you all from the depths of the heart, and thanks to Jane who allowed this, and a special thanks to Daniela, who translated the text! A hug to everyone, if Il Volo will inspire me again, I will ask you again permission to let you read what I’m writing!

    1. Dear Valeria, I am so happy you were able to read the wonderful comments regarding your beautiful article. You are a gifted writer. You are so right when you say music is a universal art. I am so grateful to meet you here and look forward to reading your lovely thoughts again.

    1. Valeria – yes, feel free to write any time! As I had said, however the Il Volo spirit moves you…. if you are feeling inspired by something they did, or something you have on your mind, just write it down. You have a very unique way of expressing yourself and it is beautiful! 🙂

      You can send it directly to us, or you can have Daniela translate and send it!


  17. Valeria thank you for expressing what many of us feel, but cannot put into words.,I was there also for BOTH concerts and it was amazing!! Such talent and passion . I am sharing this. Beautiful words. .. Donna Pothier.

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