Notte Magica – Taormina! June 1, 3-4, 2017

nottemagica headerOnce again, I sit before a blank page, wondering what will appear from my fingertips?  Three more beautiful concerts, gone in a flash.  They made the ancient stage come alive once more.  Sicily – home to Piero and Ignazio.  A special feeling for them.  As in the picture below, they say they sang their first concert in Italy from that stage.  It was there that Italy first heard, live, the beautiful words of “Memory” sung by Ignazio, Gian’s “Can’t Help Falling in Love,” and Piero’s “No Puede Ser.”  In those moments, Italy finally knew what they had been missing; what the Americans already knew!  They are greeted by friends and family wherever they go, but home is always a special place.  As you watch the many videos and pictures that came through, there was no doubt that Piero and Ignazio were having a grande time.  Even Ginaluca joined in the fun on occasion!  I was fortunate to hear a little bit of the June 1 & 3 concert live, thanks to Ivolomusic on Instagram, however, they did not seem to do it for the last concert – but I was home, ready and waiting!  I heard Piero’s solo and Tonight from Ignazio and a few others.  Glorious as always.  The same, yet different.  The stage and the lighting there was beautiful, as only Taormina and the Teatro Antica can be.  So, here we are with some clips and pictures of some of those glorious nights.  I apologize, I might not know which night is which, but the video usually indicates it.  Credit to all owners.

This picture below from Il Volo music – they say “our first concert was on this stage!”Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, crowd

Image may contain: 4 people, concert, night and indoor

Image may contain: 3 people, people smiling, people sitting

Picture above…. saying goodbye to Taormina… (wonder if Igna had been having some bad hair days? He seems to be wearing this Madrid cap in many photos!)

Look at the beauty and lights of that backdrop below!

taormina stage

Ok, don’t know how they do it, but it looks like this is a good portion of most of the concert!  June 1, 2017   Enjoy!


And this, the guys having a little fun in the streets! Note Maria Grazia filming with her phone… 🙂  Dani/Daniela, or if anyone can translate what they are singing or saying, that would be fun!  It seems like it’s impromptu?


One more thing to add that I thought was pretty cool, if you missed it.  This is from Il Volo Music’s FaceBook page. I think you can actually hear the orchestra flub a bit!  If you keep watching the videos, there are some really great ones! (Watch for Piero in his dressing room in the 2nd one… 😉 ) Hope the link works!

Yes, 3 more down and still many more to come!  The guys do get a bit of a break, but are then off to Malta on June 8!


Just a little side note….don’t know how many have noticed, but our Il Volo Flight Crew Instagram account has been deactivated.  I hear this has been going around, as well as some getting their virtual hands slapped by FaceBook.  Please be cautious out there on what you post.  I don’t know how they are making these decisions, but I know a few of our crew members have been affected by it.

Also a special shout-out to Jane & Daniela for keeping this site at a cruising altitude…. 🙂



20 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Taormina! June 1, 3-4, 2017”

  1. Again thank you. What a great start to my mornings awaiting these great posts. As most of us have all the DVD’s and CD’s or have been to a concert or two, seeing these current ones are like we are there again. Always something just slightly different. So enjoyable.

    1. So glad I could share in making your mornings special! Mine usually consist of the guys on my coffee cup at the office! 🙂

  2. Their very first Taormina concert they did in Italy is my all time favorite. There was a special magic and special performance by the boys. I love them every time they burst into song no matter where or when.

    1. Yes, Ignazio’s rendition of Memory there is certainly one of my favorites!! Like spontaneous combustion, they spark a flicker to the soul, wherever they go!

  3. Thanks Jana. As I’m sitting here in Aruba watching these videos I’m thinking again how I would have gladly given up this trip to be at the Taormina concert. Thanks again for all your hard work getting g this together.

    1. Ok, Barb, just start saving now, so you can see them next time. Aruba, or the guys… hmmmm….? 🙂

  4. Thanks you ladies, what a beautiful way to start the day. The Taormina concert is a full house of the magnificence and magic of IL Volo, “Bravo”. After the concert Maria’s cell phone video in a local cafe is a real treasure . An accordion playing, spoons tapping on wine glasses,our guys leading and everyone singing. The boys are really relaxed and having fun. Ignazio is hilarious . When Italian get together in a setting like this, these are the songs they sing. “Oh Ma Ma” everyone gets a chance to express what they want to say in song than back to “Oh MaMa” then all join in. Thank you Maria, Just Beautiful. I love it !!

    1. Thank you Vincent! So glad we can add some sunshine to your morning and put a smile on your face! The guys; always entertaining. Yes, I think I’ve heard them sing this song before, but of course, we never know what they are saying… 🙂

  5. Jana, nice post, sure we all wanted to be in Taormina, see beautiful concerts in a beautiful setting and maybe go out on the streets as it happened to many and attend a natural show of boys. Too beautiful.
    The song that Ignazio and Piero sing are in Sicilian dialect, I do not know exactly what it means but you know it’s a malicious song that plays on the double meaning of words.
    Burlins and cute.
    Ignazio was wearing that hat for scum, as that night was the final of the Champion League football game and was played by Real Madrid against Juventus, which is Ignazio’s heart team.

    1. That is for sure! We can all be a little jealous though of the Fabulous “3” who actually attended ALL 3 of the Taormina concerts!! Guess that’s one of those drinking songs? 🙂 Thanks for the info on the cap.

  6. Hi from, Venice. This is the first time I write to you, but I read you since some years. The reason of Ignazio’s cap was superstition: there was Juventus-Real Madrid. He said, in an instastory by Piero, that he was wearing that cap to wish good luck to his team (Juventus)… It did not work 😛
    By the way: love you, keep going 😉
    PS: sorry for my bad English

    1. Ciao Maria! Thank you so much for writing. I love to hear that people are commenting for the first time! Thank you for the info on the cap – too bad it did not work…. 🙁

      Trust me, your “bad English” which it is NOT, is much better than my “good” Italian! lol! 😉

      Thank you for loving the site – I hope you come back often to write!


      1. Thanks! I can’t give a constant contribution, but if you want to share something with the crew I have a blog where you can find translations of interviews to Il Volo, like the one on RTL, Radio2 social club, the one with Vincenzo Mollica, the last on “Caro Marziano” and others. Sometimes, if I have time, I translate small instagram videos for the fans on tumblr.
        My English is what it is (I am self-taught) but if you are interested in posting something for the flightcrew, this is the link:
        There is the “search” on the left…try with “translation” and “interview”.
        1000 thanks for your work!

  7. Grazie once again Jana for putting together this great post. I especially enjoyed the video of them singing in the restaurant. Being of Italian background, I have heard these songs . As Daniela said they can have that double meaning and can be very funny! Taromina is such a beautiful place. I toured there a number of years ago. In the concert video, I just closed my eyes and reminisced wishing I was there in person.❤️😍

    1. Ciao Annette! Prego, prego! 🙂 Yes, that was a fun and long video! I do wish we could understand them more though. It is very fortunate we have people on this site like Daniela and some others that can translate things for us! I guess you have to be pretty witty to sing that song – like you must just make up things in between the little chorus?

      I’ve seen some pictures from the various people/groups that were there recently and they are just breathtakingly beautiful.


  8. Jana, I just want to commend you (and Jane, too) for your great work in keeping our blog active and well. I know it takes a lot of dedication (and blood, sweat and tears) but you two have what it takes, and we owe you a huge debt of gratitude.

    1. Mary – that is so sweet of you to say – I meant it when I said the special thanks to Jane and Daniela right now. Daniela is feeding us stuff to write, along with a few others, and Jane is writing most of it. We are anxiously awaiting Marie to come back and write a few things for us, but she is on vacation right now. 🙂 I am sure, if it hadn’t been me, someone else would have done it!

      Grazie mille!

  9. What a fun video of the guy’s singing Mama!
    Did anyone see the Instagram picture
    yesterday of Piero, Barbara and Michele. It looked like Barbara was scolding Piero, and he did’nt look very happy. She was poking him in the arm while she was talking to him. I would love to know what that was all about.

    1. Jill – after I read your comment, I went looking for that picture and I found it. Yes, it was an interesting picture… I was trying to look at it a different way, like maybe she was praising him and poking him, like saying “you are awesome” or something, but I have to say I agree with you more that it looked like she was not happy. Maybe it was because he was posting the pictures of him in the swimsuit and the girls in the pool, etc.? Kind of like he should know better not to do that? It must be really hard for her to get mad at any of them, especially now, at their ages – they are not kids anymore. But I guess she is still their manager of sorts and they have to listen to her, like a 2nd mama! 🙂 Also odd that Michele was there while it was going on. Wonder who was taking the picture?? We’ll probably never know the answer to either of those questions? 🙂


  10. Great reading everyone – I too was at two of the fabulous concerts in Taormina in June this year. Becoming a huge fan of IL VOLO since when they first got together as young teens it had been a dream one day to see them live on stage. In June this year my husband and I traveled non stop from our home in Auckland New Zealand to fascinating Sicily – especially to see IL VOLO. We loved the atmosphere and views of Mt Etna from the wonderful Teatro Greco. We enjoyed every minute of the show and were sad to say goodbye each time. Our hearts belong to IL VOLO, and Sicily now, and we are keenly looking forward to hearing about possible concerts in 2018. In a heartbeat we will travel a great distance to see them again but hopeful they will visit our beautiful New Zealand or Australia.

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