Il Volo ~ Inmenso




If I’m exhausted

You reap my strengths

If I am defeated

You give me hope

If I die of anguish

You make me happy

You never left me

And you never would

If one day the road

It gets blurry

And I’m scared to complain

My sobbing assaults me

You hug my soul

I fall asleep in peace

I have never left

Of feeling your relief


Your love is immense

Who harbors me, calms me, heals me

The evils inside


Your love is immense

Unbreakable, your infinite love

Your love is eternal

Yes sometimes my anger

Clouds my sight

Conversations with me

You give me a clue

You wipe the tears

Your love is perfect

You wash my feet

And you blow my breath


Your love is immense

Who harbors me, calms me, heals me

The evils inside


Your love is immense

Unbreakable, your infinite love

Your love is eternal

Your love is immense

It transforms my life

It makes me happy

I dream you awake

Your love is immense


Your love is immense

Immense until the end

Who harbors me, calms me, heals me

The evils inside

Your love is immense

Your love is immense


Here is a nice little bonus.  A promo video Il Volo did to promote the CD.  Even though it took them 6 attempts…they did it!


Jose’, also known as El Puma (cougar) is a Venezuelan singer and actor. 

Il Volo collaborated with him this past April to create this beautiful song.

Daniela says…”I like it very much and the guys are very good and they give a great contribution to the song.”


Videos and translation provided by our very own Flight Crew Italian Extraordinaire, Daniela Perani!




37 thoughts on “Il Volo ~ Inmenso”

    1. Loretta, I do see it on Amazon. I love the new song, too! Their voices really sound nice together yet you can hear each of the guys distinct voices at other times. Love it.

      1. Thanks Mary I did try Amazon but here in Canada I can’t seem to get it. The stores in this city Chatham because it is a small city don’t have up to date items & wont try to get them. I should have stayed in Toronto

  1. Thank you, Jane, for this post! I love the song and I love seeing the guys “out takes” from their promo videos. Grazie, Daniela, per la traduzione!

    1. I love knowing the lyrics. They are beautiful. Yes, I thought they looked tired as they tried to get that promo right. Probably done after a long day of who knows what. Being the professionals that they are…they do it until it’s right. 🙂

    1. funny, I thought the same – I could clearly hear Gian, and Piero, but it was difficult to hear Igna until near the end of the song.

      1. What I first thought was Gian, on second listening to it I decided it was Puma.
        Ignazio has a couple of high notes here and there, and Piero is unmistakable as usual! I just think none of them sing very much.

  2. Thank you Daniela. The translation is beautiful. The song is beautiful. What a lovely treat to wake up to. Hugs!

  3. Jane, I have a question. I was going to sign up on the il Volo fan club site and there is a $19.90 charge to do this. Being new to all of this, can someone tell me about this? I don’t remember anything like this when il Volo began. Or is that some special fan club? I figured you’d know about this. Thanks a bunch for any information.

    1. Victoria, I’m not sure about that site, but I think others have joined it. Hoping someone else will jump in here and give you the information you are looking for. I’ve also asked Jana and will give you her response when it comes.

      1. Mary, I’m perfectly content here on this site and have learned so much about the boys. Jay has his favorite song and we watched it last night. I feel if I get the name of the song, I’m hoping someone here will translate it for him. Ignazio sings it and puts so much hear into it. I just have to find the concert it was on. I hope I meet some fans at the Shakopee movie on the 14th. I found the concert we were at in Rome and someone did what I did and filmed the concert from the big screen. At least we have nice audios of the concert that I will load into iTunes from the Minneapolis and Rome concerts. The sound is perfect. We considered going to the concert September 9th in Monterrey Mexico and I know we’re going to kick ourself for passing on it. Is anyone from this group going?

    2. Hi Victoria
      The fan club is relatively new. I joined because they said they were going to allow fan club members pre-sale seats for concerts. Which they did–we got emails before the seats went on sale publicly that had links to buy seats. They also offer discounts on merchandise sold on the website. And for the Italian concerts, they allowed you to sign up for the sound checks on the day of the concert. You had to have a ticket to the concert in order to come to the soundcheck in the afternoon. That was free.
      They also offered WIND award tickets for free if I remember correctly. I don’t know if they will allow the fan club members to come to soundchecks when they come back to the US but it is possible.

      1. Glad to help! I must say, when I get those emails from the fan club telling me about perks I cannot use (because I am not in Italy for instance!) I find it very aggravating!
        I really hope they offer similar perks next time they are in North America!

    3. Victoria – yes, the fan club is fairly “new” just a little over a year old now. When they created it, there was quite a lot of “turmoil” shall we say and that is putting it mildly. However, I anxiously signed up for it. Penina is correct, you do get emails from them and little perks about pre–sale tickets and announcements. That is how I bought my Florence tickets. The US $ price is about $25, or it was before the euro dropped. For that price, you will get an official fan club card and the discount on the merchandise. You also get access to the “private?” fan club page, which is kind of like FaceBook, but without all the ads and stuff. At this time, I think it is a one time sign up, as I have not seen anything to ask you to renew your membership, etc. There was initially this “fan site/blog” that did not go over very well, so I think they switched to this FB like page. It’s always kind of exciting to get the emails, even though we can’t participate in most of it. The key thing is, though, when you register and pay online for it, you need to keep your emails you get for your confirmation. There are 2, I think and be very careful and watch your spam or junk folder as that happened to a few persons. When you get your email, your member number is in the email, which you need to sign up on the site. There is no number or anything on the card itself. Just a picture of them and the wing logo on the back. I don’t know if they have updated the card since they first did it or not.

      Buona fortuna!

      1. I thought it said it was a yearly fee but I hope I am wrong! You’re right, there is nothing on the site about renewals, but I don’t think it has been a year since it is up and running. And they can always just email you a notice about renewing, although you’d think there would be something on the page.

      2. Thank you about the information on the fan club. I appreciate it.

        I am personably disappointed about the lack of advertisement and conversation amongst all the Il Volo fans in the USA regarding the one time showing of the Il Volo: ‘Magical Trubute 3 Tenors’ – Marcus Theaters, on Jine, 14, 2017.

        There are only 2 other seats purchased so far to see the Il Volo: ‘Magical Trubute 3 Tenors’ tribute movie on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at the Shakopee, MN, Marcus Theater.

        How can we get the word out to people in Minnesota that this is something that people should not miss.

        It is embarrassing that people are not filling this theater, when people from Canada are crying to see the film.

        How do we get the word out that this movie is something that should not be missed. It is NOT being advertised locally.

        I cannot believe that they sold out the theater when they sang in Minneapolis and this movie is being ignored. How can they produce this film and then fall down on publicizing it and getting the word out to Il Volo fans in the area. Please tell me who to contact to get this movie the proper attention it deserves so people will not be disappointed that this film was missed.

      3. Jana and Penina, There is a yearly fee for the fan club membership. I kept all the info on this and at the time they changed it to the Beta version it said at the end of that e-mail, “No renewal fee is needed at this time” which would be correct for me as I sent away for the card October of last year. So this coming October the fee will be due again

  4. Jane your a treasure. I didn’t know you could email them.
    I so wish they would come to Canada. Someone spoke to Gianluca by phone & asked them come to Canada & Gianluca didn’t answer so doesnt seem to be able to look forward to that happening anytime soon

    1. Maybe when they come back on their next tour, when ever that may be, they will include Canada!! Let’s hope!!

  5. Victoria, several of the Flight Crew from Minnesota are going to be seeing the movie in Duluth on the 14th. I am sorry to not be able to meet you in Shakopee. You are welcome to come up here and go with us. Otherwise we will be planning a group get together soon and will keep you informed!

    1. I’m so sorry and it’s a work night for Jay. We will be bringing people with us to the movie in Shakopee. Let us know when you’ll have a get together and we will be there. Have a wonderful time. I wish we could drive up with all of you. Hugs!

  6. yes, I think I liked this one… 🙂 seemed a good balance of all 4 of their voices and at least you could hear our guys. not like on some songs they collaborate on and you just hear them on the chorus, or one or 2 lines….harmonies were nice.

  7. As usual, I think Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca sounded great singing Immenso with Jose Rodriguez and thank you Daniela for the translation of this beautiful song.

  8. I’m glad that this song was like, I found the voices were very distinct but also very mixed in the sets.
    It’s a really sweet song.
    Victoria, if you need some translation of Italian songs ask me, I’m available.
    Jane, stop making me blush !!

  9. Dr. Jay I couldn’t get any response trying to find out who was responsible for sending out movies to the theatres. I even tried contacting the guys themselves so they could contact their superiors but still did not see any additional movies sent anywhere else. It is a shame whoever was sending out the movies was not interested in making sure the Il Volo movies were sent to everyone instead of a half ass job. Nothing was sent to Canadas. They only made sure the Itallial theatres & half the States were notified.

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