Notte Magica – Malta! June 8, 2017

nottemagica headerJune 8 – another magical night for the island of Malta.  Malta, a small, island country, south of Sicily…. I have a very good friend of mine, who is Maltese.  We met in the 6th grade.  She said she was Maltese.  I’m pretty sure I said, “where is that, never heard of it!”  Lol!  Of course, she proceeded to tell me and proudly talked about her background, her island, the capital of Valletta and the island of Gozo.  Did you know there is a church there that was bombed in the war and the bomb never went off?  It’s still in the church!  Her parents were born in Malta, but she was born here.  I fondly recall the memories of calling her on the phone after school, with her mom answering the phone…each time, it was the same…. her name was Mary Rose, although she preferred Mary.  Her mom would answer….”Mar-ah-rose, it’s Jah-ha-na…”  And so it went for many years, unless her little brother answered the phone – he was about 3 or 4 at the time and he answered it the same every time, “hello, who’s this?”  🙂

There were not a lot of videos or real pictures of this Malta concert, so I had to do a little digging to find what I could.  Enjoy!  Credit to all owners!  🙂

trio malta

trio stage malta

Davina Gouder Malta 2017

audience 2 malta

grazie malta

gian malta

igna gian

piero malta


Few videos….

ilvolovers.argentina@Regrann from @ignazioboschetto – Lancio la sfida!! Io c’ho provato..🙈🙈😂😂 #lamuccapazza#regrann



I hope you enjoyed your tour of Malta!

Next stop, Naples – June 10!





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  1. Nice post, Jana. I love the story about your friend from Maltese and the photo of Piero with the baby! I also saw on FB this morning footage of Piero on a jet ski. True to his nature and love of the water he found some time to enjoy it on the ski!

  2. Ah, that should have been Malta…guess I had a little puppy on my brain when I said Maltese! LOL

  3. Ignazio is so cute trying the tongue twister. Something like
    crazy cow, crazy head? Daniela, correct me if I am wrong.

    1. Yes, RoseMarie, that’s the case, this melting tongue plays on the fact that after a few times you repeated it unconsciously comes out of an ambiguous and somewhat vulgar word, this is why Ignatius also stops after saying the word.

  4. Thanks Jana. Good job again. I enjoy following the boys on their tour by checking the places they will sing. New way of learning Geography.
    Malta, officially known as the Republic of Malta, is a Southern European island country consisting of an archipelago in the Mediterranean Sea. It lies 80 km south of Italy, 284 km east of Tunisia, and 333 km north of Libya. The country covers just over 316 km², with a population of just under 450,000, making it one of the world’s smallest and most densely populated countries. The capital of Malta is Valletta, which at 0.8 km², is the smallest national capital in the European Union by area. Malta has one national language, which is Maltese, and English as an official language. · Text under CC-BY-SA license

  5. Jana, congratulations, you were great and fast.
    The material that came out last night was very little, but from that little we have seen the affection that all Maltese have for IL VOLO.

    I attach to you a newly posted video of GRANDE AMORE in Malta.

  6. Jana, you did great on explaining Malta. Even the Mosta Dome church. We went to Malta twice, 2 to 3 weeks each time. It my favorite European country. The city tours always tell the story of the bomb and the church. It a small island, so very easy to learn the island. And their city busses take you everywhere, and to ride them is an experience in itself. The guys probably didn’t get the opportunity.

  7. A wonderful post!! Thanks you all for sharing these thoughts!! The photos & videos are great!!! Another thanks for the tongue twister info! That is why Ignazio put his hands over his face! Love the peek into Jana’s childhood, geography lesson from Gina, Daniela always translating for us!!! Worried our precious three are doing too much! They need time off soon!!! After Myron’s post yesterday it made me think about their voices!!! I just worry, what can an adopted Nonna do!!! Keep them in my prayers!!!

  8. . What a wonderful story to go along with the concert in Malta. I love your emails, you are always adding something interesting to go with ithem. It’s really a darling story about your friend in Malta. I’m looking forward to the movie Wednesday even if we’re among the few going. It’s a shame the real fans probably haven’t heard of the movie. I wish they could see it. It will be just like a concert .

      1. We are going to see the movie Wednesday at the Marcus Theater in Shakopee , MN. 8380 Hansen Avenue. JAY fell off the roof so we are trying to figure out how we will get there. If there is a way, we will find it.

        We hope to see you.

        It is in Appleton, Wisconsin, Fargo. North Dakota, and Hermantown, MN.

  9. Victoria OMG did Jay get hurt? I hope he is alright! Please tell him we are thinking of him and hope you can find a way to the theater. Rosemarie Ringenbach and I are going to see the movie this Sunday in Cleveland..

    1. Thank you for your kind thoughts. I simply love this group. Jay sprained his right fool and broke the heel on his left foot – surgery and pins may be necessary – plus he broke a vertebrae in his back. I got him in my wheelchair and rolled down the sidewalk in my walker. I somehow got him in the car. The people at the ER were fantastic. Our darling friends have been almost living at the house, feeding us, and taking care of us until we can get him to the surgeon to determine what surgeries have to be done. The ladder fell off the roof and so did he. Lesson learned…. don’t remove trees from your roof by yourself. Somehow, we are trying to go to see the movie Wednesday night. Pray for a miracle as we are both wretched about missing that Il Volo Tribute and have been planning on it for weeks. They’ll x-ray his knees tomorrow as somehow they didn’t think he hurt them- and he did. Somehow, we will do our best to see that Il Volo tribute. We cannot go to Monterrey Mexico in September for their concert there and are very disappointed if we miss this movie. Hold good thought she please. Thanks for any prayers.

      1. Damn Victoria, I’m so sorry for Jay, I hope everything is under control and he can recover soon and well his normal activity.
        We think positive that the fall could be worse.
        I send you many wishes for a fast healing, I highly recommend you, looking at so many videos of IL VOLO.

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