Il Volo Off Stage: Their Opinion and Image Carries Weight


We know that Il Volo’s words and actions make them very worthy ambassadors for any cause or endorsers of products, but others are noticing as well.


From Daniella:

Lately we’ve seen the ILVOLO being hired to be a testimonial.
This is absolutely positive as it means that their image value is also recognized.
Here are the last testimonial commitments:

GIESSEGI Arredamenti



In yesterday’s [May31] news, IL VOLO will be a testimonial for German brand jewelry.
Here is the newspaper article:

Il Volo a Siracusa per la pubblicità di un gioiello tedesco ~~ Siracusapost

They also took part in a photo shoot while there:


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11 thoughts on “Il Volo Off Stage: Their Opinion and Image Carries Weight”

  1. Loretta I feel the same about Ignazio. I believe he is maturing and is more relaxed.
    His face seems to always change. Hard to capture the “real” Ignazio.
    JANA AND KELLY I got this post so hope it was just a temporary computer glitch.

    1. Gina, that’s great! Funny, I did not get yesterday’s on Piero, but I got this one ok? 🙂

  2. Ok, I’ve been dying to say this…. They can adorn my furniture any time!! 🙂

    What’s this about the jewelry though? Daniela – can you find out more?

    Grazie Kelly!!


    1. What jewelry? The gold ring on Ignazio’s hand??? Many people have been guessing that it is an engagement ring. Me, I figure we will learn about it when Ignazio wants us to know.

      1. I read an interview once where he said the wedding ring belonged to one of his nonnos, and he wears it in his memory.

  3. Many times I have noticed different rings on either hand of Ignazio’s whether he was going with someone or not. Since we don’t see many pictures of Allesandra we can only wait to see how their relationship blossems. I hope it does.

    1. That’s fantastic! There is no one who loves Roseto degli Abruzzi more than Gianluca.

  4. Here’s Jana the news you asked for me.

    Il Volo will perform in Berlin at the Energetix’s Collection Premiere Gala dinner. ENERGETIX Bingen will present the new jewellery summer collection at the Estrel Hotel in Berlin on September 2nd, 2017.

    here is the promo:

    from Energetix……

    ENERGETIX Bingen’s passion is to design, develop, manufacture and market magnetic jewellery. Millions of customers throughout the world wear our jewellery, which combines beauty and wellness in an incomparable manner. Almost nobody can resist the power that radiates from ENERGETIX Bingen jewellery. It enables many people to find new happiness and daily relief.
    Our designers draw their inspiration from current trends and the wishes of our customers. International collaboration produces sensational creations in typical ENERGETIX Bingen style, creations that are received with enthusiasm worldwide. A new and wide-ranging collection of fascinating high quality magnetic jewellery is created every year.

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