Notte Magica! – Naples – June 8, 2017

nottemagica headerNaples…the city Gianluca so lovingly always refers to before they sing O Sole Mio!  Beautiful Napoli…..  This Naples concert was the last official concert of the Notte Magica tour for Italy.  Next, they brave new cities and countries, like Bulgaria, Ukraine, and Poland!  They will be back in Italy again in July to make special appearances at various summer festivals and events.  It is never a dull moment for the guys…

As always, credit to all owners of pictures and videos….

To start out, here is a little something that Daniela sent my way…. What, did someone mention My Way???  “And now…. the end is near….and so I face the final curtain….”  No, just a temporary intermission for Italy!  🙂

Last night our boys sang under the stars of this incredible city: NAPLES.


Naples is an Italian city of 970 214 inhabitants, the capital of the Campania region, the center of one of the most densely populated metropolitan areas of the European Union. It rises almost at the center of the homonymous gulf, dominated by the Vesuvius volcano

The “theater” of the concert is: Arena Flegrea, the great outdoor theater in Naples, was designed in 1938 by the young architect Giulio De Luca.

naples arena

Constructed in semicircle, in the example of Greek theaters and amphitheatres, white travertine is set and conceived with great clarity and monumentality: grandeur of spaces, width of curves, rhythms and proportions of volumes and surfaces. The exterior solution is very intonate both in the atmosphere and in the traditional pictorial taste of the region and the landscape frames the complex with great harmony. The best technical equipment for a perfect stage and acoustic performance, a grand 1000 square meter stage, 16 individual dressers and a total capacity of 400 people behind the scenes, make it the ideal venue for music and outdoor performances for artists and great recall tournaments. The Arena Flegrea and the Verona Arena are among the most beautiful in Europe. With a capacity of 6,000 seats, it is the second arena concerts in Italy and one of the largest modern arenas in Europe.

Thank you, Daniela!  🙂

First let’s take a look at the happy meet and greeters!


And a little of everything here, thanks to Pamela.  Watch for Igna’s conducting debut and lesson!


This looks like nearly the whole concert, done in 30+ single videos!

A few pictures….

piero mich igna


19105902_1286305884800950_8792742388336384563_nThe orchestra, saying a fond farewell to the guys….


And now, it’s off to Germany!  Auf wiedersehen!  Hallo Düsseldorf and Hamburg!


22 thoughts on “Notte Magica! – Naples – June 8, 2017”

  1. Thanks Jana & Daniella for the info on the arenas. What magnificent arenas! But Jana I especially enjoyed Ignazio conducting. Is there anything this very talented and very handsome young man cannot do?? I am sure that all will notice especially “Marie” that very prominent dimpled cheek as the camera got up close❤️

      1. Good question! There hasn’t been any Marie around here lately–can’t imagine who it is!

      2. I’ll add my voice to yours–come back Marie, before we forget who you are!

      3. Maybe the dimple will bring Marie “who” out of hibernation!!!!

      1. Beautiful video, Barbara is special, we could not have a better person near our boys.

  2. I think I have told the story before, but when I was fourteen years old, my mother and I were on a cruise ship which stopped in Naples for the day.
    I remember all the beautiful scenery , and the saying they have there ” See Naples and Die” I have seen a lot of beautiful places in my life, but Naples has to be the most beautiful. Thank you Daniela for bringing those memories back to me.
    And the pictures of the guy’s are some of the best I have seen.

  3. Wow! Jana, Daniela this post is very special. The love of life, music, it’s great food is what Naples is all about. The Arena Alegrea is spectacular. Bring in the magnificence of IL Volo into this beautiful picture and you have A formula for greatness . The boys never sounded better, relaxed , confident and looking great too. The photos and videos are awesome. The Happy Birthday tribute to Barbara Vitali is beautiful video, very touching. To love and to be loved as Barbara is the greatest gift of all. Happy Birthday.!!

  4. Jana, I must tell you that Ignazio who directs the orchestra is unique, too strong this guy.
    About the orchestra, you did well to post the photo with Asti’s Orchestra greetings, our guys left the mark, I translate the post that the Asti Orchestra has published along with that photo.

    #THANK YOU! With the date of Naples ended the #nottemagicatour that saw us playing at the side of Il Volo. We thank @ gianginoble11 @barone_piero @members for their sympathy, availability and their great talent, @micktorp, all the staff who worked with extreme professionalism and all fans who followed us with great enthusiasm all the time.
    We return home with a load of unusual experiences and emotions. Thank you all!
    Asti Orchestra

  5. Thank you Zdena for that beautiful tribute to Barbara on her birthday.Wonderful to see how the “boys” have evolved over the years.Whatever will they surprise us with next ???

  6. Happy Birthday Barbara Vitali on this special day. When I met you a few years ago I mentioned to you how lucky you are to be at the right place at the right time. I bet you have loads of stories to tell nurturing these young boys over the years & now watching them work at their careers successfully. They were fortunate to have you travelling with them protecting & caring you showed them in a kind & loving second Mom. So many of us including me wish we had been in your shoes. I’m sure the guys will smother you with hugs & kisses which you so richly deserve and I am also very sure their parents are grateful how you have been their for every little thing they have needed over the years. I wish you another happy 8 years with these handsome young men. You have been in the right place at the right time & I hope I can have a longer conversatio with you at the next concert. Best of luck & have loads of fun with the BEST singers on the planet.

  7. Hi have read most of your lovely comments! Am at pbs again tonight with Chris.

    I’ve texted Marie and no response. Almost worried!


      1. Email me at the flightcrew.nottemagica2017@gmail. Com and I will tell you.

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