Personally Speaking ~ Italian Correspondent Extraordinaire!!

  Some companies have CEOs…  Well, the Flight Crew is so fortunate to have an ICE…ITALIAN CORRESPONDENT EXTRAORDINAIRE!  I am speaking of our very own Daniela Perani.  She is no doubt blushing about now, but hang on Daniela, you deserve every word that is coming.

  Having had the pleasure of meeting her in person last year I can tell you she is a genuine treasure for many reasons.

 I thought it would be interesting every now and then to tell you a little bit about those of us who love the men of Il Volo just as much as you do and whose words you come here to  read everyday.  Daniela has graciously allowed me to give you a little insight into her life.  

Did you know she used to be a ballerina??  Just look at these beautiful photos of this young woman at the age of 19!20170620_075556


She carries herself with style and grace to this very day.


Daniela and her Sicilian husband, Beppe, reside in the beautiful town of Brescia.  They have two grown children and one precious granddaughter.  She also owns and runs a Bridal Store business with her daughter, Stephanie!  How special is that?  🙂

 Both she and Beppe  possess a passion for Il Volo that runs deep.  Maybe it’s the boys from Sicily that he connects with so easily, but either way he is right there next to Daniela at concerts and listens to Il Volo music cranked up real loud!  The best way! 



Daniela is always there for us to help with translations, stories, explaining the meaning of Italian ways as well as providing translators for others who have written for us.   She is never too busy when asked to do anything for us, except if it’s the middle of the night in Italy and evening here in the states. She will say she has to sleep and get back to it in the morning.  Ok Daniela, if you insist!   She even gives HUGS and KISSES to us on the site in the classic Italian way.

Thank you, Daniela, for being our very own ICE!


28 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ Italian Correspondent Extraordinaire!!”

  1. Well there is a young lady & her husband I would love to meet. Daniela & Beppe if you ever get to the States I will make sure I can get to wherever you are staying to meet you in person. You have been so kind in monitoring the Il Volo boys & keeping us up to date with their coming & going . Have you heard of how Ignazio is doing & has his health improved? I am very grateful also to Kelly & Jane to always be on top of the boys information & also Marie & anyone else who monitors the Il Volo guys our precious young men. This is the Best Il Volo site on the internet. Thank you ladies.

  2. Daniela, a real treasure indeed !! Thank you for keeping us all up to date with all things Il Volo and Italian happenings and way of life.We would all be trying to translate the comings and goings without your help.So many thanks again. As per Loretta, have you heard anything further regarding Ignazio, I do hope he is getting better.?

  3. Dear Daniela, how sweet to give us a peek into your personal life! Thank you for all you do for us. Love that you were a ballerina! If one has a love for great music it frequently extends to dance & beautiful paintings! Our love for our Boys makes all of us instant friends!!! Amore a tutti.

  4. Hi Marion no I haven’t heard anyything regarding Ignazio thats why I mentioned Ignazio’s name hoping Daniela would know something as to how is faring.

    1. Loretta, he must be better because he sang over the weekend at the WIND festival and there is a concert in Warsaw tonight.

      1. Thank you so much for the update..So glad he is feeling better.So difficult the way that they sing, all taking part in one song, that it is difficult for whomever is not ill to participate in a concert without the person who is ill.I hope this makes sense.

  5. Daniela, thank you for sharing and translating information for us! You are a special, giving person! Hugs….

  6. Many thanks to Daniela. You are a treasure to be so kind and considerate to share
    with us your personal life and translation of the happenings of Il Volo. Love , love, love.

  7. Thank you Jane and Grazie to Daniela for allowing us a peak into a window of her world! What beautiful pictures Daniela ! Were you pursuing a career as a ballerina? Also, much thanks for your translations and up dates on our young trio! Maybe someday our paths will cross! Ciao

  8. Dear friends, thank you for the wonderful things you write to me, I am really happy to help you in translating or explaining certain typical Italian customs and especially sharing the affection with you for our wonderful guys.
    I’ve found so many friends here, I can not think of spending the day without contacting all of you through this beautiful Flight Crew.
    Jane, you’re too good with me, I and you have to make a nice speech.
    Grazie Mille to everyone.

    Loretta, ask me of Ignazio, yesterday was in great shape, all three sang in Rome, this video will be broadcast on TV on July 25th.
    Right now they are performing the concert in Warsaw.
    Annette, I would not have done the ballerina, it was a journey of what I did, but it takes so much more that the qualities I had

    1. Daniela: At least you had the opportunity to try. Your photos are just gorgeous🌷

  9. So glad flight crew has you Daniela. Also great photos of your ballet efforts and your husband and you are a nice looking couple. So glad you love our guys so much to take time to keep those of us who don’t speak Italian up to date with their adventures.
    Thank you.

  10. Wunderful and incitefull coments froDaniela. How rich her life must be in beautiful Italy.

  11. so that’s what ICE means = I just pushed a button on my old style cell-phone and ICE wording appeared. I have no idea what it stands for …. unless I’m now connected to Italian Corr. Ext. LOL

  12. Thank you, Daniela, for all you do for us on the Flight Crew. Really appreciate everything you write about our boys. Coming from you it seems so much more personal. I am so happy to hear that Ignazio is feeling better. Can’t help but worry when one of our beloved young men isn’t feeling well.

  13. Dear Daniela, I must be one of the first who asked you for a verbal translation. It was for Gianluca giving a speech to his townfolk. Your assistance is very much appreciated. Just yesterday you instantly translated Piero’s “Thank you” message for us, and all of a sudden his message became clear to us. It shows that you’re always thinking of your fellow flights crew mates! Daniela, please feel free to do that any time!! Grazie mille.

  14. To Rosemarie – yes, the ICE on the cell phones was supposed to stand for In Case of Emergency – so you’d put your info in there, “just in case”… however, it can still apply to Daniela – ICE just call Daniela to translate!

    Yes, Daniela – what beautiful pictures of you as a ballerina. Just a few years younger and Ignazio would have been after you! lol!

    Grazie mille!


    1. Grazie mille Jana for compliments, wrong time with Ignazio ….

      Grazie still at all the crew.
      So many kisses and embrace all of you

  15. Daniela thank you for being wonderful you and taking the time to post on the Flight Crew !! I always look forward to all your insights,observations and translations !!!

  16. Daniela: Much praise to you that you tried ballerina dancing! Your ballerina pictures are stunning!🌷🌷

  17. Hi Daniela, Add me to the list of sincere admirers of your personal photo memories. Thanks, too, for sharing your time to post news of and translate Il Volo’s words. Occasionally, please lift your glass for all of us, too, in appreciation of your special country ( and yes — even when it’s raining!). ☔️🌞

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