Digithon – Featuring Gianluca! June 23, 2017

Gianluca was featured in this interview on Digithon!  Daniela kindly gave us her own translation summary of the interview.  Gianluca talked about their new album which will be in Spanish.  I know some are upset that it will be in Spanish, but there may also be a few songs in English as well.  We will just have to wait to find out!  But, as we all know, it does not matter what language they sing in, it’s the melodious sound of their voices and exquisite harmony that touches our soul.  Music is truly the universal language!   Whatever our amores sing, it will be grande!  🙂

Wherever they were, it must have been really hot!  The audience is fanning themselves and even poor Gianluca is sweating!  But he stays cool, like always!

Enjoy the video below and Daniela’s translation for us in English…. (thank you to AAIV for posting to YouTube)  This interview is just about 45 minutes long.

The interview for IL VOLO to Bisceglie (Bari) has just ended.

IL VOLO was represented by Gianluca Ginoble and was interviewed by Paolo Giordano, a journalist who at the time of Sanremo’s victory had criticized them very much and was now very much reckless.

Intro to the show video….. from Viva….

Here is a little more from Daniela, I believe this is what Gian is talking about in the intro  video, to the interview below…

G = Despite the many interviews I’ve made in these years, whenever there is a camera I sometimes get emotion to me, I block me, so it’s not easy for me, but to see all these people, from children to grandparents, that they appreciate IL VOLO and our music, it is beautiful.

We also arrived here in Bisceglie, so I’m really happy to be here, it looks a little like my country, I grew up in a country, in the squares, so I find myself as if I were at home.

I am downtown, south-central, so I see it very similar to my little village.

The interviewer asks: A date in Puglia asking the fans for IL VOLO, can we satisfy them?

G = I really think so, next year, this year, unfortunately we can not do this, we are heading to South America and Asia, so unfortunately we will not do it this year, but next year we will do as much as possible, 

I = a fast word on Digithon, the event that connects the digital world to all the world, a world that you run with your comrades 

G = Exactly, people should know and maybe it is a good opportunity to show the public things that maybe they were hidden and above all this theme that also concerns us artists, all very interesting

 Interview is very pleasant, at the beginning they speak of the origins and of Sanremo and of the importance of Italian music in the world.

They talk about haters who often make unpleasant comments and then they are people who if the meet on road maybe ask for the autograph.

Gianluca says that internet has given way to so many people to express themselves but also  so many “cretins.”

Gianluca says that he likes photography very much and uses a lot of instagram in particular he appreciates that when he is abroad in a moment they can see him at home.

Giordano stresses the fact that there are few Italian artists who can talk about success abroad as them.

Giordano introduces the topic of digital music (Digithon) and Gianluca says it is very much heard but it is a cellphone music that does not have much extension and construction, certainly not that of IL VOLO says Giordano.

Then he is asked to sing a piece of a song and Gianluca mentions “Falling in love” and Paolo Giordano appreciates him very much.

Gianluca talks about the next record and says it will be in Spanish and will be produced by Estefan that Giordano says is one of the two or three most famous and important producers in the world.

Giordano says he interviewed Julio Iglesias a month ago and when asked who he was listening to Italian singers he first replied to IL VOLO.

They talk to the public of various ages who love IL VOLO.

Giordano asks if Gianluca Piero and Ignazio quarrel and Gianluca responds “always but like three brothers, then we have lived unforgettable moments and shared the stage, memorable experiences, they are my companions not traveling, but flying.”

They remember when Barbra Streisand called them.

Gianluca says they will make their first concert in Japan in November.

Giordano admits that at the beginning he was not one of those who admired the Flight, but then saw that they too have changed, they evolved and in particular he realized they were good and so he changed their mind.

They talk about social criticism, and Gianluca says he is quite indifferent because there is so much jealousy and so many criticisms that are not constructive but only full of hatred.

a group gian

Photo credits to owners….

Giordano resumes the argument by saying that many journalists were wary of IL VOLO but now he is aware that this distrust is disappearing because the data of their success is visible and you can not ignore their skill.

Giordano asks Gianluca who he wants to thank and Gianluca takes the opportunity to thank the dad who has always supported and believed in him without forcing him and Mr. ERCOLE present moves.

A  girl from public asks Gianluca how he will be in 10 years and he says maybe there will be solo projects but IL VOLO will always be there.

Giordano remembers that the pastor died at Montepagano and tomorrow at the funeral Gianluca will sing for him, Gianluca is moved to tears by recalling the affection of this pastor who has always been close to him.

a - gian priest

Below is an excerpt from the interview, with some English subtitles.  Thank you to IV Performances for the YouTube upload!

In the end, it is asked Gianluca to sing a short song and he plays a bit of Anema and Core but also forgets the words. It was all improvised and unproven.

Near the end, Gian gets a bit frustrated with the interviewer, saying he is not listening….

I resumed the interview and I think I understand that is after the public girl’s question, almost at the end of the video, Gianluca is saying that Piero will be tenor because he is studying so much for this project, then while talking about Ignazio projects, he stops because he says that Giordano is not listening to him and he no longer takes up the subject, concludes by saying that there will be solo projects but IL VOLO will always be united. 


They salute and thank everyone.

Just in case we forgot how much Gian loves photography and Instagram, I thought I’d enclose a few reminders from the last few days…. 🙂  Could this possibly be the same little boy with the curls and impish grin that we remember from just a few years ago? 


Ciao, until next time….



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  1. The new album is obviously aimed at the Mexican and South American market where they are very

  2. I thought they had a good following in the States. From reading everything in todays comments it looks as if they wont be playing in the States this year.

  3. As always, thank you for keeping us informed and up to date on our wonderful young men.

  4. Daniela thank you for this wonderful translation !! I was very moved by our sweet,sensitive Gian during this interview. I know he has no patience for rude and indifferent people and did not blame him for getting annoyed with Paolo during the interview !! Especially at the end when he was so emotional and Paolo did not let him finish his sentence !! Gian is ALWAYS interested in what his fans or anyone has to say to him and gives everyone undivided attention while they are talking to him which is just one of his many beautiful attributes !! I certainly understand their need to diversify but I do hope they come back to us sooner then later because we all miss them terribly when they are not here to enchant us in the USA !!

  5. Gian showed uniqe grace and dignity throuout the interview. Speaking Italian was not necessary to see how the interviewer was heading, but Gian was able to prove how gracious he is.

    1. Yes, Gian and both of the others are experts now in fielding questions from interviewers. They’ve been doing it for over 7 years now. Yes, they’ve been together over 8, but they have really been honing their skills.

  6. I was so proud of the way Gianluca handled that interview. I am an American and interviewers are very rude here and even vicious. We found most Italians generous and kind when we were there. The world is full of jealousy and people who wish they had the gift the boys have. I just know that you are never rude or snide with remarks if you are happy. Happy people are not rude or cruel and I treat rude people as if they are a barking dog. Gianluca ignore the rudeness. It is wise of him to control the interview at such an early age. He will be respected for it in his life.

    1. Hi, I’m waiting for you to tell me the title of Ignazio song, did you read my mail?

      1. Daniela – are you referring to the email you sent me with the links? Yes, watched them a little bit ago. Cannot figure out what Ignazio was laughing about? Was there something else?

  7. Dear Kelly I thought Il Volo’s new album is going to be Spanish and Italian songs that’s what I heard Piero say awhile ago if people are getting upset just do what I do and get the English translations that will come out not long after the album does and then we can know what they are singing . Easy fix.

    1. Correct. You can always google the lyrics of a song, and then you can also google the translation of the lyrics. And you can print them out! I have a whole pile of Il Volo songs with their translations. I ought to put them in a notebook…

      1. Yes Daniela. Putting the translations in a book or file would be wonderful. Personally I can listen to songs in other languages longer without getting tired of them. And then I am a little weird and am out on the edge of the herd. My husband would love all the translations to be honest.
        Hugs to everyone!

      2. Great idea Penina! I printed out several of their songs in Italian, so I could learn the words and sing along. I remember Igna’s “Hablando” was out the next morning after he performed it, already translated.

      3. Really a good idea, you should do a department here where to put all the translations of the songs so everyone can consult them and even put all the songs in italian so everyone can learn the whole song and sing it together with them.
        HABLANDO DE TI ….. beautiful song and beautiful words.

    2. The short interview the guys gave regarding the new ‘POP’ album Gianluca made said ‘this album is not meant for American audiences’ and went on to say Americans want the traditional bel canto. We can translate the words of course, but its The Music itself they feel is not an appeal for us.

      1. I am not so sure he is right. We love everything they sing. The Mas Que Amor album is one of my favorites. And I am not hispanic at all! I think someone is advising them they does not really know American audiences. Maybe when they see how many of the new albums sell in the US they will change their minds.

  8. On the 23rd of June I watched Gianluca doing this interview and my frustration was high because I am never going to understand the Italian language! Maybe it is because I am too old! But WOW, “Meravigliosa” Daniela came to the rescue! I think that Gianluca is a very special person and I am very thankful for this translation. Daniela, lots of kisses and hugs for you!!!

  9. What, and no one commented on the pictures??? you guys are slipping! 🙂

    Yes, it is easy to get the lyrics translated… I have their Mas Que Amor album and I love it. Although English is nice, I truly feel it is the beauty of the music and their voices. As a friend of mine said, who knows very little Italian, she thinks of the foreign words as just another instrument in the orchestra to appreciate. Each instrument has its own language, therefore, the voice does as well.

    1. AH AH AH….Jana, I was also waiting for comments on Gian’s photos, as no one says it, I say it Italian, it’s just a nice one “figo”.

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