Understanding Italy


From Daniela…

Hi all, I came across these videos, I laughed a lot, as I’m very Italian in what they say, I [share] to you to make you laugh.

Maybe you’ve already seen them too.

Bye Bye



ann fun 3
Italian fun things


She also gave a link to a video to help you learn some Italian hand gestures: Learn 60 Hand Gestures from Marco In a Box

~~ Kely

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  1. Daniella I got into trouble a lot in Mexico using the wrong hand gestures. It’s dangerous.Joanie G

    1. Joan, you’re right, just a wrong gesture and one understands a very different thing !!!

  2. My family are in Italy now. With an Italian cousin of my husband. & going to the area where my husband’s father grew up! Town of Lenola. Some of the group have been to Italy before. Many beautiful photos have been posted!! I feel connected to their activities. It is great! Thanks, Kelly & Daniela!

    1. Anne, I did not know this country so I found it in the province of Latina, near Rome, in central Italy. It is a beautiful and characteristic country.

  3. That is a great video. Funny and I think so true. I am not Italian , but have Italian in-laws and the hands move a lot. Now I have a better idea of what they are saying! Next time I am in Italy I will try to remember some of these. Thanks for posting this fun video.

    1. Janet, I laughed too much, and then I thought of laughing all you too, I’m glad you liked it.

  4. Daniela, you totally made my day and brought back the great memory of my month in Italy… Yes, he was exactly right on every one of his ten shocks of Italy…. Our first day in Italy was in Rome, we were slightly embarrassed that we spent so much
    time at dinner talking about what we were going to do in our month in Italy… Come to find out, we were the only ones concerned… The bill never came, the waiter was friendly, kept giving us more wine, water or anything else we wanted …We thought we were too long at the table, so we left a very generous tip for what we thought was overstaying our welcome… Our waiter was shocked at our tip, and hugs, kisses and smiles from him, the owner and staff at the restaurant happened before we left… We were all friends and great Americano’s… Yes, every single one of his ten shocks are true… We met so many new friends, were treated like we were family everywhere we went… I loved every moment in Italy… And especially meeting you…

    1. Jeannette, I knew you would laugh remembering your month here in Italy, some of our habits must have really made you smile, what do I have to say, Italians are exactly like that, while looking at the 10 ways I thought it was all true and I laughed at everything what. I think the waiter will have been very happy !!!
      I am also very happy to have you enjoyed this place in Italy and I hope that you are feeling a bit like home, your avi home
      I was also happy to meet you and I hope to see you soon.

      1. Being of an Italian background. born in Brooklyn NY in little Italy, I am quite familiar with the craziness of us Italians even here in America… We are loud, love to sing and make people happy by sharing our food and drink with everyone… I loved every minute that I was in Italy, it was like coming home… I have been to Italy before, but not Sicily… I was lucky enough to walk the streets of the little town where my father was born… I saw my great great Grandfathers name and my great Grandfathers name on a plaque in the town square… It brought tears to my eyes to be there… I know if my father was alive he would be so proud that I went to the little town just west of Palermo where he lived as a child… This time my trip to Italy following Il Volo all over Italy, Sicily and London was an adventure of a lifetime… And yes Daniela, we shall meet again and we shall spend time together , a little pasta, a little vino and lots of conversation…

  5. Kelly and Daniela, thank you! This is a great post. I especially enjoyed the video on the 10 things that may surprise you when you get to Italy. When Marie and I were in Italy the Italians tried so hard to understand us as we did the same for them. And yes, even if you can speak a few words, they appreciate it. Electronic translators are worth their weight in gold! And friendly?? OMG…talk about making you feel comfortable ! A taxi cab driver spun our taxi around and flew back to the airport as we realized we must have left a wallet on a counter where we made a purchase. We figured the wallet would be long gone, but thanks to the speed of this taxi driver AND the fact that He flew out of the cab and ran in with us to help look ended on a positive note…it was still there. We couldn’t find a B&B we had reservations at in Marsala, so a kind man that heard us asking others about directions, hopped in his car, called the owner of the B&B and led us to where we could meet up with her! Italians just go out of their way every day for others and seem to think nothing of it. That’s just who they are. Such thoughtful and caring people!

    1. Jane, it’s very funny that video.
      You heard that at the bottom when talking about football also names Brescia. Maybe he even came to our town.
      But you did not tell me about the taxi driver episode, you told me about the B & B, you were very happy because that man accompanied you to your destination.
      Think that today was a beautiful day and tonight I and my husband went to Castle, remember? From that day we have not been there, tonight there was a beautiful sunset and we looked at the panorama reminding our friends Jane and Marie.

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