Notte Magica ~ 6-30-2017 ~ Bulgaria

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The last of the European concerts of the Notte Magica tour are done.   A week off and then more concerts in Italy are on the way.   I’ll bet they are thinking about how wonderful it will be to have time with their families in a few short weeks when most  Italians go to the beach in the month of August!  I love the way they do that.  Close up shops and off you go.   We should do that here!

Just a few great photos of the guys, their fans and the magical night in Sofia, Bulgaria.
















Oh yeah, I slipped in that last one there just to see if you were paying attention!  Be still my heart!  🙂


Credit to all owners of videos and photos.







11 thoughts on “Notte Magica ~ 6-30-2017 ~ Bulgaria”

  1. Again, thank you for the post. The photos, wow those guys just keep getting more handsome each week. Such a great start to my days with Flight Crew.

    1. Thank you, Jane!! All wonderful photos & video. It was another triumph for our sweeties!!! So glad they have this time off!!! Enjoy, Gianluca, Ignazio, & Piero!!! Amore.

  2. Starting with the beautiful curly hair on his head, oh so handsome face and beautiful eyes that are so clear, like the sky, to the unusual pattern of his chest hair, this picture is a work of art! This guy has been blessed with so many talents and he deserves every one of them!!!!!!

  3. The guys have finished the European tour to great.
    Jane, beautiful photos and videos, ……. but the last, impossible to remain impassive in front of such beauty.

  4. Ineke, I had to go back and look at the picture close up to check out the unusual pattern. God bless him, he has it all. So do Piero and Ignazio. A miracle that they were in the same place at the same time to become Il Volo.

  5. Have missed the Il Volo Flight Crew and keeping up with those, special dear guys and folks here. Could barely steal any time to try to keep up as best as I could, but have missed a lot. How wonderful that it’s still here, thanks to you devoted members of The Crew. I certainly hope that Marie is doing very well. Wonder if she’ll ever be back, or even now and then? Life became over-whelmingly hard this year in too many ways and then — Bam! — a very special, long-term love/companion — (JJ) — in my life suddenly and unexpectedly passed on one day this Spring. His former Navy buddy and old friend from Calif. and from Minnesota met Jane, (here of The Flight Crew), with other Il Volo fans while waiting outside the theater for the Notte Magica concert in Minneapolis this year. He had called to happily tell us that and how much he and his sister loved the concert, the first for them both. They are now Il Volo fans, too. (Wish we could have been there). The pictures and videos posted here today are just great to see. That selfie ?) by Gianluca takes my breath away, too. He’s actually quite mesmerizing in that portrait. it almost makes me want to weep for his great beauty, inside and outside. It’s interesting how we human beings respond similarly to the less commonly occurring classically-featured face, be it male or female. Guess we’re hard-wired to instinctively and instantly be drawn to classical symmetry in just about everything, including the human face. On the subject of Gianluca, was wishing I could ask him to try out a soulful, beautiful song/melody from about 1965, sung by a well-known French, older singer of that time named Gilbert Becaud. The song is called, “Toi ” ( You). It was also recorded in Italian by the same Gilbert Becaud for the great and unusual Italian film from 1965 called, “Io La Conosceve Bene” ( I Knew Her Well), starring Stefania Sandrelli and directed by Antonio Pietrangeli, a director whom I understand greatly respected and felt sympathy for women, particularly. (I’d seen it not too long ago on Turner Classic Movies (“TCM”). In 2008, in Italy, it was decided to preserve that Italian film as being among the top 100 Italian films to literally and culturally be preserved. Anyway, I can easily imagine IL VOLO, separately and together, singing that movingly powerful, ‘little’ song — ( “TOI “) — very, very beautifully. xox

    1. laura, it is always such a pleasure to meet others who have connections to this wonderful site! I am so sorry for your loss.
      I copied down the title of that song and movie you mentioned. I am going to find them. Just watched Under The Tuscan Sun again. Never get tired of it!

      1. Thank you so much, Jane. 💜 Il Volo’s love and love for Il Volo just keeps on spreading all over the world. I’ve heard of “Under The Tuscan Sun”, but never saw it. It must be very good. I want to see it now. Something for which to look forward; thanks. (TCM shows some interesting foreign films. My own favorites seem to be older ones from Italy and Japan. There’s something somehow different (deeper) about those film stories — what they choose, how they tell the stories, how they end them: often subtley, enigmatically or even disturbingly, surprisingly. (They can get you thinking about it afterwards).

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