Natural Disasters in Italy

The month of July has been sobering for our friends in Italy, with many wildfires burning on the mainland and in Sciliy, and in the last 24 hours, an earthquake.  We send them our prayers and warm thoughts.  ~~ Kelly


Dozens of animals killed, farms destroyed after a weekend of fires in Sicily ~~


Fires in Sicily and on Italian mainland — tourists evacuated by boat, slopes of Mt. Vesuvius burn  ~~

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15 thoughts on “Natural Disasters in Italy”

  1. Italy and Sicily have had so many disasters recently. It hurts to see such beauty destroyed. All we can do is say a prayer for every ones safety.

  2. Prayers go out to all those suffering. The film was very frightening. Fires take everything so fast. May God take care of everyone involved. I will get all of Sicily on every prayer group I know. Prayer is so powerful during these times. Blessings to everyone. Thank you for letting me know.

  3. I join our Flight Crew in prayer for all who are in danger. Over here in Brooklyn we have a A beautiful monastery of the most precious blood . A group of cloistered nuns from Edith Stein order , She was Jewish philosopher. She was canonized a saint by Pope John Paul . Saint Teresa benedicta of the cross, (aug 9) The sisters have many chores. Praying is what they are all about. Recently two sisters of their order were sent to monasteries in Italy. I just spoke to Sr. Mother , they will be praying for all of Sicily and all in path of danger tonight with all of us. Yes Victoria prayer is very prowerful.

  4. It is a terrible spectacle to witness, the destruction of land , farm and homes destroyed. I pray the people in these places have gotten out safely and are given all the succor they need. IN the midst of all this sorrow and pain there is one thing to remember: When land suffers a fire, it almost always grow back richer. It is certainly true in various places I have known. It is a small comfort I know, but I’d like to believe and I certainly pray that this helps these regions to become stronger, that it helps Italy grow stronger too. This I pray. Amen

  5. Thank you all for your prayers and thoughts always addressed to our people. Unfortunately, not all of these events are natural disasters, most of the fires are arduous.
    There are no words for such acts.

    1. I did wonder, Daniela. I saw an article that suggested that some fires last year might have been mob related, but I didn’t see anything recent when I was looking. I’m sorry to hear that. 😕

      1. Unfortunately, Kelly, yesterday said in the news that they are almost all of the fatal fire.
        The police also arrested 4 boys (22, 16,16,16) yesterday in Viterbo, but also a 28-year-old man in Messina. In some cases, they are of inhuman cruelty because they give fire to the animals that run away burning everything because there is drought and even strong wind. You can not tolerate people like that !!
        You saw the video of Gianluca, the flames were very close to the highway.–a1-chiusa–il-video-di-gianluca-ginoble-cantante-del-gruppo-il-volo.html

  6. Did everyone/anyone see the video Gianluca posted of the fire – he said on A1 highway – Roma to Naples? How scary, they were so close!! The smoke just billowing over the highway and the pink blue and orange flames with black and gray smoke. Yes, it is a shame such evil is alive and well.

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