Il Volo Professional/Off Stage: VIP Masters 2017

Il Volo once again participated in the VIP Masters Tennis Tournament, which was held 10 days ago.  They seemed to enjoy themselves, and of course, I think everyone loved having them.  Who doesn’t?  <3

Link: VIP Masters Official Webite

~~ Kelly



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5 thoughts on “Il Volo Professional/Off Stage: VIP Masters 2017”

  1. True Kelly, the guys had fun and they also made the audience entertain themselves with selfies and autographs.
    We remind you that the Vip Master is made for a beneficial purpose.
    The Flight has won the race.

  2. Not sure if this was seen in the video or not, but there was one uploaded to Instagram where/when Ignazio was about to serve and he looks back at this one advertisement behind him and kind of does a very slight doubletake, as the actress in the add looks an awful lot like Alessandra and it was a bit of a sexy pose. Made me chuckle!! 🙂

    Great job, Kelly!!

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