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Gina sent in this amazing video from Piero from yesteryear!   Not only does the song caress the heart, but it shows such creativity on his part.  I remember when this came out.  We were all just blown away.

Gina, this got me thinking that many of our readers may not have been following the guys back then, so I am including some other priceless videos from the archives.  I remember spending hours on Youtube looking for any and all videos of theirs back in the day.  As much as I love seeing all of their new songs, I also love taking a step back to relive some very special moments in time.

This next video is before Il Volo sang, Maria, as a group.  Gianluca sang Maria as a solo and  he owned that song!   Before the song, Ignazio and Piero are bantering back and forth with how to pronounce the word, “world.”



And here we have their precious little friend, Mia.  Ignazio’s mother became friends with this family through a social media site, and you will see why.  The video her mother made of her singing and reacting to watching Il Volo on TV is priceless.  The genuine love and affection they show for this little girl is captivating.  The song is divine.

The next song, This Time, is an all time favorite as well.


More fun on the stage in Westbury, PA, before Ignazio sings Memory.  He has always been known for instigating the impromptu  comedy sketches with Gianluca being the straight guy, back then.  Gianluca has come full circle with his comfort level on stage.  But, there were times where he would look at them acting up, walk away shaking his head in humorous disbelief.   


I love  remembering how Ignazio had trouble standing still when songs were being sung.  The music pulses through him like blood through your veins.  He has good moves all the way!





I wonder if any of the people sitting in that room listening to them that day have continued to follow their stunning careers?  I sure hope so.  


And the rest…is history…



Thank you, Gina, for the great idea to look back at yesterday.

Credit to all owners of videos.






17 thoughts on “Personally Speaking~Do You Remember When…”

  1. It’s nice to review old videos, but I think Piero would laugh a lot on the first video, in that video he was tempted to do the “big”
    The second video I had never seen, really good Gianluca and the other two great entertainers.
    Mia is very nice, the guys have always been weak for children and kids for them.
    I love when Ignatius wears the waistcoat, he is fine and I hope he will put it on other occasions.
    What about Piero’s move in Surrender? It always attracts a lot of screams from the audience.
    The latest video is really a milestone for their career, they were really small, but already great artists.

    Grazie Gina

  2. They have come a long way and their voices have matured so much but I love to listen to their old videos and enjoy seeing them grow. I wish they would sing the song “Painfully Beautiful” with their matured voices. I loved it when they sang it years ago.

    1. I still love it! It’s one of my favorite songs on that first disc. That one and “This Time”
      I would like to hear them sing now. There was a little bonus disc with 3 solos and some Christmas carols that came with some disc–I think Buon Natale–it has Memory from the first year Iganzio started singing it, Gianluca singing Maria and Piero singing Where do I Begin. It’s a real treasure!

    2. Gina, I would love to hear them sing Painfully Beautiful again also. I love that song!! It would be so neat to hear them sing so many of their first songs now with more mature voices.

  3. Gina, I agree with you about the song “Painfully Beautiful”
    I have seen the video of Piero before, but it gave me goosebumps listening to it again. He is such a cutie, but of course we can say that about his two “brother’s” also. Thank’s Gina

  4. What a treat Jane going down memory lane. I haven’t seen those pictures for years. How cute Gianluca was to how sweet Ignazio was even with his weight & still mischeavous looking with that gleam in his eyes & after losing all that weight he has changed into an adonus & then all 3 with their amazing voices. I miss not being able to see a concert this year. I hope they make a CD with the old songs from when they started. I would like to have Piero’s Where Do I Begin on a CD & the songs Ignazio & Gianluca sang. I’ll have to look at the first CD’s to see if the songs I am looking for are there.

  5. Thank you Gina for this wonderful look at our boys when they were so young, so fresh and full of charisma and of course promise. They have come very far and matured into our special young men. How I love to visit “back then” and remember their sweetness and their amazing talent. Yes I do agree with all you ladies that our guys should bring back some of their earlier songs and I am sure we will delight in hearing them sung with the amazing vocal range they now possess.

    1. Thank you, Margaret. It was really fun putting this together. I could have put many more videos up as there are so many from the early years. I just sit and smile as I watch those very tender young boys doing the unimaginable. Their amazing voices just captivated us right from the start.

  6. Awesome job as usual Jane! I agree with everyone, love Painfully Beautiful and This Time has got to be one of my “all time” favorites! I think the guys really like that song too, as I think I saw them “playing around with it” not too long ago. Would love to hear them sing it also with their more mature voices.

    Yes, thanks Gina for the idea and Jane for putting it together! 🙂

    Awesome job, ladies!!


  7. Thank you Gina and Jane for putting this wonderful post together i just love these old videos and I must confess I still have a lot of them on my youtube history that I go to quite a bit and I agree with a lot of you ladies I would love it if IL Volo would do some of their older songs too I mean they were awesome then but with their grown up voices wow.

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