Hello everyone! This is my very first post here and I hope you will bear with me as I jump into the world of Flight Crew blogs. Funny how a love of music and these three amazing men can give you the courage to step out of one’s comfort zone and do things you never thought possible. Thank you to Daniela for providing a lot of this content and to Jana for her help and advice along the way.

You might want to grab something to drink and a snack because this is a long post with lots to look at and listen to …………here goes nothing! 🙂

After their Padua (Padova) concert and almost a two week break, the guys performed at the Lucca Summer Festival on July 21st and two days later on July 23rd in Soverato at the Summer Arena.


The peculiarity of the Lucca concert was that IL VOLO was for the first time in Lucca in the beautiful Napoleon Square in the context of the LUCCA SUMMER FESTIVAL. This is a well-known festival for rock groups and singers, rock hard.

So performing at such a place has attracted  many remarkable comments from those who do not like other genres besides rock, but our boys have done a lot of honors and have been very successful. No one is immune to the charm of IL VOLO!



A very nice thing the guys did at the concert end, as the fans were kept far from the stage, the guys got off down from the stage to shake their hands.

The day after their concert, the guys went to visit the Puccini Museum in Lucca. The house where Giacomo Puccini, composer of the opera Turandot, was born in 1858 is now a museum. It houses portraits, scores, sketches and other memorabilia related to this famous composer’s life and career.



Two days later the boys performed in Soverato at the Summer Arena. It’s the first time that IL VOLO goes to the province of Calabria.

It began with an hour of delay due to the fact that a very strong wind broke out, which swept all the music scores even before the concert began.

The afternoon sound check – Grande Amore with surprise guest – SPIDERMAN!

There are many very positive articles one of which describes that the audience, because of wind and delays, was dull and began to whistle.

When IL VOLO came out, the atmosphere was not ideal, but the boys when they opened their mouths to sing and then with their spirited jokes managed to conquer the whole audience. Because of the wind, Ignazio in the beginning instead of saying, “We are here to make a tribute to the three tenors,” jokingly said, “We are here to make a tribute to Gone with the Wind!”


Below are several “wind” videos showing how fierce and frustrating the wind was at that evening’s concert:

As the guys and Maestro Diego Basso walk onto the stage the wind is already stirring things up!

Poor Gianluca! Watch the wind turn his music score pages over and over again after they are on stage. It is a good thing they know their music by heart!

A lot of hair tousling going on in this video! Wonder whose invisible fingers were going through Gian’s and Igna’s hair? I’m sure there are quite a few ladies who would confess to that! Piero’s hair seemed to be the least affected. Maybe he used more hairspray?! LOL

The first part of this video shows more hair havoc!

More wind, anyone?

Here are a few random song clips from the night along with some conversation with the audience. Maybe one day my Italian will be good enough to be able to know everything they are saying. One can always hope!

And, last but not least, it is only right that I end this post with a clip of Grande Amore, the song which the guys sing at the end of each of their concerts.

Credit to all owners of photos and videos.

41 thoughts on “SUMMER FESTIVALS – almost GONE with the WIND!”

  1. Pitterpat. this is wonderful!!! You did such a great job !! I loved reading it and look forward to many more fun posts from YOU!! 🙂

  2. Oh wow, the wind truly was a factor in that concert!. Great photos and videos!. I found it interesting that they took on a music festival ( Lucca) known for rock bands. I don’t think that would have worked so easily over here. However, it seems IL Volo has a magical way with stages, wind and crowds and thus were appreciated that night.
    Now if only I could get them to consider Portland Oregon

    1. I wish they would have been able to come to Kansas City. But the closest they were was Chicago, a 7 hour train ride away! It was fun!

    2. I, too, wish Il Volo would perform in Portland OR where I live. The “Schnitz” or the Keller would be nice venues – I am not sure Il Volo could fill the Moda Center (?). I have seen them perform in Seattle , Concord CA, San Diego , and three times in Las Vegas (with Barbra Streisand in 2012 and in 2016 & 2017).

      1. Yes those venues would work . I am impressed you’ve seen them 6 times ! I still beat myself up for missing them in Seattle and Vancouver BC… I better get my passport up to date if I ever want to see them in BC ( hope hope)

  3. So glad that Jana is getting help. Great job. Hope you are working on your next one. August will fly by like the last seven months.

  4. Great report thank you. For me was the same: I fly the first time, to see the guys. Previously, I couldn’t even imagine that, something that has thrown me out of the way, because I have claustrophobia. But it was it worth. But if I can do it again, I don’t know.

    1. I’ve had to do a lot of things the past few years that I didn’t want to do and never thought I could do. If you want something bad enough you can do it! 🙂

      1. Jill, do not say anything, but it seems to me that I have seen two comments by Marie …. no, it is impossible, it will be a copy, not the original !!!

  5. Very good Pitterpat, you did a great job, it was your first job and you did it very well.

    Were my fingers flowing in Ignazio’s hair, did you understand it?
    I like to move his hair when sings!

    The next one will also be the last Italian concert.

    1. Thank you Daniela! You helped me a lot. Those videos were great of the hair flowing. I think it makes the guys seem more down-to-earth to see them not so perfect every once in a while, non credi anche tu?!

    1. Thank you nazio! I am used to laying out printing jobs instead of web blogs, so this is all pretty new to me. But I am learning! 😉

  6. It seems to me the countries overseas are the concerts they like to do because of the acceptance they receive & I don’t blame them. The 2 concerts I have been to in Toronto in 2015, people didn’t give them standing ovations except me & I was saying out loud to stand up which finally a few people stood up. And its no different in other years. Its a bit better in the States there is a larger audience. I get the feeling that they don’t want to come to Canada & they come to the States because the audience is a bit bigger. I’ve noticed when I have seen Gianluca on the phone with a girl who has asked them to come to Canada he doesn’t answer. Unfortunately they don,t seem to have a good following here unfortunately. This is what I have observed & its our loss.

    1. Loretta, I believe they guys are accepted everywhere they go, but just in different ways. My very first IL VOLO concert was in March in Chicago. Oh how I wanted to sing out loud with all of their songs but the audience was very reserved. I understand that the content of their music was mostly more serious opera selections but the music still moved me! We did, however, give them plenty of standing ovations! Then I see their European concerts online and they have a totally different, more relaxed feel. I know I will have to attend one of them on their next tour!

  7. Thank you for such an entertaining post! Although it must have been very difficult for Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca, I really enjoyed seeing the great videos of them with their windswept hair. They looked fantastic and obviously nothing ever prevents them from giving a wonderful concert. Since Gianluca seems to really like his hair perfect, I thought he took it all in stride and with good humor as did Ignazio and Piero.

    1. Thanks Margaret! I totally enjoyed their messy hair and they did seem to embrace the situation and power through it. I’m sure it will be another unique Notte Magica tour memory for them and for all of us!

  8. Thank you !! Great job !! I am looking forward to many more posts from you !!! The Lucca Summer Festival just proved that if you have that X-Factor, which our guys certainly do have, you can easily sway any crowd, even if they primarily like Riock Bands, and win them over !!!

  9. You’re welcome and thank you Joanie! I totally agree……music that moves my soul doesn’t have to come from just one genre. Although I have to admit that I am now terribly partial to the music made by these talented guys and all the musicians and conductors who accompany them!

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