The Dream Becomes Reality ~ by Daniela

From Daniela:

Time ago I saw and shared this old video of IL VOLO, then I thought, maybe some of my friends did not see it or maybe they do not know what was said so I thought about translating it for you.
The interview is conducted by Enrico Lucci of the Iene. Le Iene in Italy is a different type of interview, often very pungent.


Ignazio = You know every morning I wake up and I have to think about what happened to me, because sometimes I do not believe it, it’s like a dream.
Lucci = When the dream becomes reality, it happens like for IL VOLO, the trio born of a talent show. IL VOLO has remained almost unknown in Italy, but it has exploded abroad.  (Keep in mind this is an old interview.)
Caterina = It’s an emotion behind each other, we still do not believe it.
Ignazio = Over one hundred concerts around the world.
Vito = For me it was a dream why I find myself in America so …..
Caterina = We were both in Washington, we looked  us in the face and said, “but do you realize that we are in Washington?”
Lucci = From the outskirts of Marsala, grown up in arancini and panzerotti.
Vito = I was  mason, now I’m unemployed (I think he is forced to be unemployed for to follow Ignazio)
Lucci = (to Caterina) and what job did she do?
Caterina = Pizzaiola.
Lucci= A mason and a pizzaiola, how  you’ve come to classical music?
Ignazio = I do not know. I was three years old and singing LA DONNA E’ MOBILE.
Lucci = Ignazio never stopped.
Vito = We tried to find a teacher to follow singing studies.
Ignazio = See 20,000 people at Barclays Center in New York with Barbra Streisand, who applaud you and stand up, means that all sacrifices were worth it.
Caterina = In Barbra Streisand I was lucky to shake hand, I was hugging to Ignazio and trembling.
Lucci = And between one event and the other has changed everything.
Do you have the terror that everything can end?
Ignazio = Yes, like everyone else.
Lucci = Meanwhile, however, for any prediction, did the money put them under the mattress?  (Did they put their money under the mattress?)
Catherine = Yes, of course!
Lucci = Ignazio, the first thing you bought?
Ignazio = Television, the one with the surround effect.
Lucci = But behind the lemon field there was also a recording studio.  (Ignazio had accompanied Lucci outside the door at the back of the house, cross a small lemon field and enter a room where Ignazio made a recording room.)
Ignazio = And then for my dad’s birthday I gave him the BMW.
Vito = Not new,  specify.
Ignazio = Not new, used.
Lucci = You wanted  new, did you feel bad?
Vito = No, I did not want  new, I specified why I  want to make it clear to people that he did not  buy me the new BMW so they not  think  the money  got our heads ( that we  now spend all the money.)


Lucci = The village always murmurs in Abruzzo at Montepagano, where from the Central bar Gianluca has arrived in the world.
Gianluca = That’s my grandfather, he also came to New York to see the concert with Barbra Streisand.
Lucci = In three years your life has been overturned.
Gianluca = Yes, United States, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia, Peru, Brazil, Singapore, Australia, Malaysia Kuala Lumpur.
Lucci = There is nothing to talk about in the village.
(Ask people at the bar) Are you all near Gianluca? Are you envious?
(Answer) NO, NO, is the Maradona of Montepagano.
The trio photos with famous characters are everywhere.
Gianluca = Here with Clinton
Lucci = What did Clinton tell you?
Gianluca = “Hey men, your voices are amazing.”
Yesterday a fan came from Australia.
Lucci = From the Central Bar tables, nothing is more like before, especially among the friends of the heart who think of him continually.
(Addressed to two friends of Gianluca) How bored are you of this country ……
Friends = It is weird, he was with us playing here in the country and now he goes to America, sooner or later he also takes us to America.
Lucci = Are you envious? You are still here, and Gianluca knows the best women in the world.
Friends = No, we are not envious.
Lucci = When the dream becomes real like the screams of fans, everything  in the family is overwhelmed.  (Nothing in the family is more like before.)
(Addressed to Leonora) Did you expect such a success?
Leonora = No, so no.
Ercole = It has changed our lives in dizziness, I’ve been 13 times in the United States, I left the job to follow him.
Lucci = And what do your colleagues say?
Ercole = Maybe even say “What a hit you got lucky”
Lucci = Certainly it’s a big blow of luck ….
Ercole = Impressive.
Lucci = The grandfather then did not understand something.
Did you know Barbra Streisand, did you give her your hand? (Did you shake her hand?)
Let me see , gave her his hand of a worker and that she understood the value of this hand?
Grandfather (looking at his hand) I think so, beautiful ( his hand), true !!


Lucci= Also in Naro near Agrigento where Piero lives, the third of the group, there is another grandfather at the base of success.
Grandfather = Sorry, I just do not see you, I have the atrophied optic nerve.
Lucci = Does not change anything, but you saw  far away with this grandson. (As in into the future.)
Piero = I was 4 or 5 years old.
Grandfather = I put him on this table and made him to sing.
Lucci = You have never seen your grandson?
Grandfather = NO, I touch him, I hold him, kiss him, I’m 28 years old I do not see, he has 20.
Lucci = You know he goes to America, sings with Barbra Streisand?
Grandfather = It seems to me a dream, what I feel, I can not even say it, as if I wanted to break my eyes, for me it is like seeing him.
Piero = My grandfather helped me, he paid  all my piano lessons for 6 years, every Monday night we went to lesson walking under arm. (Arm in arm)
Grandfather = Because he was afraid of dogs and then we walked under arm.
Lucci = But if you did not see the dogs as you did to defend him ?
Grandfather = Look, if they had to attack him, I was able to throw myself, I went to the dog’s voice.
Lucci = Go and tell in California, where in front of the hotel there is the siege of the fans for photos.
Fans = I love IL VOLO.
Lucci = Do you like IL VOLO?
Fans = Oh my God, oh my God, they are part of my life.
Lucci = Enrico Lucci of the IENE, do you want the picture as well? Ah, should I do it for her? She does not want to take the picture with me. I am very humiliated, I accompany them as a grandfather at the press conference.
Gianluca = We are 18 and we are in Los Angeles in a limousine.
Lucci = (to Piero) Think of your grandfather at this time.
Piero = I think of him under the tree in the armchair, who thinks and is waiting for my phone call, he writes poems, of songs, of course since he is a blind man can only do it with a recorder and every time I return, he makes me  listen to  all he has done.
Lucci = Now recorders are those of American journalists.
You know the English well!
The manager hopes well.
(Turned to Torpedine) Are not you afraid they say a lot of nonsense? (Jokingly)
Torpedine = The fact is that with my English it’s hard to control them. (Meaning their English was better than his.)
Lucci = But there is evidence of the concert.
Piero = These are our trucks, there is the stage and all of our production here.
Lucci = The Gibson Theater, inaugurated by Frank Sinatra, and already set up with gadgets and shirts of the long American journey, nearly 6,000 seats and inside … “O sun, or my sun,”  Paul Sorvino waits for them and this evening  he will sing a song with them.
Paul = They are good, they are phenomenal, because they all love this IL VOLO in the United States.
Lucci = An artist as important as you, what do you try to sing with talented but young guys?
Paul = It’s a great pleasure for me, first of all in America you can come from under a train, but if you have the talent ….
Lucci = What advice do you give them?
Paul = To stay with your feet on the ground, you must always stay with art, always seek the truth.
Gianluca = Who could imagine that at 18, an orchestra played for me.
Look here, 6,000 people in Los Angeles.
Lucci = In the evening there really is the line of fans to take the picture outside,  but also in the dressing room.
Ignazio = They are our Los Angeles friends.
Lucci = To see them today is Quincy Jones who produced Michael Jackson, and Elvis’s wife, which is one in the room.
Ignazio = Thank you Priscilla.
Lucci = IL VOLO manager discovered Zucchero, Bocelli and Giorgia.
How much is the ticket?
Torpedine = Average of $ 90.
Lucci = If one has a great talent, is it safe to come out?
Torpedine = Yes, I believe who has the numbers, eventually comes out.
Lucci = Torpedine noticed IL VOLO at a talent show.
Are the talent shows a thing about or cheating thousands of kids?
Torpedine = They would also be positive because they give the opportunity to promote new voices.
Lucci = Do they really have talent?
Torpedine = These are really phenomena.
Lucci = The public goes crazy, and for every song, there is applause, and standing ovation, between banners and fans, who want to touch them, as when a dream really comes true.
Fans = I love IL VOLO, I keep a lot of love in my heart.
Piero’s grandfather = When I’m alone and I close my eyes, I can believe it, if I could see, maybe it would not happen.
Lucci = Why?
Grandfather of Piero = I could continue my work, my way, without stopping on him.  (He means if he had  not become blind, he would continue to work, so he would have less time to notice the qualities of his grandson.)
Lucci = And secondly, is it worth the loss of sight for such a giant success?
Piero’s grandfather = This is a question too important, because if I tell you it is better not to see my grandson  would be a lie, and vice versa it would be a bigger lie.
(He can not answer because in either case his grandfather loses something important:
To see his grandson,  but Piero would not have become famous,
or not to see his grandson, but so Piero has become famous.)

Credit to all owners of video and photos.

Thank you, Daniela, for this wonderful translation!


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  1. Thanks again for bringing us an interesting translation. I love looking back to the time they were so young.

    1. Gina, I began to follow them after Sanremo so when I saw this old video I was also fascinated.

  2. Thank you, Daniela ! Wonderful insight iinto the early times in the USA. We were at the Gibson Concert!! First time seeing Il Volo!!! It was way beyond any expectations!! Was great to see Paul Sorvino! The M&G was wonderful they sang Happy Birthday to me! Celebrating my 85th!!!

    1. Wow. Anne what a beautiful , you’ve been to the concert that’s in this video. Paul Sorvino was really kind with his comments. What a wonder they have devoted you the song for your birthday !!

    1. Dear Marie, I hope you’ve recharged the batteries well, because now we will not save you a moment of your new energy.


      You’ve seen that simple guys, and what about their families.
      Ignazio is disarming.

  3. Thank you, Daniela! They all three come from such down to earth, loving families. It warms the heart to see and hear these parents and grandfather’s speak. Such wonderfully genuine people!
    I appreciate the time it must have taken you to translate this for us.
    Kudos to our I.C.E. 🙂 🙂

    1. Jane, thanks to you, to your patience that you had to reread everything and try to understand the meaning of the phrases and see if everything was ok
      I kept a lot , all of you reading about this interview, thank you for making it possible.
      Your I.C.E. step and close

  4. Grazie Daniela for translating this video. I have never seen it before , and I love hearing from not only the guys, but from their families, and looking back at the beginning. They are now used to success and fans lining to up see them. Hope they always keep that sweet, humble outlook and their feet on the ground.

    1. Janet also at me liked to hear the words of their parents and I felt their are so humble.
      It’s past some time but seems the guys are the same.

  5. Thank you so much Daniela !! I never saw this interview but it was a wonderful insight into all of their feelings regarding their incredible success . The boys and their families have always been humble and have never forgotten their roots which is very refreshing in this day and age. That’s one of the many reasons that we love them with all our hearts !!!

    1. Joanie, I just hoped this video was not very well known, and it seems so.
      You are right, we also love the guys for their humility and attachment to their families.

      1. I am waiting for her answer to me–I am sure it will be a good one!

    1. It was a pleasure for me, Jill, and I have to confirm that is Marie, we started to worry, now it’s all OK.

      1. Not too long after this interview I found Ignazio behind a theater before a concert. I walked straight up to him and said, “May I kiss your dimple?” (Some of you will remember this) He said, “Sure”. So I did. The next year at a meet & greet I said to him, “Last year I kissed your left dimple. Brace yourself, I’m coming in for the right one. That’s what he’s smiling about in my avatar. See? I use to be bold with him. But…ah…that was before I realized that in my next life we would be a couple.

  6. Daniela: Thank you for the translation of the interview. I do remember seeing it a few years ago. Some of the responses from their parents were so touching . I wonder how they feel now that their sons have achieved even greater fame! P.S. Hello to Marie🤗

    1. Annette, I was also struck by the answers of their relatives, they are so simple and honest people.
      Piero’s grandfather’s words touch in the deep.
      I believe that success has not changed their feelings.

      1. Yes Daniela, I am sure it hasn’t! But how proud they all must be of their continuing successes and that fame has not diminished their family values! It is so heartwarming to see the love they all have for one another !Thank you again for a wonderful post 👍

  7. FANTASTIC INTERVIEW! Thanks, Daniela, and all involved in this post! Love these guys and their families! I had the pleasure of meeting Caterina, Eleonora, and Gaetano in San Antonio last year! <3 <3 <3

    1. Thanks Dorothy for reading this long post.
      What a fortune you met our boys’ relatives.
      I envy you.

  8. Marie, doing the happy dance here just to see you again!! Yes, you should be a professional dimple kisser by now. 🙂

  9. Grazie Daniela, for the video and also the translation. It is wonderful to see the guys years ago with their families. I too had never seen this video!

    1. I’m very glad you enjoyed it, I think we will have a way to work together.
      Good continuation

      1. I will be more than happy to collaborate with you any time, Daniela. Who knows, maybe someday we will be able to meet! 🙂

  10. Daniela I have kept this video an a memory stick, just hoping that someday I will find someone who speaks Italian, who will be able to translate it for me!
    Thank you, thank you Daniela! You have made my day!

    1. Hi Ineke, I was hoping you read this post and thank you for doing so.
      I’m glad you liked it, Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca and all their family are really special people.

  11. Thank you Daniela for this wonderful translation. And all the others that you have done. This one was especially touching with their families included.

  12. Daniela-I truly enjoyed reading this translation. Loved reading about their thoughts when first starting out. I said to myself, boy, look at them now and how many different countries and states they have toured. In my heart I feel very badly for Piero’s grandfather and always say to myself that it is such a shame for him not to be able to see Piero. However, when I am at a concert of theirs, right before they come out on stage I close my eyes and wait to hear his opening notes, which chill me to my bones. So in essence, not seeing him but just hearing him sing is so rewarding, and I know his grandfather feels rewarded for all that Piero has accomplished as do all the parents. Very lucky guys for having such supportive parents.

  13. Thank you Daniela, loved reading this as I am fascinated with them and the success they have made. We get mostly ballads and rock and roll, but never music such as IL Volo sings. All three have talent beyond, and I am so happy for them. I fell in love with them from the moment I heard them sing and watched on You Tube. They are as natural and unspoiled as a new day rising. Love my guys and that is how I think of them. :MY GUYS” somethin about my guys.

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