Astrid’s Notte Magica in Düsseldorf, June 15, 2017

Astrid also wrote us back in June and I’m just now getting to it! 

It’s a lovely story!  🙂 


So, I’m back! My very first Il Volo concert in Düsseldorf, Germany! We had tropical temperatures on concert day and thunder showers on the way to the concert! Hi, you all, here’s Astrid from Bavaria and here’s my Il Volo experience for you to read…

My tour was a three-day trip to Düsseldorf. Wednesday arrival, 2 hours shopping, then a sprint to the hotel, to skype with my Mom, who didn’t believe we could do it at all in my Il Volo week. She lives in North Carolina in a nursing home and we meet every week and chat a few hours, thanks to skype! She was tickled pink to see me sitting in my hotel room and is excited to hear my story come Thursday, when we skype again as usual, me in the kitchen, she in the library! After seeing Mom was all right, I called my family and showed them I was well taken sis-3.jpgcare of, where I was. One duty left, call to an old friend of the family, I saw last time about 16 years ago, that lives in Wuppertal, near Düsseldorf; she was on the Agenda for Friday! Thursday, a beautiful hot day. I decided to go sight-seeing and go to the Rhein-water, perfect by those Italian temperatures outside. Boy was it hot! Also, it was a holiday and the whole of Düsseldorf seemed to be on the way to the water. I went for a cooling boatride and walked around a bit looking at the beautiful sites offered. Before I went back to the hotel to get ready for the concert and meet my new friends, of course Ilvolovers, I decided to find the location, so it would be easier when in a rush in the evening.

After a long ride to and from the Mitsubishi Hall, it was time to get ready. This evening, I not only met Il Volo, I also was going to finally see my new friends. Twins, about my age, that I got into contact over my search of fellow German Ilvolovers, going to this concert. They had made reservations at an Italian Restaurant for us all and we’d meet on the train – so the plan. Ready to go, I was braked down by a thunder shower. So back to the hotel room, snatch my umbrella and down and out it goes in my sandals, hopping from one puddle to the other. I wassis 2 overdue to catch that train, we would meet in! Got there just in time and…the train was late due to whatever… Finally on it, I had no clue where my red-headed friends were, so I messaged, we’d meet when we get off the train-it was still pouring cats and dogs, by the way! Well, the end of it, they were on the next train and I was running around like a headless chicken, trying to find them in the rain. We fell in each others arms, when we finally got a hold of each other and couldn’t stop talking and laughing, and decided it was time to go search for that Italian Restaurant.

(My new family members, thanks to Il Volo-Sylvia and Iris, to lovely soulmates of mine that I met through our love to il volo and their wonderful Music!!!)

Sylvia was the guide and Iris and I followed giving helping (or not helping) hints to which could be the right way. Sylvia, officially now, the perfect Navigator, kept us on track and we got there in perfect time to have a lovely first dinner together. Did I mention, I brought us work while waiting for the best pizza I had ever eaten, but first a drink and a picture of our wonderful Notte Magica! You know, I was shopping on Wednesday evening. I got presents for the boys and Barbara, who had her birthday a few days before. I had bought shoes for all four of them-chocolate shoes. They were gorgeous! Sorry, I forgot to take a picture of them… Barbara’s shoe was a Pump, I think red, the guys had three different colored football (soccer) shoes, one red, one blue, one golden; each in a pretty gift box, with cards, high heel all made of chocolate and the boys the same, except theirs were football shoes. Sylvia wrote the cards and Iris and I dictated. We wrote in Italian and English as my new friends are learning Italian, guess why…?! Just in time for pizza, we got the gift bags finished and packed away! That’s Teamwork!!!

About 7:30 we and our bags got back to the location, talking, singing and giggling like teenagers. They were so sweet, happy to be with me at my very first concert with the boys. Thanks to the resolute Sylvia, we got the gift bags through security and I still admire how this red head always manages to make problems vanish like dust. They brought me to my seat and we wished each other a wonderful Notte Magica! I felt guiyslike I had ants in my pants, I was so excited-did I mention 1st ROW!!! What shall I say, they came and the first notes, I was all over with goose bumps!!! What power, energy, charisma and feeling in every word they sing. You just want to melt away… People, I tried my best to record most of the songs, for me, for you, but it was hard not just to sit, enjoy and go with the crowds roaring! It was amazing, strangers became friends, fellows, I just can’t describe it! As always, as they say, it was over much too soon.

I did catch Barbara on the sidelines and was allowed to give her her present at one part of the concert, personally, as I was sitting at the left end of the front row and saw her during the concert, as she watched the boys from there. I checked with the guard in front and he gave his OK; to give her her gift right then. I even got a hug from her, she was very sweet.  Well, as I said, Barbara got hers first and after the concert, I put the other three on stage and Gianluca took them off.

Got an unexpected hug from her and changed a few words, quietly congratulating her. Gianluca’s father was on the sides, too, making fotos for his posts of the concert. Then we were on our way out, my friends and I went back to my hotel and had a last drink and talk about it all. All three of us had noticed, how tired and worn out the boys seemed to be, when not directly singing. We are worried about their health-guys, they are touring 8 years, now. The fun and play of the teenie years is gone. Wait there’s more, now it gets personally even more exciting! Friday, day of the Hamburg concert, my day for a reunion with a very good friend, almost a sister for me. Drove to the train station and noticed, I’m again going to miss this train, because I have health problems. My feet were on the go the past days almost non-stop and they were reminding me painfully, I’m no spring chicken anymore, no, I’m 62!!! They were swollen every day more and I had every day changed shoes to relieve the painful rubbed open spots.

Today, I was really wearing comfy sandals, but it didn’t help, I needed to get some socks to get me through this last long day without getting knocked out. As I missed the train, I searched for an info station, to get me on the right track again. Guys, guess who I met there by chance–Piero and his Dad!!! They couldn’t find the right track to Hamburg for the last concert in Germany that evening, as you know. I was baffled, but took a quick pic, before they went off to track 17A. After my legs guys.jpgand my brain functioned again, I started following them to that track, in the hope of-what?! Yes, there they were, Piero, his Dad, Gianluca-on the phone, Ignazio, Barbara, the Maestro and somebody I didn’t know. And here I stood, swollen feet and all mixed up, upset, brainless, I just looked at them and saw our 3 wonderful young men, tired, worn out and all I could say is, when will you all finally get some rest and recreation-you need it so badly?

Lovely Barbara, sweet as ever, was gently stroking Igna over the cheek, wiping away his concerns… just have to love her for these small gestures!

 barb 2

Barbara recognized me from the evening before and told Igna I was the lady with the shoes for them all and half-heartedly asked if I’d like a selfie with them…of course I would have, who wouldn’t, but they barb 1didn’t react, maybe not heard her. So, at least I stole me a few pics of the boys, said farewell, wished them all the best for the concert and the future and left to go to my train…and I started to cry,,,it was just too much at one time, I guess!


After all of us were back home, I got a mail from Sylvia and Iris, they intended to send the Maestro flowers, because we had enjoyed the concert so much and realized that the boys always get a lot of gifts in some ways, but the Maestro and the orchestra deserved an honoration, too. Especially, since Maestro Diego also has his birthday in July.

So Sylvia contacted a flower shop in Vienna and ordered a box of roses-red, with three white ones in the middle. The florist wanted to be certain that these flowers would be taken over at 6 P.M. when they would be delivered. Sylvia called up at the location and found out, that they would not do it, because of security matters… The florist couldn’t believe this, because he also delivers UNO City and the Atomic Institut and he was known as secure enough to do this, just not for the Maestro’s flowers, evidently!

 Sylvia and I tried every single day to find someone that was responsible and would make this flower delivery happen. No answers back… This afternoon, Sylvia called someone in Italy and after a bit of a back and forth again, she got hold of someone called Alessandra from the Management with hotel name and a yes, for delivery of the flowers for the Maestro, tomorrow morning! Now, we three are relieved and curious if that really will happen, that these ‘dangerous’ flowers get to their recipient!!!


This is my story.  It took me the whole of my ‘Notte Magica’ CD to write it and now I feel sad again after writing the last experience down.

Oh Astrid, we all know how you feel!  But it will now be here forever and you can come back and read it any time! Thank you so  much for sharing your story and what a lovely thought to send the roses to the Maestro with the 3 white ones!!  Simply perfetto!  🙂




17 thoughts on “Astrid’s Notte Magica in Düsseldorf, June 15, 2017”

  1. Thank you for the lovely cut of my story-now it sounds so more perfect. I linger on and on in memories of my very own il volo days!!!
    The flowers for the Maestro, totally go on credit of my very dear new friends, Sylvia and Iris!!!


    1. Astrid, so lovely of you to comment!!! I’m glad you liked my edits. Have a great day! Guten tag! Danke schoen!

  2. Astrid what a fun & wonderful ordeal you had from the concert to the flowers & meeting up with your friends. Also meeting the wonderful guys. Super glad you met the guys & Barbara. Wonderful memories.

  3. thank you again, Astrid, i enjoyed reading your story ‘again’ as i appreciated, BIG TIME, the first time you shared it, in a rush, unedited, coming out straight from within your gut. just loved that. this too.
    warm hug

    1. Hallo!
      Ich wohn am Chiemsee. Schön dich kennen zu lernen. Was für ein unvergessliches Erlebnis, richtig!?!

  4. Wonderful story, Astrid!! I love it! Quite an adventure with meeting new friends, missing trains, buying unique gifts, meeting Barbara, flowers for the Maestro, seeing the Boys with their Papas & enjoying the enchanted Notte Magica!!!

  5. Thank you for sharing your Il Volo adventure with us Astrid !! I totally enjoyed reading your story and totally understand all your emotions. Seeing them in concert, meeting them and making new friends because of them has changed so many people’s lives including yours !!! ( and mine !! ) Of course each of our experiences are very personal to us,very exciting, unforgettable and will will remain in our memories and hearts forever. That is the magic that these three incredibly talented and endearing boys bestow on us !!! I am so happy that you were able to experience their magic and hope you can do it again when they have another tour !!! In the meantime continue to bask in the beautuful memories stored in your heart from your fabulous trip !!

  6. Astrid, I would have thought that the boys et al would not have to take public trasnport by way of the trains. They are so famous I thought they would have a personal car. However, it gave you and your friends a chance to see them up close.Lucky you. JoanieG

  7. Thank you Astrid for sharing your Il Volo experience with all of us! I just loved hearing on how you bumped into the guys at the train station. I have read other accounts of fans bumping into them unexpectingly! ! My daughter got a selfie with Piero& Ignazio a few years ago when they were in Washington, D.C.They were staying at the same hotel! I’m still waiting!! Getting back to your Il Volo concert, I too just sat and listened and went with the flow of the audience ‘s roar at the concert I attended. Until our next concerts,Ciao!!🤗

  8. What a wonderful, awesome experience you had! I was busy cheering for you as I read your post. I especially felt for you and your poor sore feet as you were in the train station. But how wonderful it was you got to see them once again! Bravo! Plus you even got pictures of them too! So many memories for you, thank you for sharing them with us!

  9. Wow, Astrid, Iris, and Sylvia… Your trip to the Düsseldorf concert and your welcome comments have just taken over my whole day and I keep skipping around two interviews that I never saw before. Like someone else said on this site- “I begin and end my day on this site “. I too do this except for when I have a rough day and sometimes Jay will read the comments to me and finds the videos that I missed. I cannot believe it has been eight years that we have been following these boys. I know my health is improving just because of their music and my desire to get to another one of their concerts. All of you have the most entertaining stories. Some of you have had accidental meetings with the boys and I was so impressed with the beautiful story to celebrate the maestro Diego Basso’s contribution to Il Volo’s concert. The effort you went through to get those roses-with three beautiful white ones in the center-brought tears to my eyes. It is a miracle how you kept running into them and Barbara remembered the chocolate shoes. This site always inspires my whole day. Thanks to all of you for sharing your experiences and I live vicariously through your accidental meetings with the boys and their families.

    1. Thank you all for your sweet replys! These really were unforgetable days for me-memories I’ll always keep in my heart, especially on rough days. I do hope to see the boys again, next time hopefully in Italy!

    1. Jana,
      I hope you and all behind the scenes of this blog have had happy holidays and I wish all of us a peaceful and blessed New Year! Sadly for me, 2017 ended with my Mom passing away on Dev. 30th. This was expected, but hurts even more as I am not able to attend the funeral or help my US family with all the arrangements standing on. For them, it’s the 4th burial they have to arrange within the last 12 months. It really was a year filled with the highest and deepest emotions for us. What would I do without Il volo keeping me going?! Reading your revision of my happiest days, gave me an extra boost and dried todays tears. I’m in shame. So many people in this world dealt with major life changing problems and I’m tearing down in sentimental humbug.
      Im grateful for all the good happening to me and will accept the sad part as it is ‘ce la vie’. Have a wonderful 2018 everybody!!!

      1. Astrid, I am so sorry to hear of your mom’s passing. Yes, even though expected, it still hurts. At least you know she got to share in your joy of your meetings with the guys. Although far away, I’m sure you were both close in each other’s hearts.
        It’s never easy to lose someone and it’s doubly hard around the holidays. But I’m sure you will remember all the happy holiday times spent together. Let not the tears you shed be of sorrow, but tears of joy and laughter of the many wonderful memories you made over the years.

        Right now, I’m in my chair with kitty on my lap, battling this laryngitis like virus. It’s a sunny, but very cold new year’s day here in Detroit! I think we are topping out at about 10 to 12 degrees. Said it was the coldest new year’s eve on record in new york city!

        Stay warm with your memories and I hope coming back and reading this site gives you some peace and happiness. This is behind you now. Go forth and face 2018 with renewed hope!


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