Wind Summer Festival~~~ AND~~~ Pula, Italy, Notte Magica concert!


Daniela sent us these excerpts from the festival:

In June, at Piazza del Popolo in Rome, we held the WIND SUMMER FESTIVAL, where our boys also participated.

The broadcast was recorded and made available on television a few days ago.

IL VOLO in great shape has proposed a small medley of L’AMORE SI MUOVE e GRANDE AMORE.

As always, they have involved the whole audience.

The presenter said announcing it was, “Proud to have them as  guests because they are famous all over the world.” 

Here is the medley video.


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In the backstage of the festival, the boys were interviewed.

The interviewer had already interviewed the boys at their debut so he dived in the past. 

He tells the guys that it’s been so long since their last interview. 

The director of the WIND SUMMER FESTIVAL is Cenci, which we remember, he had the idea of ​​joining the voices Piero, Ignazio, and Gianluca when they were at TI LASCIO UNA CANZONE. 

Cenci says that he had the idea of ​​joining them but the magic of these guys made by Tony Renis because he made them have incredible contacts and that maybe the guys without these contacts, perhaps would not be here.

The presenter goes on to say that the guys have conquered the world.

The boys confirm that they have worked so hard and now they have more security and that they have so much success thank you to  the fans.


Thank you, Daniela, for always keeping us in the loop!

And now, moving on …



Pula, Italy, July 28, 2017…the final concert for the European leg of the Una Notte Magica World Tour.  Whew!  It seems like they have been on tour forever.  I wonder what it must feel like to them?  Listening to the following video you will hear the same magnificent voices you heard way back at the beginning of this tour.  Such superb professionals who have mastered their art above and beyond all others.  Following this concert they are on a well deserved holiday for the month of August with friends and family.  Then it’s back to work as the rest of the world awaits them on this phenomenal tour!


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Credit to all owners of videos and photos.


~~~Daniela and Jane~~~

12 thoughts on “Wind Summer Festival~~~ AND~~~ Pula, Italy, Notte Magica concert!”

  1. I have never thought that Roberto Cenci was given the credit for putting these young boys together. All three of them might have had careers as individuals, but never as famous as becoming II Volo. I don’t think that Roberto had the means of producing and promoting these young and talented young men.

    1. I agree about Roberto Cenci ,and it’s nice of him to have said that it helped to have contacts to get their careers started. Thanks Daniela and Jane for the translation and videos. As usual they looked great and sand beautifully!

  2. They are having a very well deserved vacation before starting another grueling tour. South America, I think, will be a little more fun just because the energy level of the crowds. (Teen age girls).
    Thanks for the great photos.

  3. Thanks Jane and Daniela Beautifully put together, the photos, interviews and the fantastic singing is so uplifting, Il Volo’s perfect harmonies are just beautiful. A big shoutout to Diego Basso an outstanding Conductor. A standing ovation all around !

  4. Thank you Jane & Daniella for the videos of out Precious youn men at the Notta Magica concert. Its a treat to us who can’t get to Italy or wherever they are.

    1. Loretta, I agree it’s the next best thing to being there as we watch and listen to our darling boys at these concerts on the other side of the world! So glad you enjoy them! 🙂

  5. Jana I sent you an answer regarding PBS but my email was coming back to me saying errors because I just saw your email now. Sorry for all errors. Dont read it if you don’t want to.

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