Are You A True Italian?

I’m sure almost all of us here at the Flight Crew would like to feel a certain kinship to Italy and the boys of IL VOLO. Whether we are Italian by blood or by desire, the feelings are still there and grow stronger as we watch them mature and take on new projects.

My church choir got the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity 10 years ago to travel to ROME, sing three times in two different churches (including St. Peter’s for Pope Benedict at the New Year’s Day Mass 2008), visit many of the famous landmarks, walk along the little side streets and eat Italian food! It was not only a moving experience for me because of my faith, but I also felt like I belonged there. I was so at home and never wanted to leave!

I do a lot of genealogy research for my family so I thought I should do the DNA test. I knew I would have a lot of Eastern European in me from my Mother’s Polish roots –  I am 55% Eastern European. And my Father was mostly Irish/Welsh/English –  I am 27% Irish and 12% English. There are four other trace regions listed and one of them is 2% Italy/Greece! I knew it! It’s not much, but it’s there!

So in that spirit here is an Italian quiz idea from Ann Cruise. Grazie Ann! I took the quiz and, without cheating, got 80% Italian! Not bad for someone with only a smidge of Italian ancestry! 😉

Give it a try! It’s fun! And you might learn something new!

Italian Quiz
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35 thoughts on “Are You A True Italian?”

  1. I got 80% only because I second guessed myself. I’m Greek married to an Italian so I should know better!!!

  2. For someone who is mostly Dutch/Scot and a big part Brit, I think I did pretty well with 80%. I can only wish for the opportunity of actually going to Italy to experience it all.Maybe someday!

    1. You did do well Linda! I hope to go back too one day! I could easily live there for one or two months! 🙂

  3. I am 2nd generation Italian and I got 90%!! I missed the question on Stella Doro cookies which I have in the house most often for a coffee break and cleaning everything including the Driveway! Oh woe to me! That was fun! Thanks for posting it!👍

    1. I’m also 2nd generation and got the driveway answer wrong too. Guess we’ve “Americanized”..

      1. Annette, for some reason I can’t do a reply on your question. The Stella copies I got, I missed the one a out how to make the coffee.

  4. I am thinking of giving “Ancestry kits” to my kids for Christmas. My two oldest are adopted and the “surprise” daughter was long born after long hours of labor. I do not believe I have any Italian in by DA but it never stopped me from feeling close to Italy thru music and some people I have met.

    1. I agree Gina……you might be surprised what a DNA test will turn up! You should also do a DNA test. It makes for great conversation!


  6. Ok, I’m happy to say I scored a 75 which isn’t too bad for an all Irish gal!! 🙂 This was really fun, Pat. How I wish I were Italian!!

    1. Everyone seems to be doing pretty well on this Italian test. We all must have absorbed some of it from watching our guys so much! Ya think? 😉

  7. I got 85% and got marked wrong on the cookies for some reason. I know very little about Italian traditions and just answered what I’d do. I didn’t realize they were as clean oriented as I am. This was kind of fun and I love the Italians more and more. Now I see why! They are clean freaks and iron everything. Thanks for the quiz and this site is such fun to start my day with. Thanks everyone.

    1. You’re most welcome! 85% is a good score. I think the more we know about other cultures, the more we can see all of our similarities and relate to each other, don’t you think?

  8. I got a score of 75% and I am 25% Italian from my paternal grandfather who was from Italy and the rest Irish. I do know I am learning much more about Italy since following Il Volo.

    1. I’m learning a lot more about Italy too, Margaret! I try to look up each city where they sing and I find out about some of the towns that I’d never heard of before.

  9. Hi, I also got 85%. The coffee and gravy one threw me off, but I got the driveway one right. Lol. Guess the 2% Italian or Greek helped.

    Yes, Gina, and anyone else, they ancestry thing is fun to do. My one friend who is pretty much Maltese even had a few surprises!

    Pat, May be you could find a few more of these! Great job!

  10. I got 70% but I am not italian at all. I just love IL Volo and they do make you want to learn more of their ways. I guess I have more learning to do.

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