30 thoughts on “Prayers coming your way!”

  1. Gee, yall have made me cry! It’s still raining here in Gonzales, but we were among the lucky ones….some flooding of the Guadalupe river on the south side of town and some minor wind damage! We had power outage, but was restored by last night! Our friends in the coastal and Houston are are the hardest hit! I can’t express how much it means to hear from all of you! Keep praying…it works! Love you all! Dot in Gonzales, Texas…..feeling truly blessed on this Sunday morning!<3 <3 <3

  2. My prayers are for you, Dorothy, and for all in the path of this awful storm. May God bless you and keep you from harm.

  3. Dorothy glad to hear you are OK. Waco is 184 miles from Houston and 196 from San Antonio. We have had dreary skies and rain. Our hotels are full of people fleeing “Hurricane Harvey”.

  4. Glad you haven’t had too much damage Dorothy. At mass this morning, we prayed for those who have suffered and to keep everyone safe and will continue to do so.

  5. Thank you everyone for your prayers! My home here in San Antonio has received no damage, we feel so lucky compared to Coastal areas, over 1,000 peaple have managed to come here for shelter, My prayers go out to Houston and other Coastsl areas that have been heavily hit!

  6. Keeping TX and everyone in Harvey’s path in my prayers! Hoping the storm dies out and stops causing damage SOON!!! πŸ™β€οΈ

  7. Prayiers for all life in Texas. Also prayers for a miracle to occur regarding the stalled storm situation. Hurricane Harvey stalled out due to weak steering currents in the upper- atmosphere. Harvey is stuck, trapped between two areas of strong upper-level pressure, one in the west and one in the southeast. That upper-level pattern has been forecast to be very persistent which means the stall could last for days. It also is stalled near the Gulf, enabling it to constantly pull a lot of moisture. Prayer -intervention is an actual energy. Collective prayer with visualization is a powerful force of energy. Miracles can and do happen. ‘Laser-focus’ our energies upon that atmospheric situation changing favorably for conditions now: that Harvey is freed now, that the people of Texas quickly receive the money necessary to restore and recover, that all lives are now blessed……

  8. Marie, thanks for setting this page up re: Texas and the gulf area. They need all of our thoughts and prayers.

  9. Been keeping our friends in Texas, Louisiana, and now Florida in my prayers for safety and peace.

    And praying for those affected in L.A. and the Pacific Northwest with the fires. (I finally went outdoors after 2 days to get my mail. The smoke is intense. Here in Portland, we are fortunate that our only challenge is air quality. A friend in the Columbia River Gorge was evacuated, along with her horses. Wow!)

    Loving grace to all,
    Jeanine, Compassion’s Doorway

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