Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Pavarotti’s Death – Sep 6, 2017

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A few important dates coming up for our guys…. on September 2, 2017, they will be performing in Berlin.  However, I found very, very, if no information on it on the internet anywhere.  Even though the guys did a promo for it in English that I saw on Instagram and “not to miss it.”  That’s what they said!  🙂  At 7:00p.  Maybe some of the folks in Italy or Germany can clue us in a little better?  🙂

The second one is below…and was found by Pat.  Here is a link to RadioItalia: http://www.radioitalia.it/news/luciano_pavarotti/evento/15271_luciano_pavarotti_zucchero_giorgia_e_ramazzotti_al_10th_anniversary.php# (the article/page is in Italian, but if you right click, your computer should translate it)   It says it will air on RAI Uno, but like the Wind Awards last time, we probably cannot get it in the US.

there is a Facebook page:  https://www.facebook.com/events/1302773589792090/

IL VOLO will be performing at a Grand Gala in the Arena of Verona on September 6th in honor of Luciano Pavarotti and the 10th anniversary of his death. Andrea Bocelli, Giorgia, Zucchero, Eros Ramazzotti, Nek, IL VOLO, Fiorella Mannoia, Vittorio Grigolo, Massimo Ranieri and many other stars will perform. The show will air on Rai Uno TV in early evening by Carlo Conti. The first Italian radio RTL 102.5 is the media partner of the event.

They must be flying out right after the performance, as they are due to be in Mexico on September 7!  Does not leave a lot of time for rehearsing!


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16 thoughts on “Celebrating the 10th Anniversary of Pavarotti’s Death – Sep 6, 2017”

  1. Can’t believe ten years have gone by since the great Pavarotti passed away. My husband and I saw him in Tosca at The Royal Opera House in London in 1992 with Zubin Mehta conducting – superb!

  2. Jana, we’ve all seen the announcement that Flight will be on the tenth anniversary of Pavarotti’s death, but the guys and the staff have never confirmed, besides I think it’s impossible since the next day they have the concert in Mexico.
    It’s really a pity because it would be a great performance to remember a great master.
    The show will resume on the evening of 6 September at Arena di Verona and broadcast live on Rai1.
    I strongly hope that the guys somehow can participate, I’m afraid that if they do not do the usual detractors will have the way to denigrate them.

  3. I found this item from ANSA – Italy’s news agency – which does not mention il Volo.


    They cannot be taking part in Verona. It is possible that a recorded item might be inserted into the program; or a link-up by satellite from Mexico. Given their tribute to the Three Tenors and the Notte Magica tour, it would be fitting if they could contribute to the evening. We will have to wait and see!

      1. Thank you Daniela! I have to say that I found your item more convincing than the one from ANSA! Yours says,

        “Il Volo si esibirà a Verona sotto la direzione di un maestro d’eccezione, Placido Domingo, che durante la serata vestirà i panni del direttore d’orchestra.”

        This translates as, “Il Volo will appear at Verona under the direction of an exceptional maestro, Placido Domingo, who will fill the shoes of the conductor of the orchestra for the evening.”

        Given the time difference between Italy and Mexico, there would be time to fly across the ocean in time for the concert in Mexico. However, a flight delay could cause the Mexico event to be cancelled – unless they have hired a private jet! Let’s hope so!

      2. Bernard, the times are tight, they will be tired but they are young. The time difference helps them get more time.
        We hope everything goes smooth.

  4. I truly believe that their schedule is stopping them from performing a tribute to Pavarotti. That is one singer they would want to sing for him in recognition of is death. Even if they sing a song in tribute to Pavarotti in their concert. They have too much class to ignore Pavarotti.

  5. Like Daniela and Bernard say – we will have to wait and see!! I would think it would be awesome of them to sing with both Placido and Jose! I think I read that Bocelli was going to join via satellite – maybe the guys will also, from Mexico? It is true, I was thinking the same, that if there were any flight issues, which is possible with any storm that could come up, they might miss the first Mexico concert.

    But no one has any info on the Germany Sep 2 event?

    1. Jana, I’ve heard the news on September 2 but it looks like a private event and that’s why there is not much information.

  6. I accept bets on what they will sing, surely only one or two songs.
    I think they will not sing one of the operas repertoire because there are more titled tenors that evening.
    And you, what do you think?

  7. I’m not a betting person Daniela I just think that our guys can compete with any titled tenor at anytime. That is how good a singers they are in my eyes. Hands down. Granted there are plenty of good singers in Italy, the States, Canada, etc. But Il Volo can stand firm & proud beside any of them. And in many cases they are better.

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