Ignazio’s Birthday is Coming Up!




Happy #23!!!

It’s hard to believe that we’re coming into Fall.   Already … I’m not a happy camper … about that… really.  No, really; I’m not.

It’s a good thing that the season is all about Ignazio, then, because wishing him a happy birthday cheers me right up!

His big day is only 4 weeks away, and it was time for his birthday post.  You know the drill…

Send your birthday greeting to us at ilvoloflightcrw@outlook.com by the evening of October 3rd.  If you send your message and don’t receive an automated message, and then a personal confirmation from me with 48 hours of sending your message, please reach out to us via comment to this post.


Also…I need a little help…

Finding music for the birthday videos is always a process.  I’m always worried about finding something each guy will love as well as something that is meaningful and can help tell their story.  Will you help me?  Post your ideas for music in the comments below.  If I use your song, I will add your name to the video credits.  Thank you!

And I’m sorry, Ignazio.  I didn’t mean to cover your post in Disney Fairies… let me close with this:


~~ Kelly


36 thoughts on “Ignazio’s Birthday is Coming Up!

  1. Hi Kelly: Your request for music and that photo of Ignazio on the hog brought to mind and old Roger Miller song – “King of the Road”! Hahaha Catchy tune!

    • Hey, Marie! 🙂 I thought the post needed a bit of manliness brought back to it; lol. You’ve mentioned that song before; I’ll have to listen to it.

  2. I love that photo of him. Well one of thousands. Wishing you Ignazio Good Health, Peace and Happiness today and always and may the Good Lord grant you so many more wonderful Birthdays. God bless you

      • The only one I’m aware of is the Carly Simon version from the James bond movie, the spy who loved me. Remember they also did that little reference to James bond in a picture about a year or so ago?

        You have some good choices here!

  3. Kelly
    Loved your closing post as Marie said. For Ignacio, how Smile” . He certainly does that and shows those beguiling dimples.

  4. Kelly, if you want to make a mix of music that reminds his career you should start with LA DONNA E’ MOBILE (in their book, Ignazio says that at 3 years he played and sang this song with his sister’s piano) then add O SOLE MIO, then GRANDE AMORE and finally NESSUN DORMA (the part of his acute).

    If I had to choose a single music, I would choose HABLANDO DE TI because it is his composition.

    Ignazio’s photos are beautiful (he’s beautiful).
    I like the FAIRIES DISNEY

    • Hi, Daniela. Thank you for all of your suggestions! I don’t think I planned on the fairies…they just popped out on the page once I started pouting. lol

  5. Hi Kelly, I like your little Disney fairy, too ! I don’t have time yet to think of a song suggestion befitting Ignazio, but if you’d like to fit in an actual ”birthday song’ for him, simply called “Happy Birthday” that I think is very pretty and soulful. I checked on YouTube and it’s there: Happy Birthday Soul 2010 (It’s about 4 minutes in length and was uploaded there by: Beyond Prod 911). By the way, Kelly, there’s a fun, really cute video clip of the dancer, Bobby Van, from his1953 movie called, “Small Town Girl” that some might enjoy here because it makes you feel — happy! 😄 ( I came upon it awhile back when searching for songs that I like & are missing from my Junior Walker & The Allstars record collection). The video clip is entitled: Twisted Soul — 1973 — Junior Walker — I ain’t goin’ nowhere

    • ‘Hey!’ Kelly! It’s probably too late, but I’m thinking of, specifically, the 1958 recording of the song, “For Your Love” by Ed Townsend. I think the lyrics are appropriate 😘 for Ignazio’s birthday ( and for Gian & Piero).💕 Ed Townsend wrote the song and recorded it in 1958. It’s been sung by others, but I think Ed’s original recording is the Best one. He was a great singer. I doubt that Il Volo has ever heard the song, especially by him, so that would be a nice surprise for Ignazio and the others, as well. (I wish They would sing it and as arranged by Ed Townsend)! By the way, Notte Magica concert is being shown right now on my local PBS channel. A shame I only just accidentally saw it was already on. I’m annoyed a bit by, once again with PBS,, the PBS woman mispronouncing Ignazio’s name and she and the other woman saying, “ILL” Volo’. It’s rude! They didn’t even bother to ask — and thereby memorize — two, correct names of their guests?? No wonder the guys seem to think Americans are… what is the word?… less ‘warm’… in its reception of them than Latin America. I’ve noticed, though, that PBS seems to usually make a better effort to be ‘politically correct’ regarding a better effort to pronounce Spanish names, but then it’s still the case all over the USA to unapologetically, grossly mispronounce Italian names. A lot of ‘Italian Americans’ don’t’ seem to mind the mangling of their names. It irritates me. Italian names are often beautiful-sounding, especially when pronounced at least more correctly. I’ll go back to the concert now; I just heard one of those gals alerting that ” ILL” Volo concert will be starting again. I Wish I could just laugh it all off like everyone else probably would. Well, I don’t know if you’ll choose the songs (2) that I’ve offered as a suggestion for the Birthday Boy’s greetings with song message, but there they are, Kelly. Sorry about the little ‘rant’ regarding those mis-pronunciations; I’m still cringing, though! lol…

      • Laura, just had to respond to your comments. Curious though, is your version the one where the guys are in the studio and igna is in a beige jacket?

        Don’t feel bad. I also blasted our local PBS station a few weeks back for the same faux pauxs! Trust me, I ranted and raved. I posted it on their Facebook page. They responded with “they would pass it on to those that said the names wrong.”

        But I certainly agree 200%!

        I told them Detroit PBS should know better, since they were their original sponsors.

        If you are watching the show I am referring to, that is the one I and the others from Michigan were at on Aug 24 last year and the flashback post I did on Aug 24. 🙂

      • Oh my goodness, thank you for noticing my very late comments, again, Jana! Yes! Beige jacket. It’s over now, but that was the one. I wondered if the people in the studio clapping and all might have been you and some of the Michigan Crew, but wasn’t totally sure. I guess the tape must be sent to all the PBS stations in the country. The funny thing is that I came back to this comment area to put a ‘P. S.’ because on second thought, I’m unsure if that lovely 1958 song, “For Your Love” by Ed Townsend, suggested in my comment up above, is appropriate for Ignazio’s birthday, so I’ll just stick with the other song idea that I suggested to Kelly, up above here. Jana, I’m relieved that you also felt the same about the two PBS gals’ embarrassing mistakes. Heck, that could make a preacher cuss. So Glad that you contacted PBS via their Facebook, We’ll see how they manage it for Il Volo’s next visit to PBS. Hope we’ll all be ‘redeemed’. 😬

  6. Thank you Kelly. Loved your fairies and Iggy’s pix.

    Birthday wishes to the wonderful, talented, blessed 1/3 of my greatest love–Il Volo. So glad to have lived long enough to have found you. You are one of the greatest joys of my life. May you have many, many blessed birthdays and always have the gracious, sincere, loving personalities you have shared with us.
    Arlene Butler, Morro Bay, Calif.

  7. So, Kelly, I’m not sure I’m serious about this one, but I do know that some of our friends (MARIE, that’s YOU!) will definitely relate to the lyrics!

    The song, sung by Shania Twain…
    Whatever You Do! Don’t!

    Here’s a taste of the lyrics…

    “I go jello when you smile…
    If you stand too close to me
    I might melt down from the heat”

    And here’s Shania’s post of her song on YouTube:

    Thank you so very much, Kelly, for your dedication, for the fun question, and for the amazing gift of Love you always organize for Our Guys!

    Love from Jeanine… rockin’ out to Shania Twain! 😊

  8. Hi Kelly,
    I sent a birthday greeting to Ignazio very early on Sept.14 and did not receive any response. Thanks for all you do!

  9. Happy Birthday to Ignazio the sweetest man I have ever known. God has blessed you with the most handsomest smile that lights up my day when watching videos of you singing or if I see you on stage. I am so glad I discovered Il Volo 8 or so years ago. I have had the pleasure of listening to your solos & singing with your brothers. I hope you have the best Birthday ever with your friends & your brothers & if Allissandra is traveling with you or if your get home. Your are constantly in my prayers that God keep you safe in your travels. I always remember you coming off the stage to see if I got back to Toronto safely from the concert the day before a few years ago. You are a class act to this fan. Sending you loads of love.

    Loretta from Toronto

  10. Dear Ignazio
    It is hard to believe I have been watching you and listening to you for 9 years! Every year has brought more and more pleasure as you have matured and expanded your capabilities and repertoire. I love listening and watching you every day! May all your dreams come true. Wishing you every happiness on your birthday. (and please come back to Toronto!)
    Penina Honig

  11. I’m excited to see Ignazio’s birthday wishes, Kelly, as you always do a wonderful job!

    Love and gratitude to you, Ignazio, with your glorious voice, your playful ways, your dedication to Truth, your authenticity, and your handsome sweet self! Truly Unforgettable!

    La vita è bella

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