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Our heartfelt wishes and thanks to all the Laborers of the USA and Canada, wishing them a safe and happy Labor Day, if they get the day off!!  It’s a bit ironic, a day to celebrate the workers and unions, the government gives us the day off, but many in retail and other fields of work, have to work!

On September 2, our boys had a commitment to Berlin.

Little was known about this commitment, perhaps because it was a private event.

But the event had already been advertised by our guys with a video some time ago.

 The boys made a photo shoot in Siracusa, Sicily, this summer for the new catalog of the ENERGETIX jewelery line.

On September 2, the new catalog was presented at this event!


The event took place at the Estrel Berlin where many people had the pleasure to see and feel the exceptional guests: IL VOLO.


Foto di Myrjam Minaer



Here are some photos in the catalog.

What about beautiful jewels worn by our wonderful home jewels: Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca.


What is your opinion of the cover photo as “Sicilian picciotti?”










This appears to be a recording of the guys singing, Grande Amore, put to a beautiful artistic impression, presented to the audience before the concert actually began.  

You do not see very well but look at that presentation



Then the guests could hear a real concert of IL VOLO, were they not lucky?


The concert included:











 Grazie Mille and vielen Dank to die fruende  Il Volo Bavaria for this beautiful video of the concert!!  🙂 

Immagine incorporata 10

Here is a link to the Energetix jewelry site.  And as Jana put it, “Hey, this stuff is actually affordable!”  🙂

Also below is a link to Amazon – where else!?  🙂

Credit to all owners of videos and photos.

27 thoughts on “ENERGETIX, by Daniela”

  1. What a great presentation that was. Fortunate for the quests that IL Volo was chosen for the cover and entertainment. I’m going to check out the products.

  2. Who would not buy the products with the world’s most handsome men on the cover?

    They were all looking extra furry. Especially Piero!

    If I was very rich I would hire them for the cover of my catalogue. Doesn’t mater that I don’t have a product to sell. The cover photos would take a very long time to get right. I would be directing the photographer. They would be having fun and sing in between shots. Oops, sorry…there I go dreaming again.

    Your correct Jana, not too expensive and looks like quality stuff. Speaking of quality stuff…that cover comes to kind.

    I had seen the cover but didn’t exactly understand what it was all about. Thank you sweet Daniela.

    1. ok, we wanted a cover so to awaken our Marie well.
      I’m glad you liked it.
      Of course, as I have already told Jana, the most beautiful jewels in the catalog are our boys.

  3. Thank you Daniela and Jane for this wonderful post! Does anyone know how we can get hold of one of these catalogs with our guys on the front? It might have been a special edition of it just for this event. I was searching online just now for one and found this clip of the making of the 2018 Energetix catalog https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0tnUn1vfak . At 1:40 you can see the guys of IL VOLO as they pose for photos! Of course they are the best looking models on the set. I have seen many people comment on Instagram that Gianluca could/should be a model. I think any of the guys would easily fit that bill! 🙂

    1. Speaking of catalogs, I did go on the site and to the info section and tried to request a catalog, but they only ship to a few odd countries. Not even Italy! Or USA. I put my info in there with phone number and it said someone would contact me. Looks like you can do home parties. Whoever’s idea it was to get il volo was certainly brilliant!

      I’ll let everyone know if I hear anything.

      1. Jana we wait for the online catalog and then we browse all pages well whenever we want !!

    2. Pat I looked at the video of the photoshoot, but how beautiful Piero Ignazio and Gianluca are.
      I was in that square and along that sea Syracuse is really very beautiful.

      1. I can only imagine how beautiful it is, Daniela! And so are the guys! Sempre! 😉

    3. I agree that all three could be models. There doesn’t seem to be anything they cannot do. It was very smart of Energetix to have Piero, Ignazio and Gianluca in the video and on the cover and inside the catalog. They certainly are magnetic and surely will increase the number of people purchasing their jewelry!

  4. Thanks, Daniela! I’m going to have to check out that catalog…maybe buy a couple of pieces.
    Marie, I’m liking Piero’s extra fur…it’s working for him in my opinion. 🙂

  5. The whole concert video popped up on my Facebook but it was filmed from afar. Once they started the livelier songs the audience woke up and even some danced.
    I agree that Ignazio’s haircut was too short. No matter what it was great to hear them sing again.

  6. This is a wonderful post, Daniela! Thanks so much! I was also impressed with the big production this company went through to roll out their new catalog. Wow! The guys look fantastic wearing their product, suits, the whole 9 yards!!

    1. Thanks Jane.
      I too remained open to see what they had done for presenting this catalog, they did really great things.

  7. In my opinion they are the handsomest men not just on the set but in the world & no one can beat their singing. Energetix jewelery made the best joice picking Il Volo to advertise their products. Handsomely exquisit & polished.

  8. Thank’s Daniela,I loved the catalog cover.
    I wanted to purchase a couple of pieces of the jewelry,but then remembered because it’s magnetic I can’t wear it! I have stent’s in my heart,and any magnets can cause serious problems. I googled it, and it says that people with pacemakers, defibrillator implants,and stent’s should not even wear magnetic jewelry!
    What a bummer!

    1. Jill, you do not even have to think about buying a jewel so, even close your eyes because even photos of boys can make you faint.

  9. ANYONE I am sure I saw a video of Ignazio singing Its Impossible in Italian. I thought it was yesterday or the day before & now I can’t find it. I thought it was on this site. Does anyone remember seeing that video? Or can they know how to find the video? I’ve been trying all day to no avail. I know I saw this so I am not senile yet.

  10. I actually ordered a bracelet from Energetix today. I chose one that is of Italian design, and I really liked it. Maybe they’ll send me the 2018 catalogue with my order! That was my plan! Also hoping it may help my newly discovered arthritis in my knees.
    I was expecting everything to be very expensive, but the prices surprised me!

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