Keep Them Coming!


Good Morning!

I’m working from my phone today, so please bear with me if my post looks a little more plain than usual…

There’s still time to wish this amazing gentleman a Happy Birthday!  Keep submitting your wishes through October 2 to!

Have a great weekend!

~~ Kelly

16 thoughts on “Keep Them Coming!

  1. Kelly I sent an email and got a confirmation that it was received but I thought you said we would get a personal email from you, which I have not received. Did I misunderstand?

    • Kelly I’m sorry I just went back through my emails and found that you did respond. Apparently I need new glasses.

    • Just heard that Fabio says that Octber 4 is national gift day in and around his area. I would say we got a great gift too – 23 years ago. Julie B.

  2. Hey Amazing One, have the best birthday ever. (And amazingly they probably will just get better each year with more and more fans wishing you happy wonderful things!). Sharon (from Detroit)

    Sent from my iPhone


  3. Kelly I posted on the originial page for Ignazio’s birthday today. Maybe others have also posted there. Please take a look and let me know if you want me to repost here or somewhere else. Thanks!

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