Notte Magica – Brasilia! Curitiba/Sao Paolo – Sep 19 – 24, 2017

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The guys are quickly making their way now through South America with just 3 more concerts to go.  It is hard to believe and what events they have been through so far, earthquakes, just missing hurricanes, etc.  Things seemed to have settled down a bit, weather-wise since they actually got to South America.  We are certainly glad of that!

ercole sao paolo planeThe Latin crowd seems to be getting an all-around concert, kind of what I’d hoped for in the US – a little of this, a little of that, but as we all say, it doesn’t matter what they sing, it is awesome and never long enough!  However, they are getting to hear Volare, Canzone per Te, Il Mundo, Mas Que Amor, and maybe even a few others people haven’t shared.  Through these last few video clips, I think the guys are finally having fun again.  The clip from Il Mundo, reminds me of “old” Igna, where he was bouncing on his toes during the refrain.  Their voices just keep getting richer and richer.  Their tones continuously awesome.  Adding nuances here and there, just to keep it interesting!

Very special thanks to the AAIV group, who appeared to attend all of the concerts inercole audience sao paolo Brazil and uploading their clips to Instagram.  Also thanks to all owners of the videos and pictures and of course Ercole, Piero, and Gianluca, for always keeping us entertained.  🙂

I’d also like to welcome all the fans from the AAIV site, to enjoy our site.  Please forward to all of your friends!  🙂 


OMG PICS!  (we of course do not have the group from Sep 24 because it is tonight’s concert)   (look, a REAL Igna fan at the end of this one – the look on Igna’s face is priceless!)  Sorry Marie, that should have been you – wait, I think there is one of you like that?  lol!

My doctor said I should add more cardio to my exercise routine, do you think he would approve of this?  🙂 Picture3

Piero – looking up and down at life!

The picture was a little gift from the hotel….was Piero trying to be incognito?  🙂 

I think he might just have to retire that shirt….

piero sp

Hey, guys, can you let us in on the joke?   🙂 



trio brazil


And now a few videos…





curitiba fan


Muchas Gracias Todos!  🙂

Hasta luego!  (3 more to go, Igna gets to spend his birthday at home with darling Alessandra, then it’s off to the Ukraine, Japan, and home for the holidays – and a night on a cruise ship? 🙂 ) And can’t forget Australia!


12 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Brasilia! Curitiba/Sao Paolo – Sep 19 – 24, 2017”

  1. Thanks for the clips of the concerts Jana. Glad to hear Ignazio is going home for his birthday. After all those concerts then they will be staying home. Is that right no concerts in the States until 2019? Of course they shurely need a rest.

    1. If they do any concerts, they will be a surprise and delight to many. I imagine they may make some special appearances here and there around the world, maybe even in the US. We don’t know anything yet. They need to finish this tour and year off first, take a few breaths and then decide what they are going to do. Barbara likely has them booked into the first quarter next year! lol!

  2. Thank you so much, you always make my day. I love the clips and my cardio has been well exercised xxxxx

  3. Thanks, Jana! The Boys have such a marvelous time in the Latin American countries!!! Love the clips & videos!!! It is good that they are having some time off!!! They do need it! These precious young men make my days much brighter! Love them!!!

  4. Jana, I have to say that the audience responds with a lot of transport but it is easy for them to be carried by the songs that have been inserted in the second part of the concert, the boys themselves pull off their jacket and tie just to prove they are in a part most pop of the concert.
    Anyway, it’s always great to see and hear these guys and see how much love they spread around them.

  5. What cruise ship will they be on and when? Will they perform? wouldn’t that be the dream come true–to be on a cruise with them!!!!

  6. I just had the opportunity to check this all out. 2019. Oh no!!!!!. I know they need a rest but gosh that’s so far in the future. Love all the photos, posts, and updates about IL Volo, but, live concerts and meet and greets are best.

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