Thoughts on Ignazio, by Daniela

Ignazio has posted on Instagram this  beautiful photo.




Ignazio’s sincere look gives a deep affection and respect to the person who is close to him.

From this shot, these comments were born.

Melina AnastasiThis photo does not require comments !!! 

Ignazio has called it “life lessons.” It is infinite delicacy, affection, depth and attention, Ignazio’s glance is a caress of the soul!

Carmen Verdi = After the summer fun, the sea, the car races, the laughter with friends, the carefree, the time comes to stop, listen, and follow the advice. To listen carefully to the story of a difficult and tiring life as it would have been for the elderly relative and to take lessons. Not everything is taken in life, I imagine the wise man, strong in his experience, and Ignazio seems to hang from his lips, looks at him with respect, admiration, and even affection. These meetings are good, they bring to reality, they do not lose sight of reality, they remind, if they ever need to, always have their feet well planted on the floor and never forget where they left. We know how Ignazio is ready to listen.


Ignazio always amazes us, what is your thought?

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29 thoughts on “Thoughts on Ignazio, by Daniela”

  1. I think whar is so wonderful about these fine young men and what we all admire about them is their respect and love they show for their families and friends . I do not know who the gentleman in the photo is, but He is probably someone close to Igna. They show the same respect and kindness to their fans and indeed seem well grounded on their life values. May they never lose that quality.
    Daniela , I have a personal question for you and do not have a way of reaching you personally, so I will leave my question here.
    My husband and I have been doing house exchanging for several years and have been able to see a lot of the world from these homes. We just received an exchange offer from Brescia Italy and I think that may be where you live. What do you think about the possibility of spending couple of weeks in Brescia? We are mostly non Italian speaking. Could we manage with English!
    Thanks for your thoughts

    1. Hi Janet, it’s great that you have the chance to change home with someone from Brescia.
      Brescia offers many good opportunities but I should understand what you are looking for. If you are looking for the sea you are a bit too far away, but Brescia offers beautiful lakes, hills, vineyards, rich history, Roman remains and a beautiful castle fortress. But you know in what area of ​​Brescia you would be located?
      We could also meet you and I could get you a guide for a visit to the city, as it was for Marie and Jane.
      Let me have some more news so that I can answer you. I am on facebook with my name Daniela Perani. When would you come to Brescia?

  2. Janet, I am certain Daniela will answer your question. Jane and I had the privilege of visiting Daniela and Beppe in Brescia. TAKE THAT OPPORTUNITY TO GO THERE! It is a most beautiful and wonderful city. There is an acient regal castle with views you would not believe. I fell in love with the ancient Greek ruins, the churches, the statues, the buildings and, of course, Daniela and Beppe. You do not have to know the language to understand and appreciate that city.

    1. thanks Marie. I think I remember the beautiful photos that you posted from you trip. It is an offer I find it hard to refuse!

    2. Marie, what a sweet woman you are, thank you for saying these cute things. I guess I knew that day you liked so much like me and Beppe. I’m really happy that Brescia liked you. It’s been almost a year since.
      We wait for you and Jane to make a return trip !!

  3. Thank you Daniela and Jane. And thanks especially to Carmin for her lovely review of the photo. Feet well planted, always learning, humble and respectful to fans and famiglia…thats our Boys! Do we have any doubt they will stay that way? No…would already have happened. I could not love them more for who and what they are. For who and what HE is.

    1. Marie all of us love the kids beyond for their skill, even for their way of life, for the respect they have towards people and even to fans.
      They are precious guys.
      Carmen really wrote about pretty things.

      I thank Jane who has the task of correcting and viewing what I am sending. Thank you!!

  4. Some people are born with a “kind heart” that shows in every thing they do. Ignazio is blessed with this type of heart. All three boys appreciate what life has given them and are not taking their fame for granted.
    Daniela, thanks again for a lovely post.

    1. Gina, I think Ignazio in many respects is perhaps the most reserved of the trio, but his heart is really great.
      All three have had a very respectful education from their parents and the results are really great.

  5. Daniela, is there any way to find out who the gentleman is? The boys have always shown love and respect to their parents, grandparents and loved ones and fans. Their parents are very special people and have raised 3 very special young men. I consider myself fortunate to have found them. They are a breath of fresh air in this world we live in.

      1. I don’t know why, but I was under the impression that he had lost both of his grandfathers. It’s a very nice picture.

      2. Jill, he is not Ignazio’s grandfather, is his uncle, Ignatius went to find his uncle during the summer holidays, at that moment this photo was made.

    1. Sure RoseMarie, I read that the person in the photo is Ignazio’s uncle.
      We are all lucky to have found these guys, they are really a breath of fresh air.
      With today’s times it is almost amazing to find so gentle, educated, never exaggerated, and humble guys.

  6. I agree with all of the above. When Ignazio came off the stage to ask if I got home safely from the previous day I was flabergasted. He is my treasure. The next concert I am going to make sure I speak to all of their parents. Last time I breafly spoke to Piero’s Dad. So hope to do the same again to whoever is there. We all are blessed & priveleged

    1. Loretta I understand what you mean, a year ago I was in Milan at the CD signing and while I waited for my turn I saw Gianluca’s daddy who was there, I braved and I shook his hand and said to compliment the boys because they are very good.
      They are so nice and simple people.

  7. Daniela I was lucky to have a friend from Italy with me at the concert I saw Mr. Barone at & he translated for me. I didn’t say much but say how the voice of Piero’s was magnificent. I have seen the parents at other concerts but never thought to speak to them. When I was standing in line at a few concerts ago in TorontoI wanted to speak to Barbara but didn’t want to be so forward until someone who knew her told her I wanted to speak to her & she came over & spoke to me. She is so beautiful & was all tongtied. Only thing I could think of to say was how lucky she was to be with the guys. Stupid eh??

    1. I understand you Loretta, in those moments the mind fails to be rational, you want to say and do a thousand things but you can not think of anything, as if everything was canceled. Then when you’re away and go back to being rational you think “that silly, I could ask him this thing”

    2. Hi Loretta–I also was tongue tied when meeting Barbara, she was at a meet & greet. I managed one sentence–I told her how much we appreciate everything she does for the boys. I was glad I managed that much!

  8. Jill you & I are & a few others are probably elderly but not old I will not accept that because when I dress up to look my best I don’t look at myself & call me old. I’m well put together which is what I hope the guys see me as especially my precious Ignazio.

    1. Brava Loretta, you did well to pull her ears to Jill, here is no old woman, we are differently young people, with a very young spirit and the rest a little more mature.

  9. Love all your comments, thank you Daniela!! I think Jane is still on vacation for a few days! I will be so glad when she is back!! 🙂 Yes, I also did not feel comfortable approaching the parents without a little intro from another friend. I did hear the parents stay on the sides, as they say the “boys” are the attraction, not them. I spoke to Barbara the first time this year in Detroit, with the help of a friend, then by the time we got to Atlanta, she recognized me and it was very natural to speak with her. 🙂

    1. Perfect Jana, and next time with Barbara you will have a long talk.
      I’m glad Jane is on vacation a few days, as soon as she comes back will come back to help you.

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