Survey Monkey Results! First round…

A little over a month ago, I put together the first ever little survey, to see what our fans are made of!  🙂  Of course there was a “lot” of sugar and spice, very few puppy dog tails, and of course, everything nice!!  I had a total of 138 responses, which I felt was pretty good.  I have to say some of the results really surprised me.  Not everyone answered every question and the numbers reflect the actual numbers, instead of percentages.  I did get some comments from some of the 66+ crowd, that they wanted a higher age range of ages after the 66.  Maybe next time!  I’m also thinking this might be interesting data to send to Barbara and the guys?  It is really quite a small sampling, but even with a small sampling, the majorities often tend to hold true, when expanded to a larger audience.

Certainly a big “Thank You!” to those of you that responded and were very open and honest.  By the way, the names will be kept private to protect the innocent.  Lol!

The results below are five of the multiple choice questions.  I will post the open ended questions/answers at a later time.  Please enjoy this little bit of data, while we await a few more pictures and videos to come out from Buenos Aires!

I have to say I was really surprised by this one.  I thought for sure most people really had a favorite.  But more than half said they loved all 3!  However, if they had to choose, our beloved (mine, Marie’s, and a several others’ favorite) Igna, won the most hearts!  But is it really any surprise?  🙂 

who is favorite

Although not an official DVD, hands down, my favorite is their Verona concert from 2015!

favorite dvd

how many italy



Here are a few leftover pictures from the last concert in Sao Paolo!  Enjoy!  Ok, not sure why the pictures are in there twice, well, I know why, because I hit them twice, but I can’t see them on my end here and can’t delete them!  I’m sure you won’t mind looking at them twice?  🙂 



Adios!  Buenos Dias y Buenos Noches!  Tenga un Buen Dia!!  🙂  Sonrisas todos!  🙂 

(sorry, just practicing my Spanish a bit….)



24 thoughts on “Survey Monkey Results! First round…”

  1. Hi Daniela I meant to tell you yesterday that I thought the pictures of Brescia are beautiful. It must be a lovely place to live. Again it makes me want to see Italia so bad. So much beauty to see.

  2. Thanks, Jana for the fun survey & the equally fun results!!! Appears that we older Grandmas won the first prize!!! I am one of those who chose All of them for my answer most of the time. I do think that Notte Magica is my favorite DVD now!!! I love these precious young men so much, they each hold a special place in my heart! Amore a tutti!

  3. Hi Jana, I agree that the results are interesting.
    I just want to say here–because maybe someone “in charge” will be reading this page, that I personally do not care for the DVDs any more as I feel that PBS edits out all of the spontaneity and fun of the concerts. They just leave in the songs one after another. And not all the songs, either! In my view the purpose of the DVD is to relive the concert, not to have a visual CD. The best DVD was the first one in Detroit because they left in everything.
    Does anyone else feel this way?

    1. Penina also I think like you, I think the best thing would be to record the live CD and do not make adjustments.

  4. My view is whatever they do, whatever they sing or hum or whistle or just stand there & look handsome or if they want to do cartwheals or tapdance is fine by me. They are gorgeous to look at especially my precious Ignazio, they are gorgeous whatever they do or whatever they wear. In other words they are perfection hands down with voices no one can match.

  5. Jana I really liked this poll and I liked the results as well.
    It is natural that everyone has their own preferences, but it turns out that we love the group, IL VOLO and everything they sing.
    It was very interesting and fun.
    I hope there will be some more polls.
    I also like the Arena concert but also the concert recorded at the Forum di Milano, both live streaming recordings.

  6. I am going to ask a favor: Please do not send any information that suggests that one guy is more loved than another. We don’t need to share that info. and it would be, I think, rude and unfeeling to show that to the boys. Just let them know that we love all three of them and that is all there is or needs to be to it. That pie chart shows that Piero is not as loved as the other two guys and do we need to hurt his feelings by telling him that.

    Sad truth is that they get that kind of hurtful stuff everyday from fans back stage: ” Oh, you are my favorite” or ” I don’t like the others as much as you”, etc. etc.

    Some people wanted us to do that at the Il Volo Fan Faire and we did not.

    otherwise this is very interesting.

      1. I join in agreeing with Myron 100 % All three are great and we would not change anything about either one of them. I also agree regarding the DVDs and the editing. The best one was certainly the original from Detroit. If a DVD is going to be made of a concert it should contain ALL the songs and “funny” moments.

      2. I wish there were some way we could let them know how we feel about this. I found the last couple of DVDs to be so sterile I didn’t enjoy them at all–the Notte Magica one was a bit better–maybe because it evoked the original concert more in some way–possibly because they showed the audience in the square more.

      3. I absolutely agree with Myron. It would be so hurtful to Piero. And Piero has been special to me from the time I first saw them on American Idol. I was away and did not participate in the survey, but Piero would have had my vote and it might have made a difference in the outcome. The three of them are so precious in every way. Let’s not hurt anyone’s feelings. They don’t deserve that.

    1. II agree with Myron, too. I answered that I like all three of them because I truly do. I’ve gravitated towards Piero from the first time I heard and saw them, but I feel that is incidental, thus my response on the survey that I like all three. I guess it’s like if you have three kids — how could one really have ” a favorite”. 🙂 (Heck, at this point in 2017, I think I can love just about anybody; every one is unique. It’s quite fascinating, really.

  7. This survey was a fun thing. Piero has his own attraction. He reminds me of an uncle. Ignazio ‘s eyes and dimples remind me of my husband. Guinluca is in a class by himself..OOOO.

  8. Piero has been No. 1 in my heart since I first heard them on the Detroit PBS Special. And of course, I love the other two nearly as much. I have been gone most of the summer, so I missed the survey. So I most certainly don’t want any feelings to be hurt, especially not Piero’s. ~ Allene

    1. Actually, this survey was open to all persons that read this site, all over the world. We did get some from other countries, although the majority was the USA. I will post the various cities, states, and countries in a future post.

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