Happy 23rd Birthday, Ignazio!! October 4, 2017


Picture1“I just called, to say, I love you…”♥♥♥♥

We love you, from the Flight Crew!

(Thank you to Kristine Kelly for the photo from the PBS 2016 meet/greet!)

Ciao Ignazio. We wish you so much happiness on your Birthday. Your voice and personality charm everyone. We appreciate all your hard work and dedication to developing that fabulous voice of yours. You have grown so much since we first saw you on American Idol and have BirthdayBalloons2Clipartbeen devoted ever since. We saw you in Minneapolis this year and immediately made arrangements to see you in Rome in May. I came in my wheelchair with my little service dog. It was the most amazing celebration of our 50th wedding anniversary. We cannot thank you enough for all you are giving to the world. America loves you. Blessings to you and also Gianluca and Piero for working so hard to spread your love everywhere. May you have many happy Birthdays.  ~~ Dr. Jay and Victoria Wilson


Dear Ignazio,  with all my heart I want to wish you a very, very, happy birthday!  Hope your day is  very special. Love from Minnesota,  USA — Alene Shipman

“Love is the most important thing in the world,  but baseball is pretty good, too!”

Ciao, dear Ignazio, I am sending sincere, loving Happy Birthday wishes to you. May you enjoy a splendid day at home with your family and dear Alessandra!! Thank you from my heart for your wonderful voice, beautiful music, and kindness you always show to your fans…including me. ♥ I am one of the many Nonna’s, who love you, especially in the U.S. Thank you for helping me stand steadily at the Opera House in Chicago last March. Looking forward to another U.S. Concert!!! Success and blessings abound for you in your future, dear Ignazio!!! ♥Harriett from Illinois U.S.A.

Happy Birthday to Ignazio the sweetest man I have ever known. God has blessed you with the most handsomest smile that lights up my day when watching videos of you singing or if I see you on stage. I am so glad I discovered Il Volo 8 or so years ago. I have had the pleasure of listening to your solos & singing with your brothers. I hope you have the best Birthday ever with your friends & your brothers & if Alessandra is traveling with you or if your get home. You are constantly in my prayers that God keeps you safe in your travels. I always remember you coming off the stage to see if I got back to Toronto safely from the concert the day before a few years ago. You are a class act to this fan. Sending you loads of love. Love you & always in my prayers. Looking forward to the next concert. Please take good care of yourself. Loretta from Toronto

Best wishes for a wonderful birthday that you will be able to spend with your family and friends. Thank you birthday-boys_1so much for the pleasure that your wonderful voice has brought to us all over the years. Enjoy your special day.
Marion Ferrari, Florida. USA

Happy Birthday, dear Ignazio! You and Piero and Gianluca have enriched my life so much since I first saw and heard you in Detroit on my public TV station here in Milwaukee. You have grown into a handsome, caring, full of life and terrific young man. And that voice!! Stay happy, enjoy your special day and I wish you the best all your life. I was lucky to see you in Milwaukee in 2014. PLEASE come back here soon.


For Ignazio: Wish you a wonderful HAPPY BIRTHDAY.  You, your music, your voice are my Grande Amore.

LOVE,  Liz Vines

Have a happy, happy birthday. So nice you will be celebrating your birthday at home this year with your loved ones. I want to thank you for all joy you have brought me over the years. I have been a big fan of Il Volo since 2011. I have watched you mature into a wonderful person. You have worked hard to reach your success and deserve every good thing that has happened to you. Have a wonderful birthday…you deserve it!! I can’t wait for your next American tour.  ~~ Sharon Mullarkey

Ignazio ~ auguri per il tuo compleanno e potrai avere molti felici ritorni di questo importante giorno nella tua vita. Vorrei anche ringraziarvi per aver condiviso il vostro bel canto con tutti noi di godere. Da Ineke in Sud Africa.

Dear Ignazio, I am so grateful for all the happy times you have brought me and thousands of others over the years since you came to our attention when you were only fourteen. We could not have dreamt how wonderful life would be for the three of you. With your sunny personality you have amazing years ahead of you. I wish you the happiest of birthdays and many, many years of splendid celebrations. With love from Vancouver Island – Lesley Newall.

Happy birthday. May you year be fill with happiness. You bring happiness to me with your beautiful voice.igna amici  ~~ Janet Pilkington

Hey Amazing One, have the best birthday ever. (And amazingly they probably will just get better each year with more and more fans wishing you happy wonderful things!). Sharon (from Detroit)

Dear Ignazio
It is hard to believe I have been watching you and listening to you for 9 years! Every year has brought more and more pleasure as you have matured and expanded your capabilities and repertoire. I love listening and watching you every day! May all your dreams come true. Wishing you every happiness on your birthday. (and please come back to Toronto!)
Penina Honig, Toronto

Ignazio, I couldn’t let Hurricane Irma stop me from wishing you a very Happy Birthday and many, many more.
Alice in Florida

Dear Ignazio, have a wonderful birthday, filled with love, family, friends, and fans. We love you. ~~ Linda P.


Happy Birthday Ignazio!  Hope you come back to Boston Mass very soon!  We missed you!  I love your voice.  Have a wonderful day!  — Rosemary Westgate

Happy birthday Ignazio. Hope you have the greatest of ignadays and may God bless you ~~ Teresa Carosi

Dear. Ignazio. Buon. Compleanno. Have. A. Wonderful. Birthday. And. Many. More. We. Love. You ~~ Jean Leto

Ignazio – have a wonderful birthday ~~ Camille Greco

Dear Ignazio,
Thank you for all of the smiles, giggles and laughs with which you have gifted us. Thank you for the thoughtfulness, enthusiasm, passion and honesty in your performances. Thank you for the love you show to others in large and small ways. Thank you for sharing your wonderful talent with us. May you have a wonderful birthday and a blessed year.
Jeanette Hicks

Lieber Ignazio,

die allerherzlichsten Glückwünsche zum Geburtstag ! 😙🎂🥂🎉🎁


Ich wünsche dir Gesundheit, viel Freude und Erfolg bei deinen Projekten und gemeinsam mit Gianluca und Piero.


Alles Liebe aus Deutschland


        von Paula Schneider 🙋‍♀️


23 ANNI!

 ti diverti con la tua famiglia e con i tuoi amici 

Ti vogliamo bene,

Angelica, Ines and Miguel Rosas

 Las Vegas, NV

Ignazio, Happiest of birthdays to you today!  May all of your wishes and dreams fill your heart with joy!
Much love,
Big birthday hugs,
A fan from Arizona,
Barbara A.  🎈🎂🎈❤️

Sue Hemshell

Carissimo Ignazio,

che dire, tu hai tutto,

sei un’artista incredibile,

hai un grande seguito di fans che ti adorano,

sei bello, dolce, affascinante, responsabile
hai una famiglia che ti protegge
e una giovane e bella donna che ti ama.
La vita ti sorride e tu sorridi a lei ,
salute e amore non ti manchino mai.
La tua voce si alzi sempre gioiosa e pura
e faccia sognare tutte noi che ti vogliamo tanto bene.
             A  U  G  U  R  I  ………………Daniela


Buon Compleano, dear Ignazio! 23 anni!

I met you for the first time in March at your Chicago concert and got a birthday hug from you as my birthday was only two days before.

Now I am wishing YOU the best of birthdays with your family and friends. I hope you have a great day!

I can’t wait to see you in person again and hear your beautiful voice. I just may have to fly to Italy next time!

Auguri é molto amore,  Patricia W. (pitterpat0) from Missouri

“Happy Birthday“ Ignazio.  I hope you all come back to the United States in 2018.  ~~ Rose Bilotta

 OCTOBER 4,  2017 

I wish you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY  IGNAZIO..  You show your gift of singing talent is not for yourself alone, but as an instrument of joy and hope to give to the rest of humanity.   I believe you respect the dignity and worth of others.  HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY to a delightful young man.  May God bless you today and for a lifetime.  Gale Wall

Ignazio, I wish you a year of…
Soaring Joy
Amazing Accomplishments
Great Gratitude
And Knowing you are Deeply Loved!
All this I’ve already sent from My Heart to Yours!
And of course, all of this already IS YOU!
Loving awe from Jeanine


It’s Party Time!!

Twenty three years ago a Star was born who would become our treasured Ignazio.  Hope you never change and stay the way you are.  You are always entertaining. making us sigh, smile or laugh.

Happy Birthday Darlin’.  Sending hugs, kisses and wishes for a great day with all your friends and loved ones.

Luv Ya,

Julie Bernache

Happy birthday wishes for a wonderful day…especially, enjoying your birthday  at home with family and all your loved ones!

Additionally, congratulations for continuing to stretch your musical muscles by learning to conduct an orchestra.  I am so proud of you!  You continue to grow and become even more musically talented with each passing year.  Hugs!

Sandi Eyman

Flight Crew member from Ohio🎂🎶

Best wishes from one Libra to another love you 🎶💕  ~~ Maureen Perucca

Happy, Happy Birthday Dear Ignazio. You are such a sweet young man. Enjoy your day to the fullest. You definitely deserve it.
🎂🎉🎊🎁💙💙🎂 ~~ Maria Marques

Hi!  Ignazio.    A great big Happy Birthday from the Las Vegas team –

Myron and Jeannette from the

las vegas monte carlo
Las Vegas  Il  Volo  Fan


Myron Heaton & Jeannette Giglio


Buon Compleanno Ignazio!! Wow, you are turning 23!! You have already accomplished so much in your young life, and I am sure that there will be many more successes in your future. I have attended several concerts and you always leave your fans wanting more not only for your beautiful voice but for your infectious personality when on stage. You are a “Package of Perfection.”  Your smile says it all! Love my picture from M&G Notte  Magica Concert in Miami🤗 Tanti Auguri Annette Naples, Fl ❤️❤️

Dear Ignazio,
I wish you the most joyful of birthdays spent with your family and loved ones. I will be thinking of you on your special day with love and gratitude for you for your beautiful music, your beautiful heart and your beautiful soul. Listening to you and Piero and Gianluca transports me to the most peaceful serene place each and every time I hear your gorgeous voices. May you enjoy every happiness in your personal and professional life and may God bless you and your brothers and keep you in the palm of His hand always. Love and blessings
Margaret D. Mirailh

               HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO…..
Edward Hawkins

Dear Ignazio.  Wishing you a very special  23rd birthday. I hope your day is filled with love and happiness .  Your beautiful voice is such a gift , and one that I hope to be able to listen for many years to come.  You and your Il Volo brothers touch my heart and always make me smile.
Blessings on you as you begin another successful year your life.
San Francisco, California

Happy Birthday Ignazio!

 I wish you a year filled with love, joy, peace and much happiness!

 “Una Notte Magica” was just that!  Love all the songs, and I am so grateful to have seen you, Piero and Gianluca in Easton and at Radio City Music Hall in March.  The concerts were wonderful and you all were perfect. Hopefully you can make some visits to the US in 2018, and I know we can look forward to more beautiful music!

Thank you for all the joy and love you give. Love and blessings to all!

Margaret Ladolcetta



 Can You Feel the Love Tonight for all the Little Things you do for us?
You make me Smile when you sing.  I hope you have a Beautiful Day,
Buon Compleano,  Eternally yours, 


Rose Marie Paliobeis, Cleveland, Ohio


Hard to believe it’s time to wish you Happy Birthday once again. As one who has witnessed your professional growth for several years now, the best I can wish for you is even more of the brilliant success you have earned.

Buon Compleanno, my dear young man. 🎂

~Marie Crider


Happy Birthday, Ignazio!You light up our world with your beautiful smile and superb voice.  
I wish you a year of fun, love, and pure joy.  The kind you give to others so freely.
Jane from Minnesota

Caro Ignazio,
  Buon Compleanno!!   23 annos!!   Tanti Aguri
Have a wonderful Day!!  You will “Be On The Road Again” for your Special Day!!  Enjoy it with your Musical Family!!  Ignazio, I love all your music!!   Your wonderful tenor voice gets better & better!!  Any of your songs give me many emotions & happiness!! This year is sure to bring many more honors & awards fullfilling more of your musical goals & dreams!! Notte Magica is a magnificent tribute to The Three Tenors!!!  Thank you for being so sweet & charming to me when we meet!! That is who your are. A talented, humorous, gracious, loving, precious young man whose  love of music is his life!! Again, let me thank your wonderful Parents for sharing their cherished son with the World!!
   Amore, Nonna Anne

May your guardian angels keep you from all harm that you may find on your flight. You have become a beautiful swan, your voice developed to be more stunning every year, bringing joy in so many lives. It’s a soothing, and quickening delight. Thank you for all the BirthdayBalloons2Cliparthard work, strength and endurance, your family and the crew are going through since 2009, to achieve this perfection. Thank you, Igna, grazie i molti baci, from Astrid from Bavaria, who met you this year on the train track from Düsseldorf to Hamburg!



Dearest Ignazio as you turn “23” I am thankful that you came into my life as an adorable 14 year old and are still in my life today enchanting me with your magnificent voice, big heart, captivating smile and playful amore della vita !! You make me and millions of other Il Volovers all around the world very happy everyday !! You will be home for your birthday this year so have a beautiful day with your family, friends and your lovely sweetheart Alessandra !!
Happy “23rd ” Birthday
All My Love, Joan Brenin

Peace and Happiness today and always and may the Good Lord grant you so many more wonderful birthdays!  God bless you!

Margaret Camilleri Pace

Tanti Auguri, Ignazio!!  Happy 23rd!

The Detroit Il Volo Gals!CAKE

Jana/Virginia/Emilia/Sharon/Chris/Barb T/Barb D/Lorna/Donna/Magdalena

Unfortunately, it appears Igna was not able to go home for his birthday, but is in sunny Miami with the Estefan’s!  I’m sure he will have a great party with them!



63 thoughts on “Happy 23rd Birthday, Ignazio!! October 4, 2017”

  1. Il nostro Ignazio oggi compie 23 anni. Ventitre anni intensi e vissuti consapevolmente. Il mondo nascosto, segreto, complesso e complicato che si porta dentro, che il più delle volte è troppo da esprimere, traspare e irrompe prepotente quando canta, quando si apre alla musica e si chiude al mondo. La musica è Il suo rifugio, la sua casa. Lui tanto mattatore e burlone sul palco, fuori è riservato e schivo, serio, discreto e modesto. Si imbarazza dei complimenti, non fa mostra di sé. Non è perfetto, ma i suoi difetti lo rendono vero e speciale.
    Ignazio, la tua voce incanta, i tuoi occhi parlano, il tuo sorriso illumina, la tua anima profuma, il tuo cuore splende. Sei musica, sei armonia, sei allegria, sei energia, sei passione, sei commozione, sei emozione, sei fascino. Tu sei bellezza e amore in tutti i sensi e nel significato più ampio dei termini. Che la vita ti sia sempre dolce e propizia. Buon compleanno principe!

    1. Brava Melina you wrote your wishes here too.
      Your words are so beautiful that I translate them for everyone.

      Our Ignatius today is 23 years old. Twenty-three years of intense and conscious life. The hidden, secret, complex and complicated world that he has inside, and that most of the time is too much to express, overwhelm and burst intoxicating when he sings when he opens himself to music and closes himself to the world. Music is his refuge, his home.
      He’s so jockey and confused on stage, he’s out is serious, discreet and modest.
      He’s embarrassed about compliments, he does not show himself. He’s not perfect, but its faults make it real and special.
      Ignazio, your voice is enchanting, your eyes speak, your smile illuminates, your soul smells, your heart shines.
      You are music, you are harmony, you are cheer, you are energy, you are passion, you are emotion, you are emotions, you are charms.
      You are beauty and love in all senses and in the wider meaning of terms. Let your life always be sweet and kind. Good birthday prince!

  2. Today our dear Ignazio is 23. Twenty three intense years that he lived consciously. The hidden, secret, complex and complicated world that he has inside, which is too deep to express, show through and shine when he sings, when opens to the music and closes do the World. Music is his shelter, his home. He is so show-man and comedian on stage, but so reserved and shy, serious, discreet and simple outside. He is embarassed by compliment, doesn’t put himself on display. He isn’t perfect but his faults make him real and special.
    Ignazio, your voice enchants, your eyes speak, your smile enlightens, your soul gleams, your heart glares. You are music, you are armony, you are joy, you are vitality, you are passion, you are emotion, you are charm. You are beauty and love in all senses and wider meaning of terms.That life is always sweet and kind to you. Happy birthday prince!

  3. Kelly thanks for putting this together. Time is flying by too fast. I fell in love with the young chubby boy in 2009 and can not believe he is now 23.

  4. On behalf of all Flight Crew members may I say “Thank You” so much Kelly for all your hard work in putting this birthday acknowledgement for Ignazio together . I hope he has a wonderful day and is able to read all the beautiful sentiments sent from Flight Crew members.

  5. My Flight Crew friends your Birthday Greetings are so eloquent & heartfelt I am in awe!!! Such beautiful sentiment!!! Our Ignazio can be sure that he is loved & cherished by all of us forever!!! Truly, WE ARE LOVE!!!

  6. Incredible video Kelly! You must have been up really late! Awesome job!! I think there were even a few pictures I hadn’t seen before.

    1. Jana I presume you have been helping Kelly thank you she works so hard for this blog, your help is so appreciated. I hope there is a way to contact Ignazio to look at the greetings he has received from us. I want him to know how much he is loved.

      1. Yes, I help a little, but she does most of the work for the birthday video posts and collects and loads all the greetings. I just make them “pretty!” lol! 🙂

      2. I was just going to remark that you need some credit here, too. 😊. Making the post pretty is several hours of work on its own, and I very much appreciate it!

      3. Thank you, Loretta. :). But let me set the record straight: I can’t take any credit for how well the site runs. I do very little. We have so many volunteers (whom I’m afraid to try to name individually for fear I’ll forget someone) that are able to put in much more time than I can. Thank you all for keeping this ship afloat! 💕

  7. Thank you Kelly for putting together a very special birthday video to Ignazio! I loved it ❤️ I hope he does see it & all of the birthday greetings from his many Flight Crew fans!🤗

  8. Kelly, what a wonderful presentation of all the loving wishes for our handsome, cheery, warmhearted Igna! I wish I coul see the Video, too, but for some reason my Laptop won’t Play the flight Crew Videos anymore…! Still, perfect Job, as always!!!

  9. That’s quite a memorable Birthday present for a swell guy, Kelly, Jana and everyone. (If the video montage has music, I’m not having success getting the audio).

  10. I have given up counting my own birthdays; but at age 23, Ignazio has many more years before he has to copy me!

    I found all these tributes very moving. I don’t really have a favorite among the three. Each has so many fine qualities that every time I think I prefer one, I find something in the others to change my mind. But, today is Ignazio’s special day and he deserves to be the center of attention and to receive all of the warm messages, greetings and good wishes sent by so many Flight Crew members.

    I had some time this afternoon to watch the video of the concert at the Mediolanum Forum, Asiago ,near Milan, in January 2016. While singing “Volare”, early in the concert, Ignazio was “dancing” with three little girls. I think that short sequence captures the warmth of his personality, his humanity and how he is at ease with anyone of any age. While his voice is amazing, and his sense of humor unequaled, above all, he is such a fine human being!

    Some of the tributes refer to him as a prince. If only real princes could comport themselves like Ignazio, I would not be a republican. (I do not use that word in the sense of the GOP in the USA!)

    Buon compleanno, Ignazio! Ti auguro tutto il bene del mondo! L’Inghilterra ti aspetta nel prossimo futuro con i tuoi “fratelli d’arte” – Piero e Gianluca.

  11. Thanks Kelly for working so hard on this blog & adding my birthday greetings above for our precious young man Ignazio. He is so lovable. I hope for his birthday he receives everything he wished for.

  12. Thank you so much for posting this amazing loving tribute to our Ignazio Kelly. Reading all the special birthday tributes full of love for Ignazio was incredible. I was so excited to see my birthday wishes were included. I am full of happiness and love for Ignazio today on his 23rd birthday and I know all us ladies & gentlemen are truly grateful for the wonder of Ignazio. He is a walking (and singing!) bundle of love and joy. God blessed us with this special young man and may God continue to protect and bless Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca. I too hope he is able to read all the messages sent with love ❤️ today to the one and only Ignazio.

  13. Dear Kelly, I know I already thanked you for adding my name to Igna’s birthday video, but from the bottom of MY heart, I can’t tell you how much it meant to me. Made my day, month, and probably my year too. Just to be associated a tiny bit with Igna is more than I imagined.

    1. Aww! Thank you for suggesting it, and I’m glad to make your day. I think taking suggestions worked pretty well, so I’ll probably keep doing it. 🙂

      1. Yes, Rose Marie with your awesome song and artist choice (!), Jana (beauty of posts!), Kelly (inspiration, creativity, and love), Marie (vision, foundation, and sharings to make us smile) all our writers, helpers, communicators, and EveryOne of you who help to make this a wonderful place to celebrate, experience, and love IL VOLO and our Flight Crew… you are Awesome! Thank you!!

        Love from Jeanine

  14. Kelly I just saw the video didn’t see it when I made my post. It is amazing the song choice is perfect Ignazio’s favorite Stevie Wonder singing this wonderful song. I was smiling the whole time watching it. You are terrific thanks a million for all you do!

  15. Hi Jana, I feel bad for Ignazio and his brothers regarding “sunny Miami”. We and they are having cloudy, windy, gusty, rainy weather here in southeastern Fl. No doubt the Estefans’ will be making their time here very pleasant, despite the forecasted deteriorating weather conditions this evening, through overnight and through tomorrow — when we’re (including Miami) forecast to have stronger wind with gusts up to about 35 mph (or more) and rain, heavy at times, with local flooding possible in Miami and other low-lying areas in Fl. Once again, they are fortunate because that possible hurricane is forecast to make a landfall on Sunday, but on the northern Gulf side of Fl., meaning it will spare Miami, except for probable rainfall as it goes on by and up the Gulf, forecast as a possible cat. 1, anywhere from the Fl. ‘panhandle’ to about New Orleans and then move northward, gradually fizzling out. I don’t know how long they’re recording in Miami, but I see that they have a concert date in Russia in late October. I hope they will have clear, calm weather when they fly out of Fl. Forecast currently shows pretty much daily clouds and rain in Miami (and here) until about Columbus Day, Oct. 12th. Personally, I know that this Autumn here has been pretty wet n’wild; not ‘normal’. Happy to report that suddenly I got the audio on the video tribute to Ignazio, about an hour ago. Hel’ll enjoy the Stevie Wonder song. Hoping, too, that he’ll check here, or a friend or relative will check and alert him to the gift of all that love waiting here for him. (We should all be loved so well!).

    1. Laura – so sorry it is not sunny in Miami… Florida IS the sunshine state? 🙂 Yeah, y’all have to come to Michigan. It’s been absolutely beautiful here in Detroit a little cool here and there but has warmed to 70s and near 80s this week and very sunny, although a few sprinkles this evening and into tomorrow. Yikes, didn’t know another hurricane was possibly in the forecast!

      1. Hey, Jana! You and Kelly and all your volunteers are awesome, alright, and smart. The Great Lakes region may one day start seeing an influx of new residents from all over if the climate can’t straighten out. You tempt me! No desire t’ scare ye, but this year, there could be even a third one.. or fourth… (Perish the possibility!). The Atlantic activity normally will all quiet down by the last day of November. Meanwhile, those in the typical target areas have t’ be keepin’ an eye on things: Ahoy! ….. Meanwhile, from the looks of the lads in the pictures above, they seem to be havin’ a grand time in Miami and surely will, come rain or come shine, for as Gianluca advises, they do seem to “think Positive.” 🌻😇🌄

  16. Beautiful video, Kelly!
    And many wonderful wishes to Our beloved Ignazio! Thanks so much, Kelly, for helping us reach out to our precious brother!

    Grande Amore,

  17. I just loved the Video. Thanks so very much for your hard work in doing this for us and for Ignazio, Kelly! – Allene

  18. I’m in awl & full of joy with all the wonderful tributes to Ignazio, he is a multitalented artist. When singing with Gianluca & Piero, the perfection is just amazing. I wish him all the love, joy and respect he gives us all. Happy, Happy Birthday Ignazio, God has blessed you, you are a treasure and a extraordinary human being . Flight Crew your best wishes for a very happy birthday are just beautiful, Buon Compleanno Thank you all.

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