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Daniela was kind enough to find this article and translate it for us here!   We already knew it was going to be Latin/Spanish and geared toward the Latin crowd, but I know we will love it anyway!  Spanish is actually easier to understand than Italian and we know the guys will put their heart and soul into it, as always and will have a lot of fun making this one!  Here is translation from Daniela!  Grazie mille! or should I say – Muchas gracias!  🙂  

Today is published by Optimagazine this article about the new album of IL VOLO.


 It will be released in 2018 with the promise of a big pop revolution: IL VOLO is already working on the new unedited album.

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Begin to leak the first clues to the new album of IL Volo, which will be totally pop-kind as they had anticipated in recent months, during the World Night Tour – A Tribute to the Three Tenors started from Vienna on April 21st.

 The lucky tour has touched several European and Italian cities, and then landed on the American continent. Since September, the group has resumed the tour in Latin America, and is now working on the new pop album designed for the public and the Latin market. Produced by Emilio Estefan, husband of celebrity Gloria Estefan, the new album Il Volo will almost certainly be released by 2018, for which the three boys have been searching for melodies and lyrics, all in a newer popular dress. And from the words of the three tenors we really have to expect a great revolution!

“It will be a new pop project and we’ll surprise you, maybe there will be something with Ermal Meta and Tiziano Ferro, but we’ll see.”

Although they had expressed the desire for a break from the stages, Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble left clues that make it clear that they were already in the studio to work on the new album of unpublished, but without hurry. “We will publish the new project when it is ready, we have no deadlines,” said Piero Barone.


At the moment, the band is devoting to the next album, and the world tour will resume in late November for the last two live concerts in Japan: November 28 will perform in Tokyo, and December 1 at Kawasaki.

The Magic Night Tour – Tribute to the Three Tenors has brought the latest record project by Michele Torpedine to the stage, which honors the show “I Tre Tenori”: Luciano Pavarotti, José Carreras and Placido Domingo, who participated in the album. Both the record and the tour have hit a huge hit all over the world with numerous dates sold out.

 written by Federica Cacio, translated by Daniela


From Gian…”something’s going to change….”

 A cute little birthday greeting from Gian to Ignazio!

Guys in the studio on Igna’s birthday – looks like he wants cake!


Time to Record!


Ciao – Jana

34 thoughts on “Latest on New Album – Article Translation from Daniela!”

  1. I hope this recording gives us lots of upbeat music, stuff to dance my fat little self skinny! I hope when they get to debut the new music that they get to ditch the tuxes and just really cut loose like the young men they are!

  2. I’m with you Pirate I can’t wait to hear the new album sounds like it will be a blast for Il Volo and I’m sure they will do an awesome job like they always to and to see them on stage doing this albums tour should be a whole lot of fun and excitement can’t wait.

  3. I love Our Guys songs in Italian & Spanish in their Grande Amore album. Definitely danceable! I do it all the time by the river! Woo hoo! Cuttin’ loose! 😊

    Loving the excitement…

  4. It seems to me the guys are leaking a few remarks that the new album will have other artists singing on it. If so then that part of the CD will not be worn out. I am selfish I only want to hear THEM sing. There are no other singers I want to hear.

    1. I agree! I want only voices of Il Volo. Could be the producer wants to use the CD as a way to introduce others; but, we want to hear only Il Volo.

    2. They have had guest singers on their albums before – some of them were good choices like Placido and other guests not so great !

  5. Yes, I too, hope they ditch the tux and be their young selfes again. I also agree with having il volo pure on the CD/DVD’s, without other voices disturbing. It’s just one kind of a sound and nobody else fits in that harmony!!!

  6. I will probably be kicked off the site for saying this, but I don’t like their current music very well. Still adore them, am in awe of their talent and success, but wish they would stick with what made them so wonderful. Remember Take Flight at Detroit Opera House. I still watch it all the time. And I really hate it when they have other people s8ng with them. Their Christmas performance at Assissi was breathtaking u til the woman joined thdm…yuk. last year around Christmas on some morning talk show they were a guest, a young girl about their age joined them, again yuk.
    Ok I’ve had my say.

    1. I love their first PBS concert, too, Barbara. Love all their PBS concerts, but that one probably has just a tad more wear on it. Really liked the stage lighting in it, also. By the way, you made me LOL. I think you’re courageous and funny. 😂😅

      1. Thanks for your sweet words. My second favorite was Pompeii. My husband and I toured Pompeii about 15 yrs ago. When their concert starts and announcer says live from Pompeii I get chills.

    2. Hi Barb, and hope you are feeling better!! It’s ok, everyone likes different types of music. Never thought I’d like the opera but that music just shows off their beautiful strong vocals/tones, unlike the pop music, where the phrasing of words is choppy, and just leaves you wanting more…

    1. Sorry the attachment did not come out. If you go to il volo mundial instagram it can be found there

  7. I would say that we are all in fibrillation for the new CD, surely it will have a different pace, but their voices will rejoice us again and we all as usual will fall in love even more than Ignazio, Piero and Gianluca.

  8. Our special young men are older now & I think are beginning to take over their careers & make their own decisions.
    I am saying this because I have just listened to Tiziano Ferro & Emal Meto the 2 men who might be singing on the new CD. In my opinion & don’t forget our guys voices are way above anyone elses that Tiziano & Emal cannot compare to Il Volo & from what I have read in searching information our Il Volo sweethearts like to help other singers. So as much as we are huffing & puffing what we want our guys to do be careful what each of us is saying. I for one don’t want to lose our precious mens notice & affection that they give this site. They are far superior to other singers with caring hearts & who notice where they can be helpful. I also don’t want any other voice on the next CD only theirs but more than anything in the world I don’t want to lose them & their attention that they give this site. I like the recognition I get when they see me at their concert & the willingness to talk to us in the meet greets. I am only writing this to keep things on an keel. I don’t care if no one agrees with me I’m basicly thinking of me that having access to them after a concert brings me loads of joy that sustains me until the next concert. I want to see their smiles at not turning their backs on us.

    1. Loretta, I use the translator and I hope understand the meaning of what you wrote, I just wanted to make a clarification and a reassurance, Titian Ferro and Ermal Meta will not sing in the CD with the boys, both Titian and Ermal are great composers , they write beautiful song lyrics, the collaboration with them will only be for song writing.
      I also agree with all of you that IL VOLO does not need the support of any other singer in the CD, we want to hear their unique and beautiful voices.

      1. oh, Daniela. thank you so much for this clarification. that the 2 men are composers and not singing with them.
        what a relief. we can all be happy them.

      2. Hi Cynthia, in fact Tiziano Ferro and Ermal Meta are singers but also songwriters, I do not think they will perform with IL VOLO in the CD, maybe on some occasions. Remember you L’Amore si muove, is written by Renga who is also singer but has not sang with them. They performed together with Renga at the Verona Concert and sang L’ Immensità.
        The songs of Ermal and Ferro are very much appreciated, so the boys kept us in this collaboration.

  9. It really is hard to plan guest singers to join Il Volo and come out with a good sound. Usually, the guest is not trained and does not present a nice full, rich sound like the guys do. Rough comparison

    1. Myron, this is true.
      Have you heard the version of My Way that the guys sang in London in concert?
      There was super host Mario Biondi who has a very deep voice, to crooner, to me honestly that four-voice version I did not like for anything, I found that the rumors did not blend well, Mario Biondi I like but the version of the guys is clearly superior.
      Yet I heard some opinions here saying that Biondi’s voice was far superior to IL VOLO.
      I do not, of course, have a technical opinion but only pleasure.
      I would like to hear your opinion.

  10. Thank you Daniela for clarifying that the boy are singing on the CD by themselves. As I & others have always said no one can match their voices because they are the best. I am only going by what I read & what I wrote was my opinion only. These wonderful young men are first & foremost in my thoughts constantly & I only want the very best for them in their careers & whatever they decide to do in their life. Looking patiently & constantly for news of their concerts in the States or Canada which Canada is really wishful thinking.

  11. Thank you for translating this Daniela. A new CD with new music, I think this is incredibly exciting . My favourite songs are the more latin

    1. Hi Sue, definitely the Latin rhythm makes us all dance.
      I think that for guys it will be a great challenge, the only thing I do not want is that it goes down in vulgar texts and this I would not like

  12. Notte Magica introduced me to the incredible tenors. I play the cds all the time. It relaxes me when I drive and I invite people for a night at the opera to see and hear the DVD. I hope the new album doesn’t go to pop and I like just them singing. I have never liked opera before and I still don’t heavy opera.

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