Notte Magica – Adios South America! Santiago, Chile – September 30, 2017

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To quote the song, “My Way…”  “And now…. the end is near… and so we face, the final curtain….”  I’m sure the guys are feeling this right now – maybe even a little bit of bittersweet, perhaps?  Just a few more concerts in Kiev and Japan and a few more special appearances in Australia and the cruise ship, and it’s over.  I can only imagine what they are thinking.  We all know they are excitedly starting to work on their new project with Emilio, quickly leaving Notte Magica behind – at least for a little while.

Daniela found the following pictures for me and there were a few short videos, but somehow they cut off in the middle of them.  I’m sure they are out there, but I did not find too many videos from Chile, but it’s about all the same from the last concerts…

So, enjoy the pictures and meet/greet photos!  

photos from Karina Ale Diaz

Meet/Greet:  not too many, looks like several of them got a few pictures!







So nice of someone in the audience to give them these shirts with their birthday days on them!  Even nicer of them to wear them!  🙂 

“They did it their….way….!”  🙂 

I may even have to come up with a new sign/logo after this tour is over!!  Hmmm…???  🙂







11 thoughts on “Notte Magica – Adios South America! Santiago, Chile – September 30, 2017”

  1. Jana, thanks for all your hard work.I love the photos. You mentioned the guys will be doing special appearances in Australia, will this just be television appearances and no concerts? I did’nt see anything on their site about going to Australia. My sister in law lives there and would love to see them .

    1. Hi, sorry, been fighting a cold the last few days…. yes, it’s some car race, it’s on our site on the side….
      December 3, 2017
      Victoria, Australia
      Powerhouse trio, Il Volo, will perform at the race’s closing ceremony

      1. Hi Jana, great to join this site. So sorry to hear the guys are not performing any concerts in Australia – only the special appearance at the closing ceremony of the car rally. I live in NZ & would fly to Oz for a concert, I do hope they will fit us in eventually!

  2. Did I hear they’re doing a cruise? Or did I not read that right. Anybody here not up for a cruise with the boys on it. Heavenly thought. I almost like long drives now because I have such a great sound system in my car and can just melt into their music. Be well and safe everyone. Victoria

    1. It’s a mediterranean cruise in November, with just one concert, so i’m assuming they will be on board just for that.
      It will be November 7th on a cruise line called Silversea.
      The cruise starts out in Barcelona and travels to Rome, I should imagine they will board the ship there just for the concert.
      I googled this information, and there are still tickets left.

  3. Beautiful words Jana, NOTTE MAGICA tour is almost over.
    But there is no sadness, there is fibrillation because you already want to hear the new CD, here the rumors say that there will be two CDs and the first one, the Latin one will be released very soon !!
    It’s just rumors ……. we’ll see

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