Il Volo A Palazzo Colonna~by Daniela.

Maybe so many of you do not know that in May this year IL VOLO took part in a private event that was held in the beautiful Palazzo Colonna.

Unfortunately, being a private event, nothing has been published, but finally after a full five months a small video has been released and I’m glad you can see it.

In this short video, IL VOLO sings the Brindisi of Traviata along with the Div4s, four young and brave Italian sopranos.

For those who do not know Palazzo Colonna, you must know that it is a magnificent palace belonging to the Colonna princes who are still living in the palace.

Palazzo Colonna is in Rome.

This is the Colonna’s Gallery where the guys performed.


Really a wonderful setting.

That evening there was a very important dinner and the guests were not really a few.

This is Piero’s photo of dinner preparations.


At the end of the evening guests could listen to the songs of IL VOLO.

And this is a photo posted by Gianluca of the palace.


And here is Piero, Gianluca and Ignazio that night.


~Video credit to Facebook Il Volo Italian Fan Club.~

~Credit to all owners of photos.~

41 thoughts on “Il Volo A Palazzo Colonna~by Daniela.”

    1. Janet, it’s just a peek because it’s the only video that has been leaked for months, but it was worth seeing

  1. It’s hard to believe that people are still living in such a fairy tale palace!
    Our guys certainly move in very exclusive settings!

    1. Yes, Penina, difficult to believe but the descendants of the Colonna family still live in one part of this beautiful palace.

  2. These photos are amazing! Such elegance! This venue just fits them…their classy looks and magnificent voices. Thank you for this great story, Daniela!

    1. Thanks to you, Jane, that you’ve posted everything amazingly.
      See how many things you still have to see in Italy, keep it on your next trip.

      1. I love seeing you say, “my next trip!” 🙂 Yes, we still have MUCH to see!!
        This palace is awesome. Would love to see it someday. The guys just add to the exquisite beauty of the place.

  3. Daniela, this brings back wonderful memories for me because in 2009 my husband and I attended an event and dinner in the Palazzo Colonna sponsored by his company. It is a stunning place. At that time we also stayed at the beautiful Rome Cavalieri Hotel where the boys recorded one of their music videos a couple of years ago!

    1. Wow Mary, what a surprise you were for dinner at a Palace like this.
      Think that Beppe and I have been to Rome many times but Palazzo Colonna we have never seen and after these photos I said “when we go back to Rome we must visit this palace”

  4. Thanks all who compiled this post. Beautiful. Our boys always shine no matter what event they participate in.

  5. Thanks, Daniela! No wonder our Boys have added charm & elegance. They have been moving in social circles we knew nothing about!!! All is like a fairy tale, as was mentioned! They fit in this beautiful Palace setting as tho it is their home. A gorgeous video.

    1. You are perfectly right Anne, I also noticed that in any environment they never disfigure, they certainly do not come from similar environments, but wherever they go they never seem “out of place.”

  6. Daniela: There are not enough superlatives to describe such an elegant palace. Our charming young men seem to know just how to handle themselves no matter the situation. Their parents must be so proud of them , and rightly so. And their parents should be applauded for instilling in them the social graces needed to carry them through any situation ! As always Daniela, Grazie

  7. Wow!! I will look, but I remember posting that video with those girls. What a gorgeous setting. I was in Italy the entire month of May!! Thanks for the video!!

    1. Donna, it’s really a shame that this is the only video we could see about the evening. An entire month, wow.

  8. The next concert I am going to make sure I speak to any parent of theirs available at a concert. The only parent I have noticed at a concert was Piero’s Dad at their last concert I was at. Luckly a friend was with me who spoke Italian. I’m seriously working on my son to go to Italy.

  9. Oh, Loretta, I do so hope you get to Italy someday. It’s truly a dream come true! Yes, all of their parents are such genuine down to earth people. I hope you get to connect with more of them as time goes on. 🙂

  10. Daniela, Your pleasant surprise reminds me of the prescient words and confidence of Tony Renis in his interview for their very first PBS concert at The Detroit Opera House in 2011, the “IL VOLO Takes Flight” concert. He had said something like, “…and they are flying so high….”, as he gestured in the sign of a bird taking off and ascending way up into the sky. Now in 2017, they’re still soaring. Looking back, it seems like Roberto Cenci, Ron Fair, Tony Renis and some other significant participants were ‘pre-positioned’, as in a ‘divine order’ sense, to ensure the successful launch of the three eager, young fledglings with a big destiny.

    1. Yes Laura, I recognize Cenci and Renis that they have really seen the potential that these guys might have, above all remaining united. Too bad that nowadays Cenci and Renis deny their value.

      1. Daniela, Thanks for the update. Saddened to learn that about Cenci and Renis. Can only wonder why, but guessing it’s a resentment of some kind, probably business related, Just now remembered that you had mentioned earlier this year, I think, that Cenci and some others were speaking unkindly about Il Volo in their country.. Hadn’t seen anything in a long time about the guys visiting with Tony Renis again when they’re in L.A., but chalked it up to my just not having time to keep up with it all for over a year now. Oh, well..

    1. Surely the guys are beautiful, and the palace really nice, when you return to Italy we go to visit it together.

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