$6.86/second…Is It Worth It?

Hello all…. I’m going to cheat a little bit here (but I still have to pack, as I’m leaving for an exciting weekend with hot and sandy beaches – already getting chilly here in MI!) and repost this one I wrote last year, just about a year ago now.  It seemed to be a well-loved post, so I hope you enjoy it again.  I know there are some newbies out there that have not seen this!

Just an update… I still have this addiction and my pusher skills are still going strong, just recently I converted another admin at work.  It started out she was having a stressful day, trying to schedule some meetings.  I viciously sent her Gianluca’s version of Bridge Over Troubled Water from the first LA appearance.  I waited and waited, knowing she was busy.  I wondered… did she like it?  did she think I was crazy?  I started out with something in English and well-known.  I figured she’d at least like the song.  Ok, sent an email back “thanks, she said, that was wonderful!”  Oh whew!  So glad.  She’s a director’s admin!  lol!  🙂  Another week or two pass….another stressful day.  But finally, it was almost over.  I told her she need an Il Volo break.  I sent her the “new” Ave Maria and told her that even if she did not know the song or words, the melody was hauntingly beautiful.  I waited some more…. YES!  She loved that one as well…  Ok, time to really reel her in!  I pretty much had her hook, line, and sinker!  I think I sent her Nessun Dorma as well and then told her a “little bit” more about me and the guys.  Then I sent her this article!  Days passed… I knew she was busy.  Finally!  The email was returned.  She loved this article!  And she says… yeah, they aren’t too bad to look at, either!  lol!  Yes, folks… there are more fans to conquer.  You never know when some poor, unsuspecting person will just fall into your evil web of deception with those 3 innocent-looking faces!  I challenge all of you to make a new fan this week!

Hi, my name is Jana, and I’m an Ivolover. My obsession started about 3 years ago or so, and like many obsessions, it started out slow. But along the way, I had to find a friend or two to help feed my obsession and help it grow. It started with just watching them on PBS, with a 1 me 2concert or two. Then, I went to the concert. After that one concert, it became apparent that this obsession turned into an addiction! I just had to have them – their faces, their music, their voices, the sound, it filled my soul like no other euphoric thing I’d ever experienced! I became a fanatic, ordering every CD I could find and scouring You Tube each night for a video or interview, so I could experience this amazing phenomenon. I got my fill most nights, but I just had to have more. I started listening to them all day at work, playing the same CD over and over. The bad thing was, I became a pusher! Yes, every time someone came to my desk and asked what I was listening to, I couldn’t wait to start pushing my addiction on to them. And it was so easy, too. Just showed them the CD cover and told them how awesome they were. Then I brought in the DVDs for them to watch. I was so bad…. Pushing my addiction on others like that. When we thought we couldn’t possibly get more of them, it becomes our ring tones on our cell phones, and their pictures are our wallpapers on our phones and computers, and to really annoy those that aren’t our fellow Ilvolovers, we have their songs on our ringback tones on our phones! There we were, 3 ignaexposing innocent persons to just a snippet of their voices, every time they called us! I just had to stop, but I couldn’t. Then, I found what I thought was a support group. We met and shared our stories about our addiction, and they were all so similar. Kindred spirits! I’d also found this blog site, where I found more addicted and obsessed persons! This obsession was rampant, and I quickly found it was spreading like wildfire all around the world. The scary thing was that no one tried to stop it! We just kept adding more people to our group. Like all addictions, it was getting a bit expensive, too! We just had to have their latest CD or DVD and we had to have it now. We could not wait and thought nothing of paying expedited shipping costs, just so we could have it first! We went to concerts and fought to get front row seats. We did not care what they cost, it was “the guys!” Then there were the meet & greets. Were we afraid of overdosing? No, never! We knew our friends were there to help us. The cost of the meet & greets and concerts? Hundreds…to some, maybe even thousands! It didn’t matter. We were there. Even when we’d thought 3 gianwe’d had enough, we just kept needing more to feed this habit of ours. We kept pushing others, so they would share in our glorious addiction; this untold high we got when we heard our favorite guy sing “that” note! It was pure ecstasy for those precious seconds! The cost of those meet & greets become a distant past when you see their faces up close and personal.  Oh, and it doesn’t stop there….all of a sudden, we find out there is a concert in Italy!  The next thing we know we are buying a ticket to Florence or Verona and then we are afraid.  Afraid to tell our loved ones we are going to see the guys, yet again  – that part is not so bad, but we are afraid to tell them it’s in Italy (because we are sure they will be calling the men in the little white coats!)!  What a joy it will be to hear them in their own country.  We’ve yet to experience the joy and beauty of our own country, but don’t think twice about jetting off to Italy!  They don’t know it, but for those 30 seconds or less when you are looking into those innocent and talented eyes, they are yours! They belong to you. When you hold their hands, the power of your touch, matches 3 pierotheirs and it’s electric. The fire courses through your veins, their eyes penetrate yours and you are lost in those few seconds; you get dizzy, and lightheaded. You cannot speak; your legs feel like fettuccine, and your feet like cement blocks. You are rudely brought back to reality when they say to turn around and smile, and snap! You turn around one last time. You look at them and the moment is gone.


Many say, after one, or even two meet & greets, and the money it cost; that’s it, no more, won’t do it again. Won’t spend all that money on a ticket, or to get first, their latest CD…they are done. They are calling it quits. They try to be strong, but peer pressure is overwhelming. The date of their next concert is drawing near. Ok, you decide, you will go – just to keep your friends company. Well, maybe you’ll try to get good seats, but definitely no meet & greet. The time is getting closer and closer…you start to feel it again, as hard as you try to push it way, it overtakes your very being again. All of a sudden, you realize, your addiction is back. It’s this craving, this thing, it’s just so overpowering; you can’t stop it. You buy the ticket, you check your bank account, it’s nearly overdrawn, you buy the meet & greet!


No, no, you said you wouldn’t get caught up in this thing again. It’s not worth all the money, and the waiting, and anticipation. It’s too much stress! But, like the words in Unchained Melody, it’s a hunger; a hungering, for their touch. A need, only they can fill.

So, is it worth it you ask?

3 guys pbs

There they are, standing before you, looking at you with those innocent, sparkling, and playful eyes;

your hand reaches forth…1 hand

(Photo credits:  PBS 2015)

18 thoughts on “$6.86/second…Is It Worth It?”

  1. Girls are you all crazy asking yourself is it worth it? OF COURSE IT IS WORTH IT & OF COURSE THEY ARE MORE THAN WORTH IT THEY ARE IL VOLO. NO SINGER IS BETTER THAN IL VOLO. THEY ARE OUR PRECIOUS IL VOLO & NOBODY CAN TAKE THEIR PLACE EVER. Cost is nothing. IL VOLO IS EVERYTHING IN OUR LIVES. The only thing I have to figure out is how can I get enough money to follow them around the world???? then for sure my son will be trying to force me into a home for the mentally unbalanced but that will never work either. WE ARE ALL ADDICTED WITH LOVE TO THE MOST AMAZING YOUNG MEN ON EARTH. All other entertainers will never understand how they can get the same attraction from their followers, their loss. PLEASE, PLEASE KEEP ME POSTED ON ANY CONCERT OR INFORMATION THAT I MIGHT MISS.

  2. JANA LOVE YOUR POST excuse me for going a little crazy. Can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t put them first & foremost. Oh well I’ll settle down in a few minutes. I go to a senior centre on Thursdays & I bring Il Volo with me so they graciously play their music for me. A new lady has joined the group who is from Italy & she also listens to Il Volo so now everyone else is getting used to listening to Il Volo. YIPPEE.

  3. I can’t say anything other than PERFECTLY SAID. I could feel my own emotions welling up with each word. Could never explain it but you did. Thank you. I’m going to copy this and just give it to people when they ask me why11! Thank you!

  4. Jana, you are priceless! When I made the big discovery, on PBS, I didn’t have a way to see them! I told my daughter to search on her computer…bingo…she found the three that were to forever change my lack of technology! , She went right out and got me a tablet and the rest is history! Thanks for sharing your experience! I haven’t even looked for a support group! Here’s to more and more AMORE! Dot in Texas! <3 <3 <3

  5. Jana, are you sure you posted it a year ago? Then maybe I did not read it.
    I had a lot of fun, because I recognized myself in your attitudes.
    I believe every Ilvolover recognizes itself in your words, in the anxiety that makes you look for everything talk about them, that you spend for both distant and expensive Meet & Greet concerts.
    You wonder if it’s worth …….. certainly yes, we have no doubts.

  6. Jana Lucky you. I have yet to attend a meet and greet. If I get the chance, I will take your advice and save up for it. Joanie G

  7. Jana, You sure are pretty and I got a kick out of your ingenious (and scary) title ! I’m a two-years old “newbie” to IL VOLO. This is the first time I’ve read your piece here. I smiled, laughed and almost cried from what apparently can be a very poignant IL VOLO Meet & Greet experience. I’ve not yet attended one, but if I ever do, I think I’d have to go armed with some kind of self-protective, humorous, but sincere comment for the actual, terrifyingly awkward moment of having to say one other thing to them beyond a sincere, quick, ‘Hello. Wonderful to meet you! ‘ Maybe something to each, like “I just had to come talk with you; sweetness is my weakness.” or, “When God made you guys, he was showing off.” “So, how was Heaven when you left it?” “If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I’d have a galaxy in my hand.” What time do you have to be back in Heaven?” “I’ve never seen such dark eyes filled with so much light in them.” “Oh, I think you’ve got something in your eye. No; wait; It’s just a sparkle.” “I think I can die happy now, ’cause I’ve just heard and seen a piece of Heaven.” “Did it hurt when you fell out of Heaven?” (For the bolder Ilvolover, s/he could pretend to look at the tag in the back of his shirt and say, “Yep!! Made in Heaven.”) 😇👼😇 Jana, One more thing, I think you may recall that in addition to IL VOLO, I often enjoy my record collection and when I got to about mid-way of your charming “$6.86 Per Second?! “, a favorite, older record sprang into mind, not just because it’s beautifully sung, but because it seems to me to describe some similar thoughts and feelings that you expressed in your honest and quite touching re-post here! Oh, I almost forgot! I’m referring to The Dimensions’ 1963 record and best version, in my opinion, of “My Foolish Heart.” (The Dimensions (aka The Demensions) were a terrific harmony group from the Bronx, N.Y. , (Three of them of Italian decent), during the latter part of the American genre of music which nowadays is referred to as “The Golden Oldies” era, (or “Doo-Wop” era), of the early 1950’s to the early i960’s). 😍

    1. ‘P.S’. (Just in case you may be interested): Like Il Volo, the singers of that group, (The Dimensions), were just teen-agers in 1960 when they recorded their lovely arrangement of “Over The Rainbow”, their first big hit. The one member who was not a teen-ager was an uncle (Phil Del Giudice, a trained opera singer) of the lead singer, Lenny Dell. Phil was in his early thirties. ( Rest in peace, Phil ☆). Lisa Martelli, left the group to get married in 1964, but continued to sing, but in a choir, and to this day.)

  8. I don’t even know how to tell you how touched I was about what you wrote. You are beautiful and your story made me realize how similar we all are over these boys. On bad days when the pain is so bad I cannot have a blanket on me, I am so grateful to have my YouTube on my TV so I can sooth that savage beast in me that is making my day miserable. I past being infatuated with them after seeing them on American Idol and went on an urgent search for them on YouTube. Even then you could find bits and pieces. We’ve gotten all their albums, DVD’s and after seeing them in Minneapolis, we had tickets immediately to go to Italy. My husband and I have them singing in our house and car and wherever we are. Every day we think we have found our favorite song until we find something we haven’t heard before on YouTube and then we are enthralled all over again. We cannot seem to get enough and marvel at how they have grown. How I did that trip to Italy, I will never know. I pray I can do it again. Thank you is such a small phrase to use in telling you how much I enjoy you emails every day. My dearest friend has a tin ear and how sad that she cannot get the joy I do from these wonderful talented boys. They make my days happy and some rough nights fly by with their voices in my ear. Bless you and I’m so glad someone else feels just the way we do and can never get enough of their music. I love all of you out there. Victoria

  9. I don’t know if any of you have friends in California. I got a photo which shows the devastation in Santa Rosa. 3,000 buildings gone. We have so many friends in the area and the films are just heartbreaking. It is more terrible than I ever imagined. I just got a film from friends driving down Silverado road which is so familiar to me and I could not believe the loss. I do not know how to post a picture and it looks like Santa Rosa is gone. Our prayers go out to everyone. Victoria

    1. Oh, Dr, Jay and Victoria, Yes, prayers for every living one. I share in your sorrow and disbelief over the tremendous losses in northern Calif. I try to check the updates every day for the latest information on all the areas concerned, including the one next to Green Valley (in Solano County which borders Napa County). Solano County is where I spent 22 years living in a quiet, rural area up on a hillside, surrounded by all the natural beauty and views one would have to pay over a million dollars for now, no doubt. The road I lived on was blocked off on Oct. 9th when the Atlas fire came up and over the Napa side of the hills into Solano County, where it burned down three homes in Green Valley, and on its way, burning the tops of two mountains there, the “Twin Sisters” with fire so hot that firefighters said they saw only the black outlines on the ground of trees that fell and then disappeared. I read that the fire officials have a command center with trucks, equipment, etc. at the four corners section of my former road, yards away from my former mailbox, so I presume that section of the valley is safe enough for that as of this morning. They did, however, evacuate everyone on that long and curving road which leads to and ends in the current trouble spot of Green Valley — a beautiful area, too, with all the trees and vegetation, but they also have large, older, expensive homes, some tucked into the foliage on the sides of the hills and a country club, etc. (At least that’s what was there when I lived down the road apiece from them. There’s probably more people, pet animals, homes in there now) Dr.Jay and Victoria, I gather that your friends in Santa Rosa are safe and were spared the loss of their homes? I surely hope that is the case. Yes, Silverado Trail (or Road) in Napa. Napa wasn’t as visited as it’s become — just like everywhere else in Calif. It was a more relaxed place, even around the Wineries. I think four of those are gone now. They had finished harvesting the grapes for the wine and all, from what I’ve learned, but a problem now is that the grapes that weren’t harvested yet will likely be unusable, not edible, due to the smoke which will negatively effect the taste of the grapes. The damage to Napa’s, Sonoma’s and Mendocino’s economy could also be terrible, Solano County had orchards of fruits, nuts, and two or three wineries when I lived there. There may be more now. I just realized how long this became! Hope I don’t receive a warning! I’ll keep ’em much shorter, Jana (et. al.) in future. No excuses, but when I read your comment, Dr. jay and Victoria, it just poured out. (My own J. passed on just five months ago. Met him in Calif. He’d understand us all,too, of course. Blessings of healing and health to you and a (((HUG))) 🌹💞

  10. Jana, this cracked me up. There’s so much in your story we can relate to. Happy to hear you had a good trip to Miami.

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