Flashback Friday: Notte Magica, PBS Miami

Hey, Y’all!

It’s time for another edition of, Flashback Friday!

Today, we are flashing back to one of Il Volo’s PBS events to promote Notte Magica with the help of Joan Brenin, who went to the Miami event.  Enjoy!

~~ Kelly

Better late then never !!  I am posting yet another PBS Experience !!! Mine !!!

December 2, 2016 was a very memorable night at the WLRN PBS Studio in Miami !!!  Gianluca, Ignazio and Piero were there to promote Notte Magica !!!  And myself,Debbie Gastauer and Vivian Liebgold were also there to attend an Interview, Reception and M&G with our guys !!  We arrived 45 minutes before the doors opened, but the wonderful people that work there saw us standing outside and and let us in!!  After they checked us in, they showed us the studio where there were candlelit tables that sat four in a nightclubish atmosphere.  About fifty people were there to see them including many from the Il Volo Miami Fan Club, including Diana Ramirez Velasquez, who interviewed them along with WLRN’s delightful Mia Lorenzo.


credit as on photo


Our handsome trio finally walked into the studio graciously greeting each of us as they took their positions on stools set up on a low platform directly in front of us !!  We watched their interview which was awesome!!  Ignazio was not feeling well that evening but rose to the occasion, and they were all very relaxed, engaging, animated and fun!!  Afterwards we had our photos taken with them.  I walked in front of Ignazio to stand next to my Gianluca, and he said,  “No!! No!! No !!” and pulled me over to him!!  However I still managed to keep my arm wrapped around GG’s waist!!  It was really funny!!  They were their sweet, kind, charming selves, and we were able to spend quality time with them for another two hours in a very relaxed atmosphere without security shooing us away which was absolutely incredible!!  It was by far the longest and most fun M&G ever!!  PBS also served us a delicious buffet dinner!!  It was a party for sure and a very memorable evening that we will never forget!!

A couple of weeks later, one of the young women who works at the PBS studio and who I befriended kindly sent me and Debbie discs of the interview from that night which are now a treasured memento!!


Joan Brenin

We left the studio late for our 1 1/2 hour trip back home, but we didn’t want our exciting night to end so we went to McDonald’s near Vivian’s home so we could rehash our extraordinary evening over coffee!!  It was by far the longest and most fun M&G ever!!!
I hope they come back in 2018 to promote one of their new projects !!! Fingers crossed !!🤞

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  1. My IL Volo “Twin” and I attended that night also. We were also early but not as early as you. We had a first row table and wonderful view. I remember Ignazio was not feeling well and it was soooooooo cold in the studio. Twin Jan came all the way from Ohio and we took the Tri Rail from Deerfield Beach,Florida to attend. Thank you WLRN for the wonderful opportunity to be that close to our “guys”.

    1. Marlene I’m so sorry that this reply is so late but I was distracted with my Il Volo friends that stayed at my house and going to see the guys in Miami !! It was a fabulous evening at PBS and as I said above it was the best M&G ever !! Although it was freezing in the studio and Ignazio was not feeling well they all rose to the occasion and were charming and funny !! I wish I had a chance to talk to you and Jan there. We should all wear name tags or some sort of identification when we go to Il Volo events !! I hope there’s a next time !!

      1. No problem with a reply at all but, thank you. It was a fun night and certainly the best M&G ever. And we have been to four so far. They are such great entertainers and fun and cute on top of all that. Yes in the future tags or just introduce our selves if in the wonderful limited audience that Miami was. Thank you for helping maintain this site. I am certain all of us IL Volo lovers appreciate your hard work in keeping it up to date and interesting.

  2. What a beautiful evening they had these lucky women.
    And tonight Joan will be in Miami, still a beautiful evening in the company of Piero Ignazio and Gianluca.
    What a wonder, I’m happy for Joan and for Deborah and the others who will be with them.

    1. Thank you Daniela !! I’m sorry this reply is so late in coming but better late then never !! The PBS evening in December was memorable and so was our trip to Miami to see our guys perform October 13th !! Deborah Beaupre and Harrriett Eckberg both stayed with me for a few days which was Fantastico !! It took us about 11/2 hours to drive to Miami from where I live in Palm Beach Gardens. Vivian Liebgold came with another friend of mine and they met us there. We saw part of the sound check and then luckily the five of us had a table near the stage so we were very close to the guys whose performance was short but fantastic as usual !! Then the party continued afterwards in the Estefan Kitchen Restaurant !! It was great fun seeing the guys there just being themselves and having a blast dancing,eating and greeting fans !! All in all it was an amazing and unforgettable evening and a great visit with my dear Ilvolover friends !! As you can imagine we had a great time together and talked nonstop about our favorite subject !! LOL !!

  3. Thank you for the flashback Kelly.
    I just read on AAIV that our guy’s will be touring next year. We just don’t know where yet. I hope they come back to Vegas.

  4. Hi Kelly, There is a very important VIP’s (yours and mine) birthdate missing on the “Il Volo Performances & Important Dates”.

  5. Nice flashback, Kelly (and Joan). Ignazio seems to have really liked Joan. She does look like a warm, fun person. I’m not surprised that Fla. studio was uncomfortably cold, even though it was early December; those poor guys and their attendees. Someone very daring should have said to the ill Ignazio, “You look cold. Wanna use me as a blanket?” 😮😹😂

    1. This reply is a little late but thank you for your kind words Laura. Ignazio is very funny and has tried more then once to take me away from Gianluca !! LOL !! It was absolutely fridgid in that studio !! We were all freezing and the guys were complaining that it was not good for their throats !! We should have had a group cuddle to keep each other warm !! 😂 Despite the cold we all had a fantastic evening with our endearing guys !!

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