Personally Speaking ~ “I Have Fallen In Love” ~

I recently came across a lovely poem that speaks to the heart.  For those who have been to Italy, live there, or who travel there in their dreams, I hope this will resonate in your heart as well.



I have fallen in love
With the air, the trees
The thinly paved and often cracked roads
And even more so with those covered in cobblestone.
I have fallen in love with the tanned locals
Old shopkeepers with hats and bifocals
Their calling voices
The natural movement of their hands
The cool sea water
And hot white sands.








I have fallen in love with espresso
And how it feels in my throat
The smell of leather
Taste of gelato
Harbours full of fishing boats
The sound of a vintage vespa
Weaving its way through a crowd
And this is a country of which to be proud.








I have fallen in love with the architecture
The vast and complex history
The more I learn the more I admit is a mystery.
I have fallen in love with the way the sun shines brighter
The air is fresher
And the fruit is sweeter
The men are bolder
And the books are cheaper.
I have fallen in love with the words they say
And how those words effortlessly roll off their tongues








I breathe in their culture
And try to hold it in my lungs.
Pizza, pesto, cute cafes
Absence of anxiety, holidays
The tourists who view it all through a camera lens
Adventure begins and tension ends.
I have fallen in love with it all
Every flower
Every hue
All those pairs of Italian sunglasses
I love them too.









Every cloud
Every ray of sunshine
Every painted line
Every brick
Of every church
On all those hills
In all those tiny towns
That populate the green countryside
And every visionary who in them has lived and died
I love
But most of all
I have fallen in love with the version of me
That comes out when I am in Italy.





~~Written by Ariel Baptista~~


~~Credit to all owners of photos.~~

28 thoughts on “Personally Speaking ~ “I Have Fallen In Love” ~”

    1. Rose Marie, yes I searched for pictures to compliment this poem and lo and behold…there were our boys! 🙂

  1. Thank you for the wonderful poem which I am going to put on my wall & the last line for me will be “And I meet up with our precious Il Volo whose voices are always in harmony.

  2. Jane, thank you, thank you, thank you ….. you make me so proud of my Italy, through your eyes I see everything so beautiful and I forget the mistakes and sometimes the horrors of this country.
    Very beautiful words and very beautiful photos, great work.

    P.S. the picture with the sunflowers is definitely Tuscany and I also think the last photo.

    1. Yes, those two photos were of Tuscany and yes, you should be proud of your beautiful Italy! Marie and I experienced the essence of Italy while there…and now it’s etched in our hearts forever.

      1. PS Got to love who is behind those sunglasses for they are who lead us to Italy in the first place! 🙂

  3. A wonderful, wonderful poem, Jane. Thank you. Oh how I wish I had visited Italy in my younger days. Now I “travel” to Italy through all the pictures that are posted. And yes, it wasn’t a complete surprise to have the photo of our beloved guys pop up. After all, It was through our beloved Il Volo that I learned so much about this beautiful country.

    1. Yes, these three guys have enriched our lives beyond compare, with music, new found friendships, knowledge and appreciation for another country…the list goes on and on…

  4. Oh my, this poem puts into words exactly how I felt and still feel about my trip to Italy 10 years ago! I REALLY want to go back. I felt so at home there. Like Jane said above, Italy is now etched in my heart! Now, since discovering these three wonderful young men, it makes me want to go back even more! 🙂

  5. This is beautiful and so true. I would like to again visit Italy and hopefully get to Sicily.

  6. Jane thank you so much for sharing this beautiful poem with use. How I wish I would have gone there when I was younger, now with stage 4a caacer it’s not a possibility. It makes me ever more grateful for the stories and pictures that everyone shares and I can see it through your eyes. My one last dream it to be able to attend a M&G during next tour. This poem and beautiful pictures ….I can smell the food cooking, hear the laughter of her joyful people and the sound of beautiful music from street musicians just like I was there. I have family in Abbruzzi that our family has lost contact with over 4 generations.. I’m trying to locate them but it’s harder than I thought God willing I will be able to. Right now I have my Il Volo family and am blessed to have you as family!

    1. Denise, I will pray your dream of a M&G comes true and that you will be able to locate your family in Abburzzi! I am glad you found this IL VOLO family! 🙂

  7. Lovely poem and photos, Jane. Visiting Italy is on my bucket list. You’ve moved it up to high priority.

    On Oct 16, 2017 6:51 AM, “Il Volo Flight Crew ~Share The Love” wrote:

    Jane posted: “I recently came across a lovely poem that speaks to the heart. For those who have been to Italy, live there, or who travel there in their dreams, I hope this will resonate in your heart as well. ITALY I have fallen in love With the air, the tree”

    1. Yes, everyone should have that at the top of a bucket list! It is hard to describe the beauty of the country and it’s people. It is a very special place. I do so hope you get there someday.

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