MONDAY MEMORIES! Miami – Palms Court! Fri, Oct 13, 2017

Just a little over a year ago, was the last time a few of us saw the guys…. enjoy the video uploaded by Sharon.  🙂

Ok, as you have probably figured out by now, I was in Miami for the short performance of Il Volo on Friday, October 13.  Yes, Chris, Sharon, and I jetted off for Miami on Thursday.  Although it was on various Facebook pages, I stumbled upon it quite by accident.  I just kept wondering where this Estefan’s Kitchen was that Barbara and Piero kept posting from?  We knew they were in Miami, at their place, recording their new album, but were they like IN their private kitchen?  I just had to find out!  So, super sleuth that I am, I Googled “Estefan Kitchen” and what came up?  A website for a restaurant, run by the Estefan’s!  Upon further investigation, as I scrolled down, a headline link caught my eye “don’t miss the Italian singing trio Il Volo on Fri, Oct 13!”  What?  I looked further and saw it was free!  Of course, that was one of the most expensive free concerts I’ve ever been to!   Lol!  After booking the hotel, table, Uber rides, plane fare, etc.  🙂  However short their performance was, it was glorious to see them, yet once again, performing on US soil.

There are likely better versions of this video out on You Tube, as we didn’t have the best vantage point.  For some reason, they put all the paying fans to the side of the performance area.  However, the guys knew we were all there and made a point of at least looking our way a few times, as you will see from the video.  🙂   You also have to put up with my often off-key singing and various comments.  You will hear about the middle of the show, someone saying “is that really necessary?”  I just want you to know, it wasn’t about me.  The person in front of me moved her phone to a different spot, blocking the other person’s view.  I was literally, in the middle.  This is a totally unedited version, starting with me getting up from our table.

With the luck of Il Volo, it was a beautiful night – hot and breezy.  We were also lucky enough to attend the sound check, where they sang 2 songs – El Triste and O Sole Mio.  The guys didn’t come on until over halfway through, well after 8p.

I would like to give a shout out to the Estefan Kitchen!  Although we had to wait a bit for our food, it was excellent!  Even the leftovers warmed up the next day, eaten in our hotel room.   After 6 caffe/chocolate martinis, it was time to say goodbye on Sunday evening.  Chris and I said goodbye to our favorite bartender, Andres, and he was kind enough to take a picture with us.  The place has only been open since about April, but it is fabulous and the management and wait staff, superb!  The drinks, will knock your socks off!  The sangrias and caffe martinis were our favorites.  Our hotel, the Hampton Inn on Biscayne Avenue, is where we stayed and within walking distance of the “kitchen.”  (which we proved several nights in a row – even after coming back a little tipsy!)

We also had fun at South Beach Miami and Chris and I went to Butterfly World in Coconut Creek, which was also pretty cool.

When we arrived on the 3rd night in the row and sat in our now “favorite seats,” Andres wasn’t there right away and we thought he may have the night off.  However, a bit later, he did come around the corner and saw us.  He came over to me and held out his hands for me to take, like we were old friends!  Almost like Cheers, but I don’t think he knew our names.  I’m sure if we had been there longer, we could have asked for our usual and would have had it served promptly!  Oh, Andres, how I miss your martinis and only wish you could come and make them for me in my kitchen!  I would even let Chris and Sharon borrow you!

Chris and I came home on Monday, and Sharon on Tuesday.  It was short, but a pleasant, long weekend getaway – from the pre-winter doldrums, we know are coming!  Unfortunately, the guys had left Saturday to return to Italy, so there was no chance we would see them again before we left.

Oh, one more thing!  If you ever go to Miami, at least where we were, be very careful walking!  The city is not made for walkers, or drivers, for that matter!  You literally took your life in your hands when trying to cross the street.  Darned near had a heart attack after a few Uber rides.  After that, I sat in the back seat!

So, Ciao and Enjoy!  🙂 

(I tried in vain several different options to uploading/downloading this, finally giving up and uploading to Facebook, however, I couldn’t download it to my own computer!  I guess I’ll have to take the SD card out eventually!)  By the way, it says the link cannot be embedded, but if you click on it, it will take you to my Facebook page.  🙂  (ok, any techie person out there that can figure this out, please let me know….)


Thank you to Sharon for uploading this video on You Tube!

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  1. So Jana, some of us would have hopped on a plane if we knew about this. Next time be a little more sharing of the information you find. A bigger group of us would be impressive and the boys would know to take notice of the fact that we would break our necks to get to see them. I can always get a cheap ticket to Miami and extra meds get me anywhere. I would certainly have loved this little break. I’m glad you had this experience and thank you for sharing your visit.

    1. I just found this. I hope it plays. Check google for Il Volo October 13, 2017. There are at least 3 sites and this is supposed to have their whole concert.

      Good luck. And bless you Jana and next time email me and il will meet you.

  2. Thanks Jana for the update at Estefan Kitchen. The boys were around Miami and the recording studio for about 10 days and visited Lincoln Road often, a restaurant area. I notice in the right hand column Il Volo Performances and Important Dates it does not give Gianluca’s birth date,perhaps this could be added, as I believe it was there some time ago.

  3. Thank you Marion, I had the same request under the ‘leave a reply’ last week Friday, the 13th. I did the request for Gianluca’s DOB to be added, in the form of a riddle to Kelly, but I do not think that she read it.

    1. Ciao, Ineke!! You can always send a note to the “” address. I always check that one! 🙂

  4. It was great Jana that you & your friends could get to see Il Volo at Estefans Kitchen & being free would have been a bonus for me to get to Miami also & others on this site. My son said he could have got a flight fast because we live near the Border. The guys I am sure would have bean pleasantly surprised to see some of our faces they would recognize. Thanks for sharing your good luck.

  5. Jana, you did good to go, what a surprise, I liked when you wrote “one of the most expensive free concerts I’ve ever seen” too much to laugh !!
    Anyway, it must have been a beautiful night to see from the various videos and now I go to see your on facebook, the boys in great shape and the very warm audience.
    You have been very good not to miss the opportunity, a true ILVOLOVER.

  6. Jana you are full of surprises. When you said I am going to Florida I thought you might visit your mom. I watched the videos of our boys having a great time. I think they feel very comfortable in Miami. Thanks for sharing your trip.
    Many years ago I lived in Miami for short time and joined the Marine Corp. in Florida.

  7. Jana: Some how I got that information on my Facebook page that they would be singing at the Estefan Kitchen. Since I am only a 2 hr ride away, I thought to myself “I wish I could go”but circumstances said not possible. However, if I knew you gals would be there, maybe I would have thought a little differently! But good for you and company that you seized the opportunity for another Il Volo adventure. Thanks 🙏 as always for your commentary!

    1. Dear Annette Simonini, shouldn’t you every come across some fluke of a concert like the one in Miami, please email me at and I will find a way to get there for it. Had I known, I could have gotten a cheap ticket to Miami from Minneapolis and always have friends I can stay with. I would appreciate it more than I can express. They are certainly the highlight of my life. Blessings, Victoria

      1. Hi Victoria: I certainly will! As I read the promos, in my heart I was wishing I could go. I remember saying to my husband that the guys were giving a free concert in Miami! But I knew it was out of the question. What I need near me is another die-hard Il volo fan who will say “let’s do it” like our Jana! Blessings to you as well.

      2. Dear Annette, I’d have grabbed my wheelchair, service dog, Jay, and headed to the airport. Had I known, I would have been there. I don’t have the energy to dig around for hints of where the boys will be. So please keep me informed if you ever hear of any visits from the boys in the USA. We will find a way to get there. Thanks a bunch. It’s so nice to know of so many who also love these voices. We so seldom have in history, voices like Il Volo. They are a miracle and we are blessed to have them in our lifetime. I’m so glad Jana got there. Hugs! Victoria

      3. Dear Victoria: I tried sending you an email but it came back! Please check the email you posted to me. Wilson is posted as Wilsom ! That may be the cause. Look forward to hearing from you. Regards, Annette

  8. Glad you & friends had a great time!! They are awesome anywhere!!! I love PBS when they come to do the promos for their Specials!! We get to go & have them almost all to ourselves!! My friends take pledges but I can just sit there & wait till the promo is finished! The perks of being old & the fact I have my IL Volo tattoo!! This is free & we always have a light supper!! Been twice for Live From Pompeii & Notte Magica!!! Great fun & we get to talk to them! They talk with the people taking pledges also!!! No one ever wants to go home! Barbara is with them too!

  9. Jana, I wish I had known you were there. I got the information by chance from another fan on another site. I flew down from Cape Cod, Mass. and was sitting at the first table just below Gianluca! I totally forgot to bring my Flight Crew badge. My husband and I went to Estafan’s Kitchen earier in the day but didn’t stay for the sound check. We didn’t know they were going to have one plus the weather was so humid we went back to the hotel to change. We met with the restaurant’s manager, Ivan, who was as nice as one could be. Everyone was extremely cordial there. This was my first time seeing Il Volo since 2011 and I was so excited. I stayed for a bit after and got a chance to meet Gianluca and got a quick hug. He was hungry so we didn’t chat long but I did get a photo! I agree with you it was an expensive “free” concert but it was worth every penny. I also got some pics of the boys dancing and singing to Despacito inside the restaurant. Blurry but I’ll post them along with the videos.

    1. Darn, would have been great to see you also! I know about being hungry! You can also email me at the “”


  10. So happy you were able to go ! Sounds like it was a fun time. Any time is a fun time when Il Volo is there! Estefan’s sounds like a really neat place. I am so happy the guys have a deep connection with Emilio and Gloria Estefan. Two more great role models and mentors for them. Loved hearing them sing El Triste again!

  11. Ciao! I just wanted to comment to all of you who expressed your sadness in my keeping this a secret. I did not even tell my trusted crew here. I did tell Marie, but that was all. The main reason I did not do a post on this, and I truly, really, wanted to, was because Il Volo had not made it public, although it was out there. We felt there must be a reason that they had not publicly announced it to all of the fans. Therefore, we kept it under wraps as well. However, it was not a secret, as a few had mentioned, it was out there on Facebook, if you happened to be friends with those that had posted the event. I literally did not find it til Sunday, in exactly the way that I told my story. I made all of the plans on Sunday, and cleared it with the boss on Monday, and out we flew on Thursday. Things were selling out quickly and the few tables that were left were all gone by late Sunday afternoon.

    However, I am also saddened that I missed the few of you that were also there and we didn’t have a chance to meet. Trust me, for the other few that were there, it really was pretty chaotic that evening and people were everywhere.

    Yes, Ivan was wonderful in making sure we were happy. There were no meet greets, or them mingling with the fans, unless you were lucky enough to figure out they went back into the restaurant afterwards. And we were not any of the lucky ones, unfortunately! 🙁

    I truly struggled with not posting this, as I like to “tell all” when I can! 🙂

    Since the guys are full of surprises, you never know, they might pop up here again! If that happens and you think we may not know about it, please, please, email us here at It’s easier for you to email us, than us to post things to the world! And, of course, if you are going to whatever event it is, it will be great to know that as well!

    I am sorry I was not able to meet up with some others that went or others that would have gone. There were a few others from this site that were also there, but oddly, everyone seemed to keep really quiet about this. Like it was a need to know basis.

    Maybe next time?


  12. May have been a short “concert”, but I’m sure it was worth every penny to see them. Wish I could have gone! Glad you did, Jana. Thanks for the report.

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